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Good Educational Tool
melreed-7234528 March 2018
I am a homeschool mom, so I'm always looking for ways other than books to get my kids interested in learning. Movies are a great way to do that. We did a unit study on the Constitution, and then we watched In Search of Liberty. My kids loved the movie. It was very thorough and explained why the Constitution is still important today. It wasn't dry and boring. There's time travel, magic, and it spices up the history of our country. Although it might not be the movie I would choose for a family movie night, it was worth the purchase price. I would recommend this movie for educational purposes.
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This is the closest thing to a perfect representation of history that I have seen.
shotsfired13 October 2018
This condenses the origin of liberty down into 1 hour and 30 minutes. The only way to recover the liberty we have lost is to educate the people. This movie is a great primer to that end. Children born since it's construction have no way of knowing the 700 years of lessons that it took to construct the Constitution. And therefore they attack it and ignore it. They think because they went to 'law school', took a 'criminal justice' class, or a 'constitutional law' class that they understand the Constitution, this is incorrect. People in power have a vested interest to maintain power, and they unconsciously bastardize actual history with their unconscious bias. This movie points that out. Few teach the origin of liberty and it takes so much more than reading a headline to absorb all of the wisdom. The origin of liberty should be taught from the beginning of educating an individual. This would be a perfect movie to watch every year as a family and glean the wisdom of history from it. Without the knowledge we act on whims, we choose the easiest solution, we focus on the wrong problems. "government give me safety", even "government punish my neighbor for having a messy yard", "i have a right to food, clothing, education", and so much more. We don't even realize today the liberty we've lost because we have forgotten what liberty is. Those things are not liberty. Without understanding the 700 years of wisdom it's impossible to grasp the logical conclusions that come from what people think they want in the moment. I love this movie, for without knowledge, there can be no liberty. @PromotinLiberty
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In Search of Liberty is a GREAT video
cherylorealmeyne15 August 2018
I Homeschool and used this video to introduce the US Constitution to the kids. It was very easy for them to follow (ages 11 & 12), educational and they really enjoyed it too. I'm so glad I found this and purchased it. I would recommend it for all US families to watch and share with their friends and family too!
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brunkosj21 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I was deliberately withholding a numerical rating, but now I think I'll start off with a 1.

It was my hope, as a student of political science and criminal justice, that this is not just some empty rhetoric about this Amendment or that Amendment. I hoped this was not simply a focus on the Bill of Rights broadly like they're the Gospels; note that they are only one small part of the US Constitution. Judging by the synopsis given, "to the extent it is under attack", I could only guess there would be some baseless abortion of history favoring one ideology or another. Oh look, Norm Novitsky. So, I got a strong Tea Party slant. Don't forget anti-union! Caused a delay on the set, I hear.

I was looking forward to seeing an informative and as-objective-as-possible detail of the Continental Congress, the Federalist Papers, the debate surrounding the 3/5ths Clause, and mentions for the rationale of the Powers of Congress found in Article 1, Section 8. Guess I'll have to wait until an actual legal scholar makes it to Hollywood.
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Histrionics presentation style, but spot on message
pacsmell1 March 2020
The movie evolved from how the average person views the basis of America's greatness, the Constitution, to a more engaged view. This is not a Hollywood movie. It doesn't apologize for every conceivable slight. It points out the themes of the times. Observation: The community is racially pure.
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Would have been good, but they threw in a very disrespectful scene
zabcikranch18 September 2018
I am a Christian homeschool mom of 2 young boys (8 and 2).. The movie was great until one scene.. The message was good, but they could have done without the evil faces, and seductive women paintings. Their point could have been conveyed in a different way. The scenes after that didn't seem to make much sense or have a point, This is definitely NOT a movie for young children!!!
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