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Animation | Action | Adventure

A group of teenagers are recruited to form a bird theme superhero ninja team to fight the menace of Galactor.

Director: Ben Gluck

A team of renegades are assembled by a mysterious benefactor to track down the world's greatest treasures.

Director: John Moore
Action | Drama

An American who goes to Brazil to recover from the violence he has experienced in Afghanistan gets involved the world of martial arts competitions.

Action | Thriller

A member of the British Parliament unravels a global conspiracy when he disrupts a terrorist group's hostage plans.

Director: Adam Salky

Plot undisclosed. Described as a mermaid adventure film.

It centers on a man who, after his girlfriend Sabrina goes missing, moves in with his old friend - an Air Force surveillance expert agent who is dealing with a failed marriage.

Director: Drew Goddard
Horror | Western

A young woman hires two hunters to help her find her father in West Texas in the 1870's during a plague that turns people into murderous creatures.


A boy living on a secluded country estate with his housekeeper begins to suspect something more sinister than being called away to America has befallen his mother.

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