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Village Voice
Writer-director Josh Boone populates Stuck in Love with smart characters breaking from emotional holding patterns of varying contours.
It’s just romantic enough and barely funny enough to qualify as a romantic comedy. But it works, despite never being graceful or unstuck enough to take flight.
Endearing performances buoy predictable film about love in the wake of divorce.
The ending may be a little too tidy and obvious, but this is a sweet little study of the right royal mess people can make of relationships when they let their own neuroses take over, and a warm tribute to overcoming them.
The Telegraph
It’s a thoroughly warm diversion, whose lapses into cliché only make it cosier.
It’s no masterpiece, but this is a promising debut from Boone and a good showcase for his entire cast.
Time Out
The movie’s not especially urgent or inventive, but it has small moments of grace.
Slant Magazine
The movie aims for an admirable balance, but fatally upsets that equilibrium in its hurried resolutions.
As writer-director Josh Boone introduces these characters, he superimposes words on the screen to suggest how they channel their thoughts and conversations into their work. But that’s the extent of the film’s interest in writing, which serves strictly as a “classy” backdrop for a series of painfully contrived amorous meltdowns among a family who might as well run a dry-cleaning business.
The Guardian
The sharp edges of the story are sentimentally sanded down; there's a fair bit of slush, and it's a pretty quaint view of what writers and a writer's life are actually like.

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