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On par with the first one!
EddyOne5 June 2014
It's pretty easy to review this one. If you liked the first one, you're in for a treat. It holds up to the expectations and plays cleverly with 'being aware' of making basically the same movie again. The good thing about this flick is, that it doesn't take itself too seriously while at the same time delivering a good and fast paced story with quite some surprises and good action. I basically laughed from the first minute up to the (awesome!) end credits! If you like that type of comedy, this one is for you, as it delivers on point and, without a doubt, is the funniest flick this year so far! Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum have a great chemistry and you can see and feel, how they enjoyed doing this movie. Like the first one, 22 Jump Street does a great job observing the different aspects of college life, students and teachers (or professors for that matter). Everyone who's been to college can relate to those stereotypes (e.g. the pseudo intellectuals, the sport jocks, the art students etc.) and directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller ("The Lego Movie") do a great job spoofing those clichés while at same time debunk the downsides and shallowness of those groups or college life in general.

Verdict: Go see it, if you liked the first one. I can't say if it's better, but it certainly holds up. And I liked the first one pretty much. So there you go...
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Successfully Jumping Back On The Street
CalRhys18 June 2014
My initial expectations were that '22 Jump Street' would be an over-the- top and cheesy sequel created solely to make money... I was wrong. '22 Jump Street' truly builds on the basis of the first film, further expanding upon the bromantic chemistry between Tatum and Hill creating an even more solid sequel full of good-natured humour and relentless action that made its predecessor such a great film. With Ice Cube having more of an impact this time round, the trio pursue their leads to ensure the villains are brought to justice. The direction duo have pulled off another amazing film to add to their filmography, a truly impressive and hilariously funny film.
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Good and Properly Stupid
gregtoolson8 September 2014
All these reviews are bashing the crap out of this movie. 'It's aimless drivel and only for mindless idiots'. Well....Yeah. When I watch a comedy like this that's what I hope for. Sometime you just want to turn off your brain for an hour and a half and watch two familiar "actors" play out ridiculous but easy enough to grasp scenarios while they foolishly react. A post-viewing critique is pointless because the directors have no intention of it being able to hold up on creative or any kind of artistic merit. If you want to think about what you're watching, or enjoy good story development, or simply see some great acting then there are plenty of movies like Rashomon, Eraserhead, The Man from Earth, Memories of Murder, Hitchcock films, Miyszaki films, or something like Life Is Beautiful or It's A Wonderful Life(I forget which is which, both great). And there's nothing wrong with a good documentary know and then either. But something good and properly stupid can be just the right thing when you need to take a respite. Not all comedies are going to be a quipping Woody Allen flicks. It's really about getting a good balance in your movies types and picking the right one for your current mood. In other words this movie is just what it intends to be and just what wanted it to be. Pure and easy entertainment.

...Now I'm going to get my Audrey Hepburn on and watch My Fair Lady.
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Giggles from start to finish
Figgy66-915-59847011 June 2014
11 June 2014 Film of Choice at The Plaza Dorchester Tonight - 22 Jump Street. This film was a hoot!!! I only watched 21 Jump Street at the weekend in preparation for the sequel and although I enjoyed it I have to say the sequel was much better. Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum are a great double act and the film provides just the right amount of slapstick humour combined with witty banter and the serious side of undercover police work. Imagine if you will two undercover cops, not the brightest pair, sent back to college to infiltrate the latest drug ring. Whatever you are imagining.....it's in this sequel. Hill and Tatum are tight.....they have each other's backs and are best buds but going back to college shows each of them a new direction and their friendship is severely tested in this world of frat parties, pledging and that oh so American Institution.......Spring Break. A giggle from start to finish and Channing Tatum's not bad to look at either. Stay for the credits!!!!
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Bromantic comedy of the year
vistheindian7 June 2014
Quickie Review:

After a successful undercover drug bust operation in high school, Schmidt (Jonah Hill) and Jenko (Channing Tatum) get their next big assignment. Now in the sequel 22 Jump Street, as Ice Cube so eloquently put it, these "two sons of b***hes are going to college." As the cop duo take on yet another drug ring, they go through multitude of ridiculous yet hilarious situations. In doing so, there are some formulaic traps that the movie does fall into. Despite that, it is just an incredible ride with non-stop laughter and great comedic chemistry between the lead actors. This is a must-see for fans of 21 Jump Street and people who generally like to laugh.

Full Review:

The original movie, 21 Jump Street, was a surprise hit back in 2012. It was a movie filled with many belly aching moments of laughter. For that reason, of all the comedies of 2014 this sequel may be the most anticipated, at least it was for me. So the question is: does it deliver on the high expectations? And the answer is: oh hell yes it does.

There is one absolute in this franchise that no one will dispute, the chemistry between Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum is incredible. As soon as their on screen you immediately start smiling, just because you feel the need to prepare yourself for something amusing. Then when they do go about their shenanigans, numerous twists and turns occur that are fun to watch unfold, to hilarious effect. The jokes are fast paced and relentless, without it being tiresome. More importantly the comedy is actually clever, even during some of the scenarios the are more stupid due to some absurdity. The combination of the comedic duo and the intelligent humor work flawlessly, making the flick all the more entertaining. As great as the two leads are with their comedic timing, I need to especially mention Ice Cube. I won't spoil anything of course, but there are points in this movie where Ice Cube actually steals the scenes he is in. I'd pay the full movie ticket price just to see that dynamic between Ice Cube and the two leads. It is that good.

I do recognize there are some faults with 22 Jump Street. It did stick with the philosophy of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." In that sense, the general story plot is pretty much the same as the original movie. 22 Jump Street is self-aware of what it is, and pokes fun of itself for being a sequel that follows the formula. However, addressing this fault in that comedic way will not be enough for everyone to forgive it. Still, I think this is something that you can easily look past because of how enjoyable the movie is.

The one purpose of a comedy is to make you laugh, and 22 Jump Street fulfills that requirement consistently throughout the movie. By throughout the movie, I mean even during the credits. Your cheeks will have a good exercise, because mine were in pain with all the laughing. It is well worth your time and money, so don't miss out on this one. If they keep this up I will be there even at 1022 Jump Street.
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Total garbage
RustySpiderr26 June 2014
Warning: Spoilers
How on Earth is this film rated so highly? There's no true wit or intelligence within the script, it's just stupid, lame jokes & a lot of unnecessary swearing which the movie seems to think is funny. I'm not saying swearing doesn't have a place in film, but overusing them to this extent is extremely noticeable & came across as childish.

The story is about as boring and formulaic as they come. First act; they enter college, second act; their relationship is tested, third act; everything works out, happy ending. It's like they didn't even try to be different or original.

Every single character is a one-dimensional stereotype. They never exhibit traits that show any form of depth; they were all so formulaic it felt like all their actions were generated from a computer.

Overall, absolute piece of garbage. If you're American and enjoy flat-out idiotic humor devoid of any wit or intelligence, I recommend it, but otherwise stay away.
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Only Watch if You Are Brainwashed Into Paying For Garbage Like This as Actual Entertainment
heatherderringer2 July 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I have never seen such a bad movie like this one. The script is a huge load of illogical and absurd events which in the end collapse together into am anti-climax ending. And the acting even manages to out-worsen the completely trashy plot. Every actors and actresses in this film seem to worry that the audiences might not be able to hear them clearly so they just yelled at a maximum volume and it was not pleasant at all! The the slap-tick humor could have been able to save this film from becoming a total disaster but frankly it didn't work at all.

Trust me, there's literally nothing good about this cheap piece of B-rated half-ass movie. Save your money and never give it a go!
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Hits all the right notes, thanks to Hill and Tatum's excellent chemistry
joey-ziemniak14 June 2014
If there's one criticism I have about 22 Jump Street, it's that the movie feels too similar to 21 Jump Street. But is that really a complaint? With 22 Jump Street, directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller (The LEGO Movie) have created a massively entertaining ride, with more antics from the characters we love, and better performances all around.

This time around, they're going to college. Yeah, yeah, we've heard it before. As Ice Cube says at the end of the first film, in which the two went undercover at a high school, the tables have been turned and they're going to college now. Schmidt (Jonah Hill) and Jenko (Channing Tatum) must once again go undercover at MC State to bust another drug operation, this time called WHYPHY (work hard? yes. play hard? yes.)

What worked with 21 Jump Street works again in 22 Jump Street. The excellent characters of Schmidt and Jenko are once again paired to make a hilarious and charismatic duo. Their personalities clash once more, but in a different way than the first film, and they get into even more crazy shenanigans than before. This includes having a shootout in the university library and busting a Spring Break beach party. 22 Jump Street always keeps you on edge, wondering what will happen next. While the plot is pretty standard and similar to the first film, you'll want to stick around because you love these characters so much. New characters such as Zook (Wyatt Russell) and Mercedes (Jillian Bell) feel right at home within the crazy cast. Captain Dickson (Ice Cube) is also in rare form, delivering some of the film's best moments.

This is a testament to Hill and Tatum, who put so much work into creating these characters. Jenko settles into the football team, and makes friends at a fraternity, while Schmidt performs slam poetry and does many walks of shame. Hill and Tatum are in top form. Their chemistry is better than ever, making 22 Jump Street a hilarious buddy comedy. Try not to laugh when Schmidt does slam poetry to impress a girl, I dare you.

What makes 22 Jump Street feel special is its self-referential attitude and countless meta jokes. Police chief Hardy (Nick Offerman) essentially explains why this movie was made within the first 10 minutes, saying "no one cared about the Jump Street reboot, but you guys got lucky." It's a funny way to be self-deprecating and hilarious at the same time. It plays to the audience's intelligence, rather than making them feel stupid. Other references are more subtle, like when Schmidt keeps asking about the film's budget. It all plays into a very interesting and unique humor style. While there are plenty of raunchy jokes (right in the crack), the film's best come from its self-referencing.

So, now for the all-important question: is 22 Jump Street better than the original? With its meta jokes and its excellent characterization, 22 Jump Street is a rousing success, and matches the original in sheer humor. But the plot feels too similar to the original. While this may be a fault in the film's format, a few more twists would have been appreciated. Still, 22 Jump Street is a hilarious ride, one definitely worth taking.
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A worthy sequel
matic-boh112 June 2014
Hilarious, often outrageous, but above all thoroughly entertaining, 22 Jump Street manages to recapture all the humor and audacity its successful predecessor had to offer, while also offering some new thrills and unpredictability along the way. The film strikes a unique and clever balance between exploring new comedic ideas and continuing the themes from the first installment, as it maintains its core story but also offers enough twists to create new excitement. Although the storyline is very much similar to the first film, it does seem fresh and original at the same time, which creates a sequel that can be differentiated from others, as the plot is not merely redesigned in an awkward and uninteresting way. But perhaps the film's dominant feature continues to be the strong chemistry between the two leading men, who again combine their talents to create the ultimate comedy team. Overall this comedy sequel stands out due to its ability to embrace the success of the its predecessor, as 22 Jump Street uses the power of repetition to recreate the unique comedic atmosphere, which allows the film to establish a very distinct comedy series.
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Funniest film of the year (so far!)
callum-low6 June 2014
Keeping this brief, this is no doubt the funniest film I've seen since the turn of the year. Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill make a great bromance couple, and although appearing in the disappointing "Ride Along", Ice Cube too is brilliant in this film.

Expect non-stop entertainment as excellent humour is mixed with an interesting yet simple plot, heartfelt moments and exciting action. My only complaint would be that at times it felt a little recycled from the first film. Though having enjoyed that I wasn't too fussed.

More than worth your moneys worth. If you enjoyed 21 Jump Street, then you'd be mad not to see this.
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Emperor's New Backpack
cultfilmfreaksdotcom15 June 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Loaded with potential, 22 JUMP STREET is the sequel to the comedic buddy teamup (based on the 1980's Johnny Depp TV show) where Christopher Tatum and Jonah Hill posed as high schoolers to bust a drug dealer… Not only did it score at the box office, 21 JUMP STREET was actually really funny and involving, and the duo made a fantastic polar opposite team.

The first of many inside-jokes is when Ice Cube's grouchy Captain of the 22 Jump Street's new abandoned church location comments on how no one thought the first "reboot" (referring to the church within the movie, but not really) would actually work like it did... And now they're piling more money into this new one (again quasi-referring to the church)… Something sequels actually have to do to win over audiences, a second time.

The intentionally mirrored storyline of Hill's Schmidt and Tatum's Jenko in college lacks the suspenseful undercover element of keeping their identities secret: Not only do they constantly shrug off the mission at hand… finding the drug dealer that sold to a girl who fatally overdosed… but the students they're involved with are equally pointless and unmotivated.

Jenko bonds with a fellow football jock while Schmidt scores (much too easily) with a girl way out of his league. The twist on who that girl's related to provides some laughter but the joke gets old after a while. As do the bromantic metrosexual comparisons about the bickering cop-partners being in and out of a close relationship... You're straight but seem otherwise: We get it already!

The best scenes take place after the weary college story peters out… Not like it had any real juice in the first place… Hell, even their current psychedelic overdose is lame and contrived. So when the boys infiltrate Spring Break/Mexico there's a neat burst of overboard sequel-action to make us forget two things: 22 isn't as good as the first venture, and the first 3/4ths of this movie isn't very good at all.
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Good exercise for your cheeks
ncuttswhite29 July 2014
First of all, big complements to the protagonists. The chemistry between Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum is incredible. As soon as their on screen you immediately start smiling, just because you feel the need to prepare yourself for something amusing. The jokes are fast paced and relentless, without it being tiresome. More importantly the comedy is actually clever, even during some of the scenarios the are more stupid due to some absurdity.

22 Jump Street is self-aware of what it is, and pokes fun of itself for being a sequel that follows the formula. However, addressing this fault in that comedic way will not be enough for everyone to forgive it. At the other hand, I think this is something that you can easily look past because of how enjoyable the movie is. The requirement of a comedy is to make you laugh, and 22 Jump Street fulfills it totally. Your cheeks will definitely have a good exercise! ;)
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Chemistry of the Best Kind!!!
aharmas14 June 2014
Warning: Spoilers
When I was about to give up on modern comedies, here comes a sequel that outdoes the original ten times or more. Tatum is excellent as the slowest of the pair, proving he's a very good comedian, both physically and delivering some of the funniest lines in the movie, and his partner, Hill, redeems himself from the depths of "Wolf" with a turn that shows how talented he can be. His multidimensional geek fully forms a perfect whole with the physical and sweet jock turn by Tatum.

Before we can catch our breaths, the leads are back in school, this time in college trying to stop the viral distribution of a new drug. We all know how it will turn out, but the set up is to put these two in an environment where they will not fit because of the obvious. Hill, well spins his character in a different dimension and takes on a romantic and bromantic persona. His romance and break up scenes rank way up there with the zaniness of "Some Like it Hot", and we are not prepared even in the more open times for some of the exchanges between the two actors when every other lines has a double meaning. This is classic comedy. In particular, the scene in the psychologist office had the audience laugh out loud because absolutely no one on screen was tuned to the same channel, and it kept getting funnier and funnier. For a moment, I thought I was watching "Tootsie" and some of its best bits when the main character was having a nightmarish experience. This time, Hill and Tatum do an amazing job by taking their bromance into new levels.

Tatum is definitely having the time of his life, as he finds his soul mate in school and apparently his destiny in life. Here he is living his dream, succeeding at every possible endeavor, being popular, sharing every moment with his newly found friend. This is serious competition for his undercover buddy, and the writers take flight with it when we see the reactions in Hill's face and their further exchanges.

The silly action scenes and the vulgarity that peppers and ruins much of what they call comedy nowadays take a second seat to the development of characters here. We're not sitting listening to boring expositions or innumerable descriptions of bathroom humor. Yes, those elements are carefully placed, and what comes out is the silliness, the naivete and stupidity of how the characters deal with their relationships with each other. What might have been vulgar in another film, here ranks with some of the best comedy in the movies. There are many tributes and references to those films throughout "22". Be ready to acknowledge the talents of Allen, Benny H., and a few others as winks are given to the audience. This might not be highbrow comedy, but it is beautifully delivered. Much of the credit once again goes to the incredible work by Tatum and the fine support Hill gives him. You will be laughing out loud over and over.

There is one scene that has the explosion of a parent in a visitation day, and Ice Cub's outburst is one of the funniest ever on film. His rantings and reactions to a sudden realization about something one of his undercover agents has done was a moment to treasure because of his excellent timing and the rest of the cast's facial reactions. Whoever wrote the screenplay did his homework and made sure that the skeleton didn't go in without every other element to make a fantastic comedy. So many times we have been given trash, full of unnecessary and stupid jokes that are more shocking than funny. The recent "Neighbors" being a prime example of everything that can go wrong with miscasting, misfired lines, and lazy direction.

To close, there is beauty in all kinds of art. We have incredible harmonies in rock and heavy metal anthems. Class and perfection doesn't only occur in historical and pretentious comedies. Those are bound to be disappointments because they appeal to people who think only a particular type of productions should be considered fine entertainment. Some of the classics surprised us because we didn't expect much at first, but we felt pleased, entertained, and we were moved with the depth of what lied behind the the facade. "22" is a whole piece to be savored and enjoyed, and to laugh out loud, too.

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An insult to IMDb for this to be rated any higher than 7
GamingPlays30 June 2014
I mean seriously. This used to be a respected site that gave people who didn't know much films insight into the greatest films and audience ratings for every film they've ever watched. 8.0. Dammit IMDb users.

This film is categorized as comedy, so I pessimistically expected a few laughs. I got 4. Two were for slapstick comedy, one was at Ice Cube's death stare, and the final laugh I had was at the end credits (Not because they were funny, but because the entire audience was utterly silent at the forced humour). I wasn't alone, in the theatre it was mostly silent, as we googled the bloody IMDb page to check if it was a comedy. Small British audience I'll give you that, and pretty strange considering how 'everyone' (Americans) laughed their ass of at this movie. The opening sequence chase had me in awe of how bad it was.

Before you type an angry reply saying "You just don't get the humour" or "It doesn't suit everybody". I understand. This is just my view, it may not be right, I may get proved wrong, but here is my case and the overwhelming evidence to prove why. The repetitive cinematography, the forced homoerotic jokes (as if the movie sends out a strong message on the subject), the pop-culture based soundtrack choices and the 'making fun of ourselves' tries so hard to be clever it ruins the movie. Although these factors ruin the movie like a crooked candle ruins a pound-land birthday cake.

I feel like I can envisage Jonah Hill and Michael Bacall (One of the screenplay writers) sitting down and saying stupid ideas and Jonah going "Hah! That would be so funny!" after every one. I like Jonah, he is a good actor, and Channing is trying so hard to impress I can't fault him for what his character is tasked to do.

But here it comes, the problem that made me cringe, the audience look at each other and say "Oh god", the one person in my theatre walk out (probably the reason), The Dialogue.

Oh my goodness. How did this film make it past the producing companies with this damn dialogue. The film tries to make itself clever, it does little references that try and make it a film that is funny, but still smart. Like that budget gag, or the "Gringo Pendejos". The prodigious awkwardness between Jonah (I'm not going to say the character names due to the fact I lost 8 quid on this movie) and the bland bland bland spouse of his (we get it, Jonah's character isn't as good with girls as Channing, but due to his doughy lovable personality, he gets the girl! Wow!), had me contemplating walking out. The other girl, Jillain Bell brought a lot more, but not enough to make any noticeable difference. Channing Tatum's 'bro' language with his 'buddy', was just horrific. It was a train wreck. Something I imagine Americans found funny. Like the whole "American college is a non-stop drug fuelled orgy" theme that it embraced shamelessly. Oh, and the token drug trip that had such potential, but it was just terrific...ly painful to watch.

This movie says in full view, "It's the same as before! Oh wait, it isn't! Hah!", and I wouldn't mind. That's right. I would not care. It's another film of the Project X genre, of America high-fiving itself. But it's just another right? Well that's what I thought, but then I see so many people saying how damn amazing it is, I saw a thread (highly sophisticated reviewing and analysing may I add) that went like this,

"They (*Probably the two main characters who are liked so much people can't see them do wrong) were awesome! *spoiler* when I saw seth rogen I DIED! and when Jonah Hill was acting like nothing changed! lol! "

Seeing Seth Rogen isn't funny. I like his movies, but he didn't do anything funny. It's immature humour that is carelessly littered and licked up by Americans (sorry for repeating myself, but who else could like this so much to give it an 8.0?)

If someone thinks differently, please give me your best shot. Because it is an insult to rate this film so highly if I am really seeing it as it is. Did I miss the humour? Was Jonah Hill doing a Mexican accent funny? Was Channing Tatum dancing to a song of "ass and titties" funny? It wasn't. I see why it appeals to a certain 'type' of audience member, but I thought that's why IMDb is here? To direct us away from these peoples opinions.

Enlighten me, because my oh my am I reviewing using IMDb at all if this piece of garbage is rated 0.3 off '2001 A Space Odyssey". Some people will find this funny, some will not, but I hope I have persuaded you that it is not a great film.
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Wannabe-teen comedy below threshold
ivan-kristo-201-4301182 January 2015
Not even a few funny scenes justify my time spent on watching this. This movie is insult for the brain. Don't get me wrong, I like my brain to be insulted, but this movie remains to float in awkward space between acknowledged trash movie (like "The Room") and around-the-threshold teen comedy like "American Pie" or similar.

It's full of forcing frayed jokes. Combined with unpolished story this is more similar to a comedy series like "A Bit of Fry & Laurie" except that later series has high quality jokes, and not something pulled out from bag-of-teen-movie-jokes. This movies "story" is more like collection of fragments from several stories glued with a bad jokes.
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Better than the first though that isn't saying much
TheSeaLion24 June 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I swear, sometimes I'm too optimistic. Even though "21 Jump Street" is one of my least favorite movies and one of the worst movies I've ever seen, I felt obligated to see "22 Jump Street" and went through with it because I thought this time around they may of had something. While "22 Jump Street" is better than "21 Jump Street", though that isn't hard for any movie to do, it still suffers from the same problems as the first and has some elements to it that even surpasses "21 Jump Street" in awfulness.

Starting off with Schmidt (Jonah Hill) and Jenko (Channing Tatum) once again screwing up a police mission, they somehow get to keep their jobs and are just put back onto Jump Street, now moved across the street in a different abandoned church. Schmidt and Jenko are given the relatively same assignment as they had in the last film except this time they're going to college because they look too old for high school, which raises the question why they're working for a police group that goes undercover as students when everyone can see that they aren't students.

"22 Jump Street" does a lot of the same stuff that its predecessor did, especially the use of self-awareness as a mode of self-preservation. Just because a movie is unneeded and pointless but is aware of it does not make it any less unneeded and pointless. A movie like "Scream" is self-aware, but it uses that self-awareness to try and make it stand out while "22 Jump Street" makes light of the fact that they're doing the whole thing over again without adding anything new to it. It's fine if a movie is self-aware, but "22 Jump Street" does not use it to its full advantage and just uses it as a tool so people can't criticize the movie because it's self-aware.

Once again, Schmidt and Jenko share zero chemistry together, despite the fact they helped each other through the police academy, went through the high school mission together and supposedly came out stronger, and now have been partners for a while. Not only do these two not show any chemistry, their relationship is easily showed up by Jenko's friendship with Zook (Wyatt Russell). I do not remember a single memorable moment between Schmidt and Jenko alone.

This time around, Jenko is the one having fun and getting caught up in the whole school experience while Schmidt is the outcast who we're supposed to feel sorry for. Unfortunately, this backfires as Jenko makes attempts to keep their duo together and Schmidt just can't keep up while at the same time Jenko is trying to move on and Schmidt is holding him back. Why am I supposed to want these two to be partners when it's so evident one is holding the other back and they share zero chemistry?

To the movie's credit, there were three mildly amusing parts to it. One of which involves Captain Dickson (Ice Cube) finding out that Schmidt and his daughter (Amber Stevens) hooked up, Jenko finding out and then running around telling everyone at Jump Street what happened, and the first part of the ending credits with Schmidt and Jenko in med school. Aside from those three parts, the movie is made up of the same desperate attempts at comedy that the first film had.

With the same problems as the first film but with three mildly amusing comedy scenes, "22 Jump Street" is better than "21 Jump Street" in the most superficial terms, but better nonetheless. Though, when you're a sequel to "21 Jump Street", expectations are on the ground so there is no way to go but up.
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Doing Everything The Same. Only Better.
rcolgan23 June 2014
Usually remakes aren't very good, with many bombing and being outshone by the original version. But to everyone's surprise 21 Jump Street was a hit, earning 200 million and giving the careers of both Hill and Tatum a big boost to two already big names. Then just like any action, the producers decided to throw more money at the same people hoping for the same result. Usually all this leads to is everything being the same but with more explosions and a bigger pay-check to get the same people back.. Well, that's exactly what 22 Jump Street also does, with as much as possible remaining just the same. The difference being that it's honest about it, with the entire film mocking the regular clichés.

Even the outline of the plot mocks the regular concept of every sequel. Hill and Tatum are constantly reminded to do everything the exact same as last time at every chance they get to say it. The logic being since it worked last time, it'll work again. Only this time they'll throw more money at it to better ensure success. Because increasing the budget is certain to increase the profit. This is one of the many self aware jokes that the film keeps throwing at us. Usually staying fixed on joking that it's a sequel would get repetitive after a while, but the film just keeps handling it in different ways to keep the laughs coming.

It works because of the clever writing which parodies every detail of an action sequel, keeping the jokes fresh and original. They'll make a joke out of everything from the fact that things getting destroyed in car chases costs a lot in the budget to even John Woo's doves being randomly thrown in. At times some of the jokes don't work quite as well, but there's enough hilarious moments packed in to make sure the laughs keep coming and mocks every possible detail of the action sequel.

On top of this, the actors know how to make the jokes work with all the actors having the same charm as last time. Ice Cube gets his angry boss role down to the note, mastering the angry stare and yelling almost every line of dialogue he gets. The cameos from the villains be as over the top as you can get. And just like before, both Hill and Tatum bring their A game in their ultimate bromance together. It was one of the key elements of the first film and the actors chemistry remains just as funny and enjoyable here. If anything more so here, with their conversations growing more like a married couple and a lot more opportunities to be hilariously over the top.

Which is the main reason that 22 Jump Street is one of the few sequels that's better than the original. It's everything that 21 Jump Street was, just bigger and better. With the likes of this, Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs and the Lego Movie it's clear that Lord and Miller are quickly becoming 2 of the biggest and best names in comedy using both slapstick and mocking clichés to keep the laughs coming strong. I don't know whether they intend to do any more sequels, but as long as they maintain the consistently funny films that they have so far I can only hope that they make as many jump streets as they can.
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Sad to see that IMDb is astroturfed by random text generated reviews in broken English.. Feel sorry for people misled by current high rating
jond12313 August 2014
Please, allow me to save you the time, money, and effort associated with watching this terrible film. I totally enjoyed the 1st, and had high hopes for something at least mildly entertaining... nope. I was bored to the point of incapacitation and Redditing on my phone. In fact, the attempts at being funny and dialog decisions made by the director and production staff were just sad. I honestly do feel that ANYONE could have done this movie better, and laugh at the notion of someone actually spending millions of dollars to make this.. and then I realize that the movie was profitable, and that there is no hope for the human race.
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Hilarious and the funniest movie for the rest of the summer.
TheMovieVlog12 June 2014
22 jump Street pulls off an amazing balancing act between elements of its predecessor whilst adding many new and better plot twists, characters and jokes.

This movie is hilarious and fun and wins us over from the start by making fun of itself as a sequel, but like many of its other ongoing jokes, juices this just enough to get maximum laughs without it becoming annoying.

22 jump Street should not only be regarded as one of the rare sequels to better an already good first film, but as a case study for all comedy sequels on how to not just replicate predecessors but truly BUILD on them.
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Dumb teen movie with too few good jokes (and a ton of bad ones), and a B-movie action
secretoftheabyss13 August 2014
This film packs just a few good jokes in a full 112 minutes of bad, naive, trivial, vulgar and infantile ones. You will experience moments of real embarrassment for being supposed to laugh at such a crap. Believe me, if you're not a teen still struggling your way out through high school (or maybe even younger), this movie is definitely not for you. I think even a college freshman would find it simplistic and not so funny. The two cops relation development is so obvious, so trivial, it can't really make up for the entire film, as it is supposed to do instead. While their investigation (and action scenes) is relegated to the background. On top of that those action scenes seem to be taken directly from a 90s teen B-movie, not even near to be realistic or engaging. Both Hill and Tatung are capable of much better performances (as they already showed), they should begin to choose better script. Not worth watching, really.
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This is not a film
arriva4 July 2014
If I could give this movie zero or minus 10, I'd surely do that, unfortunately IMDb doesn't provide such a possibility.

Well, if you abhorred the first movie, I can reassure that nothing has changed - we still have the same actors and largely the same script. Yeah, the writers were too lazy to rewrite the script or even add anything new to it.

Even though this movie is sold as a comedy, the main ingredient is missing. There is no humor in it. Nothing at all. The movie theater I watched this movie in, comprised mainly very young people, yet during two excruciatingly boring hours the audience laughed just twice.

People lately have been panning Hollywood that it's producing shallow stupid loud sexist movies catered to the stupid. Considering that these two movies have ratings hovering around 8, I have to fully support all Hollywood endeavors - people themselves have become totally stupid.
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Read a User Review, A guy didn't like the movie...unfunny, blah...blah... Who cares... ?
sw03984725 September 2014
Go watch some Godard or Pasolini if you don't like it... and be f**king depressed after that...

You knew what you were getting into... After the previous one...So seriously, no actually... YOU NEVER HAVE TO TAKE THE MOVIE SERIOUSLY, that's the real deal...

If you saw the first one, you didn't bought the ticket for the MESSAGE this movie is going to promote, you bought it to actually have FUN... Take out your brain from skull, leave it to rest and just enjoy the moving pictures in front of you.

22 Jump Street never promoted itself as a cinematic masterpiece experience, but on fun... And it delivers it...

You've plenty of moments of self-parody (Cube of ice!!!), Bro/gay/queer (only if they have a sense of humor)-Mance (the sun-screen scene or the library scene) and a pile of EVERYTHING... Explosions (have you seen a golf-cart/football-cart exploding like that?) So just enjoy it for the 95 minutes.

I personally thought it was fun, and I all I was looking for was fun...

So f**k-it...I quit
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A movie for 6 to 7 year olds in Europe
tommywahlman11 October 2014
The American humor is sooooo bad and on such low level that its basically like walking into a kindergarten in Europe, its about the same level. Is this really what the people there like? Somehow i don't think so, i just think they are fed this crap so often that its useless to resist. no one above the age of 14 can like this, i would be amazed if that was the case. Why does everything has to be so overblown in their comedies? I don't get it, people aren't that stupid, try to make quality comedies again, if your capable of that. I didn't finish it, was impossible to do.

Please make 1 decent comedy this year
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7.5 IMDb Ranking Makes Me Question IMDb Rankings
byhring215 October 2014
I'll keep this brief...this movie was awful. Just awful.

There is a 'joke' at the beginning of the movie that makes fun of sequels that copy the same story and jokes as the original.

And then the entire movie precedes to do the exact.same.thing. as it made fun of. Actually, scratch that; I actually enjoyed 21 Jump Street.

What I'm thinking is that the producing company has paid individuals to make fake reviews because I was so flabbergasted by how this got a 7.5 ranking that I had to go through some of the reviews. What I got was a lot of reviews that describe "bro-mance; explosions; sexiness; best film of the year; top comedy of all times". Seriously?!

At least have the audacity to make a fake review that acknowledges this is NOT one of the top comedies of all time. I didn't laugh once, and neither will you. You should be ashamed IMDb, Channing Tatum, and Jonah Hill.
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A wildly entertaining feel-good movie that not only rates as one of the best mainstream comedies of the year but also one of the finest sequels you are likely to see.
khalidabusamra5 June 2014
Warning: Spoilers
There are only a few occasions where some of the jokes feel over-worked and the pace sags but even then Lord and Miller always seem to have something up their sleeve to put the film back on track. It's a wildly entertaining feel-good movie that not only rates as one of the best mainstream comedies of the year but also one of the finest sequels you're ever likely to see.

The only truly negative thing I have to say about "22 Jump Street" is that Chris Miller and Phil Lord are setting themselves up to eventually become a media punching bag. That's the inevitable ending when someone's on a winning streak, and right now, Miller and Lord are looking like the guys you call when you have a terrible idea but want to make a great film anyway. That's an amazing skill set, and I find myself deeply impressed by each new thing they release.

What made "21 Jump Street" so much fun was that it was completely self- aware. The movie openly made fun of what a terrible idea it is to turn old TV shows into new movies, and it also managed to run some very smart and fun riffs on high school movies and buddy cop films, constantly subverting expectations in a way that I think added up to something that felt very fresh.

That, of course, is the challenge when you then set out to make a sequel to something, because by its very nature, a sequel is going to be less fresh. Miller and Lord did not make the sequel to their animated hit "Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs," and it appears that the sequel to their monster success "The LEGO Movie" will be directed by Chris McKay. So why would they risk making something that feels like a rehash by returning to direct "22 Jump Street"?

So they can make fun of sequels, obviously.

From the second it begins, "22 Jump Street" roasts the idea of sequels. There are so many targets within that larger target that I was sort of impressed at how well they managed to cover all of it. More expensive than the original? Check. Same story only slightly disguised? Check. Artificial tension created to undo whatever character growth there was in the original? Check.

As with the first film, they have more on their mind than just making the sequel joke. This time, they take on the conventions of the college movie, and it feels like both Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill are given room to play to their strengths here. They have a great chemistry as a team, but what I find really amazing watching these films is just how much Tatum has embraced this side of himself. I would have never guessed that there was such a big goofy clown heart driving this guy from the first few years of work he did on screen, but there are at least ten places in the sequel where I missed whatever came after one of Tatum's punchlines. He's got a way of approaching a joke that hits me out of left field almost every time. Jonah Hill is a very precise comic performer, and there are a ton of tiny grace notes to his performance here, small choices that punch the jokes up to another level. Miller and Lord know that these films work best when it's just these two guys pinballing off of each other, and there's plenty of that.

There's also an interesting take on sexual politics running throughout the film, and I honestly thought they were headed somewhere daring with Tatum's character. In the end, they don't quite commit to the idea, but it still feels like the script, written by Michael Bacall, Oren Uziel, and Rodney Rothman, is determined to push the characters into some surprising places. I loved the use of Ice Cube this time as Captain Dickson, and there is one long dinner sequence with Cube that left me sore from laughing. Amber Stevens and Wyatt Russell have to do a fair amount of heavy lifting as new characters who befriend Schmidt and Jenko at college, and that's always tough in a comedy like this. Stevens is a very appealing performer, but she's not given much to do. On the other hand, Jillian Bell (best known from the Comedy Central show "Workaholics") hits the ground running in this one, and she steals scene after scene after scene.

I'd hate to give away any of the ways the story builds here, because there are some very conscious decisions made to not only mirror the structure of the first film, but to also play against that first movie in ways that screw with expectations. Suffice it to say that it is a cannily-constructed film, and it does have a bigger "movie" feel than the first film. There are places where they swing for some big jokes that don't quite work, but the ambition is dizzying all the way through.

You need to stay through the closing credits, which are funnier than many full-length feature films, because there is even more at the very, very end of the film. Miller and Lord make it feel like they value every second you spend watching one of their films, and they do their best to pack the film so that you get something out of every minute you give them. I'm sure at some point, these guys will make a movie that doesn't quite work. It happens to everyone. But for now, it honestly feels like there is no more reliable filmmaking team right now if you want to go above and beyond with any idea.
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