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Mad Spin Doctors Trying to Sell Berlin As a Cure For Depression!
Thom-Peters14 February 2019
'Berlin, I Love You' has been made by people, who don't know much about Berlin. The amount of things they've got completely wrong is amazing. Nearly everybody in Berlin speaks English all the time? That's a fundamentally distorted view of the world. Some of the authors quite obviously think that Berlin would be a better place without Germans.

Most of the ten segments' stories could have been used for a 'Dallas, I love you' or 'Birmingham, I love you' compilation, because Berlin is nothing more than the background scenery. All of them are quite pointless, cliché-ridden and extremely predictable. If the nagging feeling that you are wasting your life tends to give you depressions, you should stay clear of this movie. There is an awful lot of obtrusive agitprop by pundits who don't have a story to tell and therefore settle for sending some platitudinous messages. On the other side it sometimes gets so bad and pathetic that it gave me some laughing out loud moments - so that's a positive.

The segments in chronological order:
  • 0 "Transitions", the wraparound (director: Josef Rusnak)
  • 1 "Berlin Ride" (Peter Chelsom)
  • 2 "Under Your Feet" (Massy Tadjedin)
  • 3 "Love is in the Air" (Til Schweiger)
  • 4 "Berlin Dance" (Justin Franklin, Daniel Lwowski)
  • 5 "Me Three" (Stephanie Martin, Claus Clausen)
  • 6 "Hidden" (Dani Levi)
  • 7 "Sunday Morning" (Fernando Eimbcke)
  • 8 "Lucinda in Berlin" (Dianna Agron)
  • 9 "Embassy" (Dennis Gansel)

Three episodes could be considered as tourist promotion: "Berlin Ride", "Berlin Dance" and "Transitions". In "Berlin Ride" a simple photo safari through Berlin cures an American tourist of his suicidal thoughts. "Transitions" borrows heavily from the imagery of Wim Wenders' "Der Himmel Über Berlin" (Wings of Desire). It shows an emotional journey from depression to lust for life. While Wenders' movie features an angel with an interest in humans, here the brooding angel impersonator (Robert Stradlober) seems to be more attracted to the great beyond. A tourist from Israel will fix this - temporarily. "Berlin Dance" is basicly a music clip for Max Raabe and his Palast Orchester, it's actually nice and by far the best segment.

Three episodes are completely expendable: "Love is in the Air", "Sunday Morning" and "Lucinda in Berlin". "Love is in the Air" is a trainwreck of a story and it features Mickey Rourke - a match made in the heaven over Berlin, I guess. It is notable for the complete absence of Berlin, everything happens inside of a hotel. "Sunday Morning" is the dream of a drag queen to get hit on by a cute 16-year-old. (Yeah, that's exactly what it is!) In "Lucinda in Berlin" the depression of an American tourist gets cured by puppetry.

Two episodes are hypocrisy on steroids: "Under Your Feet" and "Me Three". Whoever still likes this kind of heavy-handed propaganda is in dire need of a software update.

Two episodes are so bad that they are actually funny: "Hidden" and "Embassy". In "Hidden" an asylum seeker who killed a 15 years old German boy (but of course he is still the good guy, because it was somehow "self-defense"), seeks refuge in a brothel. Unintentional hilarity ensues. Definitely on the funny side of bigotry. In "Embassy" the passenger of a very talkative taxi driver reads my mind and asks her: "Do you really need to keep talking? It would be great if you just not do that." It's the beginning of a wild ride that had me in stitches. Your mileage may vary.

There is an eleventh short film, beach boy Ai Weiwei directed the filming in Berlin via Skype from Peking. Sadly, it didn't make it into this compilation, which is a shame, because this sounded like the perfect recipe for a desaster.

If you suffer from depressions, Berlin is probably the last place you want to be, except if you just want to surround yourself with like-minded people. David Bowie and Iggy Pop tried it in the 1970s, you should listen to their Berlin-made records from 1977 "Low" and "Lust For Life" - not really fun stuff. 42 years later they are still a perfect soundtrack for this city. In spite of reiterated attempts of cheerfulness, 'Berlin, I Love You' is basically a very bleak and boring movie. It will not attract many tourists, if any at all.

All in all: Yes, this is a very bad movie. But it is made with adorable incompetence and a complete lack of self-reflection. Yes, sometimes it is so bad, it is kind of good. ("Bad German Movies"-Review No. 17)
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One cliche after an other
random-707785 April 2019
Want one cliched PC lecture after another? Or one cliche after another?

If you like films with no story, no intelligent writing, no craft, but absent that some mindless propaganda, you will love this.

if not, skip this awful excuse for a film.
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Vignettes in Berlin
danaelambros12 February 2019
I really enjoyed this film. I thought it was a cinematic glimpse into Berlin visually, as well as culturally. I don't feel it deserves the low ratings it's received on this site. I also heard people comparing it to Paris, I Love You and finding it lacking. I haven't seen the Paris version so I can't comment on that. What I DID like was the vignettes of life and love in Berlin, and that the love in these vignettes took different forms: the film isn't entirely dedicated to romantic love but to love in all its forms, including sacrifice, love for strangers and love as acceptance. The sound track and music were excellent, and the visuals very strong. I also enjoyed the acting, which felt very natural. It definitely has a European vibe: there's no Hollywood hype here or over-dramatic acting; at times, it shows a bleak side to life but I like this kind of realism. While this film might not be everyone's cup of tea, I think it's a breath of fresh air in the movie scene. Two thumbs up :).
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Like Paris Je T'Aime ? No.
caravagio218 February 2019
You are probably like me wondering, is this as good as Paris Je T'Aime? The short answer, no. Not even remotely. Paris Je T'Aime had some amazing atmosphere and fantastic acting.

This, although some big name actors involved, is just utter garbage. Honestly how is this movie so terrible ? One of the reasons may be that Paris Je T'Aime was honestly just about LOVE and therefore had a HEART and a SOUL. This movie in contrast, was just filled with tiresome political messages, which Hollywood keeps pushing as usual, the story was clearly just secondary, more like a 'filler' for the politics.

Honestly, if you decide to watch the movie, which I don't advice, you'll see that my review is absolutely on point. Although the first 20~30 minutes were borderline acceptable, in my opinion it's much more worth it to just watch Paris Je T'Aime for a second time instead.
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It's horrid
Gordon-1119 April 2019
This film is a collage of segments of people whose lives intersect in Berlin.

With this many big names, it is a surprise that the film is allowed to be a horrid mess. Just the first segment alone is enough to make me lose interest in the whole film. It is a bizarre short about a man and a GPS system, and it is just way too strange to be likable. The subsequent segments get no better, not even the one with Helen Mirren and Keira Knightley. The Berlin protrayed in the film is an unattractive dump, and it does not inspire any romantic feelings. Fortunately, there is one segment that is good, which is the puppet show one. It gives warmth and radiates attraction, which is the only segment that sticks to romantic love in Berlin.
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Ooooh dear!
stephaniepollard-9746025 February 2019
I travel to Berlin often it's a beautiful city. As for the film please.... please don't waste your time.
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Real rating should be 0
anastasijaignjatovickv17 February 2019
Pointless, don't waste 2 hours of your life on this...If there is 0 as a rating, I eould give them 0. Terrible acting, no plot, just bad...
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High Budget Tourist Ad
Mibix8 February 2019
This just seems like a high budget tourist ad for Berlin but at least it has pretty ladies.
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An insult to filmmaking, Berlin and the actors involved!
poodlenoodle-7535323 July 2019
Paris, je t'aime? Charming and enjoyable. This? Insufferable and weak. I was incredibly underwhelmed and disappointed by how bad these shorts were executed. This film is pretty much all in English, barely shows the charm of the city, poor craftsmanship with a big budget and falls flat when attempting to make you believe in love. Rough.
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What a waste of resources
e_z_beno30 June 2019
Don't loose your time. Schrecklich.

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It's so bad that is good
firoozh15 June 2019
Have you ever heard a film is so bad that is good ? Well this is the best example. It's all over the map. It's so confused on what it is what it's going to say that it becomes good in certain way
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This is like the worst crap i've seen...
madhater131311 February 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Where the hell is Hayden Panettiere that you advertise in your cast? Dont even bother this propaganda movie!
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didn;t do it for me
natcalgary13 February 2019
I have not seen any of the other city love movies but if they asre anything like this then not my cup of tea. Too bad, with the great actors and actresses in this i expected something better

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High Energy, Low Everything Else
Moviegoer1917 February 2019
Who would think that a film with so many stars in it would be so boring? Not me. In fact it was because of the cast list, as well as the previous "I Love You, City" movies that I even decided to watch it. I found myself throughout the film wondering if the producers of it weren't somehow enticed to do this film by government workers responsible for increasing tourism.

Berlin is very low on my list of places to see, and it still is after seeing this. The producers were not subtle about their goal of creating an image of Berlin today as a city that's hip, young, open-minded, creative, and fun. A city where anything goes. Rather than focus on all these little stories of love, I think they should have focused more on whatever physical and/or architectural beauty the city has because I'm left thinking there must not be much since they didn't showcase it.

Also, Berlin's and Germany's past were like the elephant in the room: it's filling the room but no one's talking about it. OK, there were maybe two mentions of the past, including a few commemorative plaques in the sidewalk but little else. I think the film would have been much better if the past had had a role worked into the storyline, perhaps being comparative with the present. The present could have been highlighted in comparison to the past.

Instead, the past was barely mentioned, while the producers worked hard to connect the individual stories with Berlin, implying they couldn't have happened elsewhere. Not only did I not buy this but I was left with a sense of, yeah, OK, now what? I actually looked forward to the film ending.

I gave it a three because it has a lot of energy, plus there were great intentions (I think!) behind the making of it. Also, some of the scenes were quite atmospheric.
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A Whimsical Ride
aliciaschulz122 February 2019
I did not expect to like this as much as I did! I'm shocked at the ratings. So many amazing actors, with stories about life and love...and traveling to Berlin. I thought Jenna Dewan, Diego Luna and Diana Aragon were wonderful. Everyone was great but those were the standouts for me. It's not an Oscar movie but thoroughly enjoyable!
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linkev276419 February 2019
This already looks lame. Like every cliche about love is packed into it. With all the posturing and fakeness they can muster.
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not really digging berlin with this tourist bull****
AziziOthmanMY12 February 2019
Made berlin looks bad in this filthy garbage.nice cast though but complete and utter BS storyline.
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Not bad but could be better.
inarocks9818 February 2019
Some of the parts of the movie were very good and showed nice stories which gave hope, showed dreams, and possibilities in life, which was great, but others seemed to have no meaning or were just weird or both, which influenced my overall impression of this movie.

I agree that Berlin wasn't shown in its true colours, as I've been to Berlin many times, and even though it was shown in a tourist light, it still seemed a bit off, in my opinion. Berlin has so much history, as it is a city which literally rose from its ashes after WW2, so as a result it's now a city where history and the modern world collide. Also, it is a haven for many people from all around the world who seek a better life, which is why Berlin is full of people from many different countries, cultures etc, so it is also a place where Germany and the rest of the world meet, making this city very unique. The main reason for my disappointment is because this could've been a perfect opportunity to explore this, or what I think Berlin truly is.

Overall, I feel like this movie could've been so much more. The problem is not that it needs from its audience to have imagination - that's what makes it beautiful, but it would be so much better if each story was better carried out so that each has a point and that each contributes to the whole. Anyway, i still think you can find some beautiful bits and that it's watchable.
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Some segments are better than others
phd_travel15 February 2019
Some segments are better than others. The Jim Sturgess segment about the car is interesting and funny. The Helen Mirren one with a refugee kid is touching. Mickey Rourke segment is oddly fascinating. The laundromat segment about female empowerment is original. Jenna Dewan shows a little of her dance skills.

The city doesn't look great in this movie showing mostly the grim modern side. Too many characters a bit hard to follow. Some won't like this but I still found it an okay watch.
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fvazquez-9961118 May 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I simply can't believe it. With all history behind a city as Berlin, one of the most important cities of the world, all the references and places that they could have used, the final film turned out to be something so out of focus with what I expected. If F.W. Murnau would be alive he would die again... I would like to know what Wim Wenders thinks about this film... I'm sorry but I didn't like it.
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Just plain boredom
oasisparzfal18 July 2019
Are you looking for weird, boring, unrelatable, not connected stories? than that is a film for you. all stories aren't connected to eachother and they are really really boring. don't get mi wrong, the film is not bad, I just felt so uninvolved in all those stories.
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"Berlin, I Love You" was lovely
Obstina16 February 2019
I have no idea why this movie has bad reviews. Perhaps it's because people who reviewed it had expectations that were completely off... Anyway, I thought "Berlin, I love you" was lovely. A number of movies inside a movie, or stories within a story. It's like I walked into Berlin and got to spend some time in other people's lives, share their thoughts and imagination for a little while. Their point of view. A piece of life we get to witness. A hope that even when we feel lost, we'll be found again. Life can be easy, if we choose not to complicate it. This movie doesn't have a standard introduction, body and conclusion. Not everything is served on a golden platter. There are no grandiose scenes to entertain you every second, without you having to think about anything. However, if you wish to enter a stranger's world for a moment, to see the beautiful scenery of Berlin, to hear wonderful messages of tolerance and humanity, and other things mentioned above, then you should watch this movie.
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'Berlin, I Love You' Review
magow-0121 March 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Keira Knightley, Helen Mirren, Luke Wilson, Mickey Rourke, Jenna Dewan, Diego Luna and Jim Sturgess are among the stars of this latest installment of the anthology film series set in international cities. Most anthology films give you the comfort of knowing that if you don't like one segment, another one will be following in just a few minutes. Berlin, I Love You perversely does the opposite. It makes you nervous that if you don't like one segment, which you surely won't, another mediocre-to-awful one will follow. The latest installment in a dubious franchise revolving around love stories set in international cities (previous entries include Paris, Je T'Aime and New York, I Love You, although thankfully theatrical audiences seem to have been spared 2014's Tbilisi, I Love You), this film, like the others, is intended as a valentine to its setting. Unfortunately, it feels more like a poison pen letter. A considerable array of talent has been assembled for this edition featuring 10 separate stories, including directors Peter Chelsom, Dennis Gansel and Til Schweiger; actors Helen Mirren, Mickey Rourke, Keira Knightley, Luke Wilson, Diego Luna; and screenwriter Neil LaBute, among many others. But their efforts come for naught in this wildly uneven exercise. After an animated opening depicting the city's historical highlights, the movie begins with a segment involving two characters who act as a throughline, their story popping up periodically throughout. They're a male mime (Robert Stadlober) who wears angel wings resembling the ones in Wings of Desire (the ill-advised visual reference does this film no favors) and a female Israeli street singer (Rafaelle Cohen) newly arrived in the city. That they'll fall into each other's arms by the end of the film is a given, but never do we truly care. Some of the stories have an odd charm, such as the one involving a heartbroken young man (Jim Sturgess) who finds a new reason to live thanks to a miraculous talking car who refuses to let him commit suicide by driving off a bridge. "Excuse me for saying this, but she's a bitch," the BMW comments about the woman who broke her driver's heart. There's also a quietly touching encounter between an 18-year-old boy celebrating his birthday and a drag queen (Diego Luna) whom he meets and asks for a kiss. Others are slight but harmless, such as the encounter of a burnt-out Hollywood producer (is there any other kind?) played by Luke Wilson and a beautiful young puppeteer (is there any other kind?) played by Dianna Agron (who also directed) who gives him creative and emotional inspiration. Immigration, a hotbed issue in Germany these days, is mildly addressed in a few segments, including one involving a refugee center worker (Knightley) who brings a young Arab boy home temporarily, much to her mother's (Mirren) disapproval. Care to guess whether the mother warms up to her adorable young houseguest by the time it ends? The most egregious chapter features Rourke as an American businessman who gets unaccountably hit on by a gorgeous, much younger woman (Toni Garnn) in a hotel bar. After telling her a sorrowful story about how he's never been able to get over his regret for not having been able to know his daughter whose custody he lost when she was a child, the young woman agrees to go to his hotel room. The segment was scripted by LaBute, who specializes in shocking twist endings, but this one you can see coming from the very beginning. And if you ever wanted to see Rourke in his tighty-whiteys, here's your chance. Besides its narrative deficiencies, the anothology film fails in its central goal of making you fall in love with the locale in which it's set. Despite Kolja Brandt's handsome cinematography, Berlin, I Love you provides little sense of the city's atmosphere or character. Other than a few moments, it might as easily been set in any large city. But Vancouver, I Love You just doesn't look as sexy on a marquee.
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Def not the film for ppl with weak brains and lack of imagination
LayllasLocker16 February 2019
I have no idea why ppl complain about this film. It's a combination of stories with no beginning/ending and that makes it so much more interesting. Leaves room to ur own imagination. Grp of actors is wonderful, photography and ambience as well. Music too.

Overall, I liked it. I have been in Berlin once. It's truly magical city and I hope to visit it again. And this tourist point of view is totally ok, because it is made for western market, and I'm pretty sure there are many ppl living there who are not born Berliners, so don't see the problem and why ppl cry so much.
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Ajsmith1011 February 2019
What a wonderful movie.. must say I really enjoyed all the short stories and tales. Each one wanted me to know more and find out what happened to the characters. I have to disagree with other reviewers about this being a tourist board ad for Berlin as I don't think it showed Berlin in all its best bits. Which is good as it made the movie more realistic and not so fluffy and romantic. I see Hayden Panettiere was in the credits but couldn't see her in the movie. Great performances from everyone especially Mickey Rourke.
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