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Tolerable awards show, some good some bad
Horst_In_Translation13 December 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Here we got "The 64th Primetime Emmy Awards" from 2012, the annual event from 5 years ago in which television honored its finest in all kinds of categories. The show ran for 2 hours (without commercials) and was hosted by Jimmy Kimmel, who just like more recently at the Oscars tried to get in anti-Conservative messages from start to finish. He was a bad host no denying. The only slightly funny moment was when he had his parents escorted out by secutity. Shame they did not take him too. They really should have after the in Memoriam thingey about him. I know he was making fun of himself there and his allegedly too big ego, but it was genuinely cringeworthy and also pretty disrespectful to those who actually died that year. Unreal they include stuff like that, but don't hand out the guest actor/actress awards live during the show. I'd definitely have preferred a show without a host and just an announcer instead of Kimmel as it's been done at the Globes frequently. Or get Ricky Gervais instead who was brilliant as usual during his category announcement.

As for the winners, I like Modern Family, so good for them, man they were dominating back then. Homeland I am kinda undecided on. Definitely would have preferred Breaking Bad (so strange to see Paul win and Cranston lose) or Mad Men continuing the streak. It's really a bad joke none of the Mad Men girls eventually won a single Emmy. Hatfields & McCoys I still haven't seen and for the variety programs I don't really care. Game Change I did like a lot though. Nice to see the long overdue love for Louis C.K. as he is nothing short of a comedic genius. That one's been long overdue and feels even sweeter in the face of the recent feminist smear campaign against this freat entertainer. I should not judge that really as I have by now not seen a single episode of 2.5 Men, but Jon Cryer's win really looks like solace to him for having to cvarry the show mostly alone after Sheen's tumultous farewell. Cryer was right in saying something went terribly wrong there. Either Louie or Larry should have gotten it. Most cringeworthy moment of the show goes to Stephen Colbert as expected asd his statement on women that even if it was correct is something that should not be spoken out. I will not repeat it now for that reason. Women know they are amazing and so do we men. Moments like that one have the exact opposite result. Even JLD is amazing, she started her Veep domination that year that still goes on until today, when she is not making lame jokes about Trump. Disappointed in Julianne Moore too, very talented actress, but her political statement/agenda was tough to watch. The director of the actual awards show winning an Emmy too felt pretty awkward too during his speech. All in all, still a somewhat decent award show with some good winners and moments, but sadly also the opposite. Overall nonetheless, this is worth seeing for award show lovers like myself, also as a rewatch, and it probably was even more back then that very night when we did not know the winners. I kinda wonder how many were predicting the glorious night for Homeland for example. That's all, folks.
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