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  • The movie cut of Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn is called Extended Cut on DVD/BD (sometimes also "Not Rated Special Edition" on the covers of the discs). As often, this sounds more spectacular than it really is, but at least Microsoft Studios does not advertise with a special long version. The additional content is a rather long part about the new recruits enrolling at the Corbulo Academy of Military Science and an outtake reel at the end of the movie. Both additions can be seen as a bit slow and not adding much content. The short intros of the single webisodes (that were always teasing the game a bit) were cut together to an opening sequence that does not quite have the same effect and seems a bit strange.

    If you have seen the webisodes, you can therefore miss out on the retail version. Everyone else cannot make any big mistakes as there is only one version available for purchase anyway. Edit



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