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Jack gets mugged. Liz begins to break all of the rules. Jenna and Paul are worried that their relationship is becoming too normal.
marykate-fallon12 May 2014
One of my favorite, if not my favorite episode. Hilarious, I did not stop laughing. Liz Lemon is the best character ever created.

Jack wants to be mayor and "police the police" because he feels that no one cares about rich people unless they are rich too.

Liz Lemon travels around the city as an old lady, terrifying people and using this as a way to not follow the rules.

Jack becomes a Batman like character and Liz becomes The Joker. They end up facing off on the roof, which is probably my favorite scene.

I think the funniest parts of this show are when Jack and Liz are going back and forth. 30 Rock will forever be my favorite show. Tina Fey = genius.
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The Tuxedo Begins (#6.8)
ComedyFan201017 December 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Jack gets mugged and now feels that everyone is against him because lower class doesn't want to help him. Liz is upset because the city doesn't seem to want to follow rules and decides to be against rules herself. Jenna and Paul feel that they found a new fetish called "normaling" while apparently they are just becoming a normal couple.

A great episode with a Batman feeling to it. Liz's character is absolutely awesome here. Nice acting! And the scene of her and Jack on the roof is beautiful.

What happened with Kenneth, I thought they will have him be in a new job while he still seems to be a page.
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three bucks, two bags, one me..
Arth_Joshi24 November 2018
30 Rock

With a sensational triumph of six Golden Globes, 30 Rock is undeniably critics' choice and the buzz pays off with Fey; the creator, at the heart of it, whose vision is crystal clear and on the mark. It is a single camera sitcom about a writer of a TV Show and the behind-the-camera chaos it goes through before it goes on air. The somewhat distorted concept isn't what the series relies upon, its ideal vacation is to reach for a mature audience with wise and not necessarily funny writing.

It is rich on technical aspects like the production design but fails completely on cinematography and background score. As mentioned earlier, the humor isn't forcibly imputed which allows the makers to visit unknown places without any restraints and communicate fluently with the viewers.

The soul of the series is certainly its huge cast who can easily charm their way out of anything but Baldwin and Fey does invest a lot in it and are flat out hilarious in it. Layered, satirical and thought-provoking writing, ironical humor and injected with enough content to run for its twenty minutes are the high points of this brilliant sitcom. Few cameos and a knack of taking bold moves factors a lot on keeping the audience tangled in its exhilarating flashy world.

The equation between Fey and Baldwin is written with such meticulous and at times sweet and soothing tactics and cases that it goes through. Invading live shows, creating a mocked reality show and changing the perspective of the narrations are the bits that helps reset the clock from zero. It also keeps ironically jump in and out of character and storyline to draw in a chuckle every now and then.

Season 06

This season looses its grip for a brief period in its middle act only to life up to its standards just like the first act, by bringing out the big guns like mocking comic book movies, live shows and reality shows, that has always been its forte where it aces like no one.

The Tuxedo Begins

An amazing passionate project for the comic book lovers weaved in aptly by the writers and performed brilliantly by Baldwin and Fey, it metaphorically too represents the relationship between them, the New York City gets saved once again.
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