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Another UK show changed for the U.S.
terryshilo10 May 2013
There's many British shows now running in the USA that have done very well. The Office, Dancing With the Stars, etc. This one is a reconstruction of a decent Brit sitcom.. however, not a long running program (White Van Man) that aired for a two series run in the UK. White Van Man has a higher IMDb rating and deserves it. I watched it last year. While I realize that British humor and accepted language there cannot be televised to an American broadcast TV audiences; in cleaning it up and casting it differently they've taken away what could have been a very funny series. The addition of the Aunt, cousin and neighbor in the first episode really doesn't serve any purpose and it's wasted talent for Leah Remini who in the right program can be very funny. I don't give this a full season and certainly don't think it will be renewed. There was a lot more construction gone awry in the original and it gave a reason for the show to be about small business one van handymen.
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It's not that bad as the other reviews said
whiteshadow160619 May 2013
Some synopsis: This show is about a guy (Kyle Bornheimer)who take over his daddy (J.K. Simmons) business, trying to prove that he is not a loser like his dad think he is and want his dad to be proud of him. Also, what make the show even funnier is the partner (Edi Gathegi), which is hilarious.

I love all comedy shows. So, I give this show a try. Not really expecting much at first. But after the 1st episode, I think this show is worth watching.

And now at episode 3, I think this show is great. The jokes and characters are funny. So, my recommendation would be give this show a try.
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Just a Horrible Train Wreck
qormi1 May 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I have never seen a sitcom so devoid of humor in my life. Why did Leah Remini accept a role in this show, playing the sister of a man who looks like her grandfather? Has she burned all her bridges and this gig is all she can get? Then there are the two black characters, Darren and his sister, Stitch. They are racial stereotypes that no doubt have the approval of the KKK. These two can undo all the civil rights progress made in the last fifty years. Lazy, lying, sex-crazed, thieving.....these characterizations are completely inappropriate. Then we have a running gag where Darren's dad is an old man in a wheelchair with an oxygen tank. He can't speak and seems incoherent. Naturally, he's the butt of jokes...we get it...compassion is frowned upon. Then we have a "joke" when the lead character (who, by the way, lacks any form of charisma or comic talent) injures his foot with a nail gun and his father has a heart attack. This show will not last three episodes before it's yanked.
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This is bad
SnoopyStyle24 August 2013
Jack Shea (Kyle Bornheimer) is forced to take over the family fix-it company after his father Tony (JK Simmons) had a heart attack. His sister Terry Baumgardner (Leah Remini) has to care for their dad and her dopey son Mason. The one employee Darren is annoying. Stitch is the hardware store clerk and possible love interest.

I like many of the actors but I just can't find a single laugh. The problem is that I just don't like these characters. They need to show absolute love and not just constant bickering to give them the needed family chemistry. There is a mean spiritness that never quite works itself out. If you look at the list of actors, they all usually play sarcastic, grumpy people. There isn't one happy character actor in the bunch.
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