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Season 1

16 Oct. 2012
Dr Owens starts her internship with her friend Dr Will Collins. Alas her former high school nemesis Cassandra is also interning. The nurses don't like Emily, Cassandra shows her up, the resident doctor said she overstepped her bounds, etc.
23 Oct. 2012
Emily and... The Alan Zolman Incident
Emily's cases include a man who is ineligible for surgery and will die without it; a woman who has an acute case of OCD and is difficult to diagnosis because of her compulsions. She tries to act normal around Will who rejected her love.
30 Oct. 2012
Emily and... the Outbreak
Dr Bandari quizzes the interns for the chance to help in surgery. While Cassandra wins, she freezes during the operation. Emily treats a gymnast with an unknown condition and a man who has gall bladder problems. Micah encourages Emily.
13 Nov. 2012
Emily and... the Predator
Emily and Micah help a patient who needs a kidney transplant, but does not want a kidney from her new husband. A woman pregnant with twins is a surrogate for her sister; one unborn twin is dying. Will wants to ask Cassandra out on a date.
20 Nov. 2012
Emily and... the Tell-Tale Heart
Emily helps a patient who needs a partial liver transplant and a drug addict going through withdrawal. Micah asks Emily to be on the team helping with his mother's cancer treatment. Cassandra asks Emily to find out why Will is avoiding her.
27 Nov. 2012
Emily and... the Question of Faith
Emily works with a well-known pediatrician on a baby diagnosed with male and female genitals. Tyra learns her father had an affair; she tells him she is a lesbian. Cassandra pretends to be friends with Emily for Will's sake but causes trouble.
4 Dec. 2012
Emily and... the Good and the Bad
It's Emily's birthday and she wants to keep it quiet. Will creates a party for her. Cases include a criminal in for a heart operation, and a loved flower delivery man who collapses during a delivery. Micah and Emily work together.
1 Jan. 2013
Emily and... The Car and the Cards
Micah, Emily, Will, and others rush to save a teenager impaled with a pole from a car accident. Her boyfriend caused the accident who appears unharmed. Emily helps a beautiful model who has cancer in her mouth which will ruin her looks.
8 Jan. 2013
Emily and... The Love of Larping
Emily is ready for a change in her life. Cassandra sets Emily up on a blind date. Micah plans a weekend skiing trip. Cases include a woman with cancer, a business executive who is too busy to get treatment, and a man who seems psychotic.
15 Jan. 2013
Emily and... The Social Experiment
Michah treats a patient who needs new lungs but has cancer. Emily has a patient who is convinced she is going to die because she read it in the Tarot cards. Tyra teaches Emily how to flirt. A doctor who used to work at the hospital returns.
22 Jan. 2013
Emily and... The Teapot
Emily, Will, and Cassandra are in competition for Bandari's research assistant. Emily wins because of her ability to talk to patients. Emily decides to stop waiting for Will, and Michal thinks it might be his chance to invite her out.
29 Jan. 2013
Emily and... The Perfect Storm
Emily triages victims of a bus accident during an ice storm. Cases include a woman who wants to be a doctor, a solider who has a head wound, and a pregnant woman in early labor. Micah makes a move towards Emily. Cassandra breaks with Will.
5 Feb. 2013
Emily and... The Leap
Emily & Micah discuss starting a relationship and plan a first date. Micah's sister visits and their mother decides to stop treatment. Will decides he wants to be with Emily. Will misdiagnoses a woman's condition who then dies.

 Season 1 

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