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  • Travis Tanner returns and he is suing a client of Harvey's and Harvey claiming they deliberately withheld information and slandered someone. Harvey claims he did nothing but Tanner shows him a document which Harvey claims he never saw. So Harvey tries to sort it out by having Donna look for the document and talking to the client. But when the client hires another lawyer as a precaution, Harvey gets into an argument with him which ends with Harvey getting fired. Jessica doesn't want Hardman to know and Harvey agrees. Louis asks Harvey for Mike and initially refuses but when Mike disses Harvey he gives him to Louis. And Louis' case involves a water company which is being sued by another. And surprisingly, Mike and Louis get along.


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  • Open with Louis trying to get close to Daniel. When Daniel asks him to send him Mike, Louis lies and says he's been helping him for weeks on his Liquid Water litigation.

    Louis references and old bet with Harvey and uses it to ask for exclusive use of Mike. Harvey turns him down. Harvey gets a letter tells him there is new evidence in a case he won four years ago. Harvey defended a car company called CM against a complaint its hood was defective. He attacked the deceased victim and won the case. When Mike makes fun of Harvey's music Harvey takes him down the hallway and gives him to Louis for one case.

    Harvey meets with old adversary Tanner who is representing the victim. He shows him an internal memo from Coastal Motors that seems to indicate they knew of the defect that caused the accident. He is suing CM for $46 million, as well as Harvey and the firm for fraud.

    Harvey and Jessica discuss the memo. She doesn't want Daniel to know about it and Harvey thinks his connections at CM mean he'll find out soon.

    Louis has Mike working on a case defending a company called Liquid Water, which is being sued by competitor Durham Foods for claims in a slogan. Louis will be arguing the ads are promotional statement no reasonable person would believe to be true. Louis is being very militant with Mike.

    Harvey asks Donna if she knew about the memo. She assures him the document never got to their office, but he wants her to search the files (quietly) and make sure it's not in there somewhere. Mike wants Harvey to get him out of working for Louis. Harvey says he can't do it and thinks it's too risky for him to work for them both simultaneously.

    An associate named Harold has a thing for Rachel.

    Harvey meets with CM CEO (Lawrence) who fires him, at least in part after a meeting with Tanner where he explained their history. CM thinks they need to cut ties with Harvey. Afterwards Harvey calls Mike and says he needs him to go through their files and find out "what's not in there." Harvey calls Jessica telling her that the upside of the firm being fired is that whatever they find now will not be covered by attorney-client privilege.

    Mike and Donna pretend to be fooling around so that Harold doesn't realize they're looking for files.

    Louis hands the attorney for Durham Foods a dozen motions and says they want to take the case to trial. After the meeting Louis tells Mike the plan is to bury them in paperwork and the case could drag for months.

    Daniel tells Harvey he'd like to work with him on his case as a kind of peace offering. Harvey says he'll try and find some time down the road. Mike comes in and tells Harvey two years ago a quality control manager named Sarah suspiciously did not write a report on the car model in question. Additionally, when the model was unveiled she disappeared from CM without any evidence of being fired or claims of unemployment. Mike thinks Sarah must have wrote the memo and found her address.

    Harvey meets with Sarah. He doesn't admit to no longer working for CM, and asks who else she showed the memo to. She says she didn't write it. Sarah says she took her concerns about the hoods to Lawrence, who promised to fix the hood if she kept quiet. She's been racked with guilt over the man dying and tells Harvey to leave.

    Outside of Sarah's place Harvey runs into Tanner, who has been waiting for him to find Sarah. Since Harvey now knows Lawrence knew about the defective hood and lied about it on the stand he has two choices: Keep the information quiet and be guilty of fraud or go public and risk a major hit to his reputation.

    Jessica tells Harvey they should go to Daniel. He says he's going to fix it so they don't have to do that.

    Louis skillfully gets a VP of marketing for Durham Foods to admit they're only suing because their product is terrible and they're losing market share. Afterwards Mike seems fired-up that they appear poised to win. The two seem to be enjoying the partnership.

    Harvey waits for Lawrence in his company's underground parking lot. He says he knows about Sarah and tells him that if he doesn't make it right with the defendants he's going to come forward with what he knows.

    Daniel tells Mike and Louis that Durham Foods are declaring bankruptcy. It seems like a loss, but Mike suggests they have their client buy them out and get the other products at a discount. Mike tells Louis the personal problems they've had in the past have been all on Louis' end. He basically says he needs to treat people better. Louis asks if anything is up with Harvey but Mike doesn't talk.

    Louis is waiting for Harvey and Mike in Harvey's office. Louis offers to help but Harvey blows him off. Lawrence calls with word that he's going to settle. When Mike says Donna is still looking through the files Harvey has an idea. As Harvey leaves we see that a tape recorder has been hidden in the office.

    Harvey meets with Tanner and accuses him of writing the memo himself. Tanner denies it and says he's still going to get Harvey for some of past shady lawyering.

    We see Louis listening to Harvey and Mike's taped conversation. Daniel stops by to congratulate him on the buy-out idea and notices something seems to be up. Daniel asks if there is anything on his mind.

    Harvey tells Jessica about CM settling. Since Tanner's still coming after the firm for fraud, they will have to tell Daniel in the morning. At this point a furious Daniel bursts into the room angry with them for endangering the firm by not telling him about the impending lawsuit. But he then tells them he not going to use this as a power play, instead offering to help them fight it as a team. Jessica agrees. After Daniel leaves she tells Harvey they have no choice at this point.

    Having heard the taped conversation Louis is now giving Mike the cold shoulder.

    Harvey confidently tells Mike that he's going to wreck Tanner.

    Donna finds the memo with her stamp on it in the files. She is stunned.

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