"The Legend of Korra" Skeletons in the Closet (TV Episode 2012) Poster

Nicholas Braico: Young Tarrlok


  • Yakone : Tarrlok, you'd better shape up or you'll be out here in the cold all night until you get it right.

    Young Tarrlok : I'm trying, but...

    Yakone : Try harder! Your brother was never this sloppy.

    Young Noatak : Dad, he'll get it. He just needs time.

    Yakone : Don't talk back to me, ever!

  • Young Tarrlok : What's bloodbending?

    Yakone : The most powerful and feared form of bending in the world. It was declared illegal thanks to that coward, Katara. Our family has the strongest line of bloodbenders in history. You boys have this power inside of you, and I will teach you to master it.

    Young Noatak : What happened to your bending, dad?

    Yakone : The Avatar stole it from me. That's why I brought you out here, to learn your destiny. You two will become bloodbenders of the highest order. When the time is right, you will claim Republic City and you will destroy the Avatar. You must avenge me. That is your purpose in life.

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