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  • When Hardman comes in, he tries to ingratiate himself by asking Jessica to let him handle a case wherein they're trying to keep some nurses from going on strike by negotiating a contract. But Jessica says that she already gave it to Harvey which was a lie. And Hardman tries to horn in by getting Mike to give him some info. And Jessica tells Louis that Harvard is considering not allowing them to recruit because the firm's approval rating is low. So he brings in someone from Harvard to check them out but she tells Louis something that he doesn't like.


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  • Open with Mike home to find his grandmother waiting for him. He is so absorbed in his work that he completely forgot they were supposed to have dinner that night. He is worried he is becoming his father in that regard.

    Firm co-founder Daniel Hardman is back at work and it is clear things are still icy with Jessica. She references a case between Prescott Hospital and their nurses union. The case has recently been assigned to Harvey, but Daniel wants to be involved.

    After the meeting Jessica tells Harvey she wants him to stick it to Daniel, to "put him in his place."

    Mike tells Harvey he doesn't want to interact with Rachel because he just broke it off with her before things could get going.

    Jessica tells Donna she's not doing well, but doesn't have time to worry about it.

    Harvey pays Daniel a visit. He gives him a lame pro bono case and tells him in no uncertain terms that he works for Jessica, not him. On his way out he says "I don't work for you and I don't work with you."

    Before meeting with the union rep (who is a nurse herself), Harvey tells Mike that he should be prepared to stick it to the nurses.

    Harvey gives union rep Nell Sawyer an offers. She passes because she's heard about new donations the hospital has received. Mike points out the money was donated specifically for surgical robotics, but she isn't impressed. She says her union is ready to strike.

    Jessica tells Louis that because a magazine recently ranked the firm poorly in terms of attorney quality of life, Harvard wants to rescind the firm's on-campus recruiting privileges.

    Rachel admits to Donna that she's looked into dating services. Donna wants to take her to Happy Hour.

    Mike wants them to seek a temporary restraining order (TRO), while Harvey wants to go with an injunction. It is less likely the injunction will be granted, but it is a more permanent option.

    Louis meets with the associates and tells them he's invited a rep from Harvard to the firm. He wants them to convince the rep they love it there.

    Without Harvey's knowledge, Daniel moves their hearing and had a judge grants them a TRO. Afterwards Daniel tells him if he wants to work with him "this is how it's going to be."

    Harvey meets with Nell. He rips up the TRO and challenges her to begin their strike. For every day they strike, the offer will get worse.

    Louis introduces everybody to Sheila from Harvard. She seems to have a similar philosophy to Louis.

    Harvey is upset because he thinks Daniel backed them into the corner with the TRO. "Stop thinking like a rookie."

    At the bar Donna and Jessica pretend to be female versions of Mike and Harvey.

    Daniel calls Mike into his office. He says that for bargaining reasons, at this point he and Harvey can't go back to Nell. But there is no such restriction on Mike. He wants him to be their backchannel negotiator.

    Meets with Nell, introducing her to his grandmother as a sign of how important this case is to him. Nell goes through his grandmother's pills and tells Mike that nurses are constantly staying beyond their shift to help patients due to staffing problems. IF their names show up on the chart, she says, the nurse stayed when they weren't getting paid for it.

    Sheila tells Louis his associates don't respect him because they think they do his work for him.

    Mike tells Harvey about the chart stuff Nell told him. He's learned that all it would take to end the strike is ten percent of the new equipment fund.

    Harvey is upset with Daniel for lying to him and sending Mike to talk to Nell. Mike thinks they should have never budged and holds Daniel responsible.

    Mike meets with Daniel, who reminisces about his wife who died of cancer.

    Louis finds Harvey in the bullpen and they talk about the old time when they were associates. Louis wants to prove to the associates that he works as hard as they do. Harvey pays Louis several compliments.

    Mike spots Rachel's dating network profile on her computer. He goes over the positive qualities she should include and she is clearly touched.

    The next morning Louis tells the associates he's done all of their work for them and reminds them what a nice situation they have at the firm. He's been letting them do more work than they'd get at another firm in order to help them grow as attorneys.

    At meeting with Nell, Harvey hands her 50 pink slips for nurses who have been working extra time and therefore are released them from federal labor law protection. He gives her the end of the day to agree to their deal. Mike looks stunned at how Harvey has used the information. Nell turns to Mike and says "You're grandmother would be proud."

    Mike is upset at being used as a pawn in the back-and-forth between Harvey and Daniel.

    Rachel drops by Mike's place. She demands to know why he wouldn't give their relationship a shot. He says he can't tell her.

    Daniel apologizes to Jessica for how he behaved in the first meeting. She points out that he was acting aggressively before he came back, pointing to him taking a tea set from her office. He points out that his wife gave her the set and he wanted it because he missed her.

    Jessica tells Louis she was impressed with his speech to the associates give them the chance to rise to the occasion. Louis says he wishes she would give him that same opportunity.

    Harvey calls Mike into his office and tells him a story about Daniel. When he and Jessica caught him stealing money from clients, he said he was doing it to save his wife's life. It turns out it was actually because of a mistress. Harvey he said he wanted Mike to know Daniel shouldn't be trusted. Harvey also let Mike know that he trusted him after Mike asked.

    Rachel takes what appear to be the LSATs.

    Mike confronts his grandmother about the fact one of her drugs is for a heart problem. They sit and talk about his problems with women.

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