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  • A detective from Hong Kong teams up with an American gambler to battle against a notorious Chinese criminal.

  • Still blaming himself for the untimely demise of his best friend after nine long years, the veteran Hong Kong police detective, Bennie Chan, still finds himself on a wild-goose chase, trying to expose the elusive criminal kingpin known only as "The Matador". So far, nothing has changed, and Bennie's main suspect--the corrupt entrepreneur, Victor Wong--is, above all, legally untouchable. However, when Samantha--his late partner's only daughter--has a brush with the mob, Bennie will have no other choice but to seek help from an improbable ally: the flamboyant American gambler, Conor Watts, who has serious problems of his own with the Russian mafia. Now, the unlikely duo must cross the vast landscapes of Mongolia and the Gobi Desert to return to Hong Kong in one piece, as the Matador is still unknown. Will Bennie ever find the hard evidence he needs to put him once and for all behind bars?


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  • The film opens at the shipyard when Hong Kong detective Bennie Chan (Jackie Chan) finds his partner, Yung, being suited with the bomb. As he arrives, the bomb is less than 30 seconds. At last minute, Yung gives his watch to Bennie, vowing to protect his daughter, Samantha. He then jumps off the tower just as the bomb goes off, presumably killing him.

    Nine years ago, Bennie and his associates consisting Leslie and Esmond attempt to track down Victor Wong - whom they believe he is the matador, a crime boss - at the local town of Hong Kong, only to find Handsome Willie, Wong's right-hand man, along with his henchmen. Bennie sneaks into the building where Willie's men are dealing with the drug products. After he being intercepted with a dog, the tennis ball used to distract the dog accidentally falls into the basement, drawing the attention of the henchmen. After Bennie subdued the rest of the henchmen, while Willie and his men escapes on boat, several buildings were destroyed when Bennie's associates' boat accidentally catches the chain being tied up onto the columns of houses, resulting in a domino effect. Police captain Tang is infuriated to see this result and confronting them for not showing of evidence of Matador's existence. Tang then relieves Bennie from his duty.

    Meanwhile, American gambler Connor Watts arrives in Macau after he being banned in the United States. As he arrives at the casino, he meets a beautiful woman Samantha and they briefly chats. After they went to the suite, the group of Russian mafia arrive and pursuit Connor through the casino. Connor outruns them by entering into the elevator, but when it arrives at the desired floor, a woman named Esther Yee being shot by unseen Chinese mafia, dying in his arms. Connor runs out the casino but again he is intercepted by the Russians, and he agrees to go back to Russia. Willie, who worked with Samantha, then confronts her for meeting Connor, whom she aware that he is the gambler, and he deploys the men to track Connor down.

    The next day, Samantha goes to Bennie's and tells him that he meet the gambler. Bennie tracks Connor in Russia and he must leave to find him. In Russia, Bennie - being tied upside down at bowling area - being interrogated by Russian mafia to answer about cheating mafia's boss Dima's daughter Natalia, resulting in pregnancy. Just as he about to kill by hitting with a bowling ball, Bennie arrives and saves Connor. After engaging a long fight with the Russians, they escape. Connor who has witnessed a murder in China is fearful for his life and hesitates, he nicks Bennie's passport and burns it. They are forcing to take a train bound for China but without tickets, they sneak out, ending in foot on Mongolian soil.

    They rent a homemade car run by the motor typically used in the hand-tractor. In their journey, Connor reveals that he has a phone on his hands that Esther handed over him. When they reach Gobi Desert, the motor is run out of fuel, so they walk through the desert in foot. There, the local Mongolian residents spotted the two, so they decide to stay the rest of the night and having entertain and fun with them.

    The next day, Bennie and Connor eventually reached the Mongolia-China border. Connor recognizes that the man who shot the woman is Victor Wong. In order to get through the border, Connor feigns that Bennie kidnapped him, resulting them to arrest. Upon interrogation to the police, Connor is being charged for murder of Esther Yee and Bennie is charged for linking the murder with Connor. Then they sent back to Hong Kong for detention. While en route, they are ambushed by Russian mafia. After they subdued them, they steal a car and when they realized that the police are chasing them, they decide to travel on the river by boat. They stopped at a local village where they powered up the phone from Esther, but it is encrypted with the thumbprint access and only to unlock the phone is the Matador.

    Meanwhile in Hong Kong, Willie and his henchmen breaks into Samantha's apartment but they are being subdued by her and escapes. Samantha then goes to Captain Tang, telling him that she is in danger. However, Captain Tang is revealed to be working with Willie.

    Willie's henchmen locates Bennie and Connor. When the two sees them, they manage to run through the village until they end up in the cliff where the two are using zipline in order to access the other cliff, outrun from them. The next morning, Bennie make a phone call to Samantha but she is already taken by Willie and his men, and he threatens to kill Samantha if Bennie refuses to bring back the phone by tonight at the terminal in Hong Kong. Bennie discovers that Connor stole the watch, that Yung gave to him, for the whole time. Connor becomes jealous after his life about his parents dumped at birth, and then he left Bennie alone.

    In the terminal, Bennie meets Connor just as Captain Tang and the policemen arrives at the scene. When he try to put Wong's thumbprint on the phone for the first time, it denies, concluding that Wong is not the Matador at all. Tang then arrests Bennie for the accessory of murder of Esther Yee. Connor, who arrived on time, sees him.

    Connor poses as the lawyer in order to release Bennie from prison. Bennie discloses the information to Leslie that Captain Tang is working with Wong. They connected the phone to the computer, bypassing the thumbprint, showing the organization logo of the notorious gang which is located at the shipyard. When the two sneaked into the shipyard, Bennie witnesses Wong being killed by unseen man. Unfortunately, both Bennie and Connor got caught by the henchmen. After both being restrained, Yung shows himself, whom he is supposed to be dead. They find that Yung is a real Matador and he is able to unlock the phone that is used to access for transferring money. The reason of faking his death is because Bennie chose honor while he chose power during his police duty course.

    Yung then goes to find Samantha being locked inside the room, but upon she sees her dad, she becomes frustrated when he learns that he faked his death in order to work as the criminal organization. When Bennie and Connor is about to be killed, the Russian mafia arrives, revealing that Connor is no longer their enemy, and engages a fight with Willie's henchmen. When the boat containing more Chinese henchmen arrives, one of the Russian mafia shoots them that strucks the boat onto the ship, resulting in flooding the compartment. Yung locks her out again just as the water entering the room, but he goes back with the help of Bennie just as the ship almost completely fills up with water. After they successfully rescues Samantha on time, Yung vows Bennie again to protect her before commits suicide by drowning himself. The authorities arrived and arrest Captain Tang and Willie.

    Connor goes back to Russia to see his newborn baby. Later, Connor and Samantha suprise Bennie with a serene ranch with the alpacas that he wanted before.

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