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So much Detail!
iireflctionzz17 April 2013
If you love fighting games as much as me you will be glad to see this game is pulling out all the stops to impress. Made on the Unreal Game Engine this game involves pitting 1 of 24 characters against each other using the environment to end your opponent, Based in the DC universe where alliances are no more. As a DC "nerd" I hope to see future DLC content adding more versatility instead of adding characters who are similar to their counterparts who are already in the game, e.g Sinestro, Green Lantern or Nightwing, Batman. Regardless of this this game is out of the ordinary and all though its flaws are apparent they are easily overlooked by the Great amount of detail put into the levels. This game is a Solid 9/10.
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Enjoyable game for novices and experts alike
g-leno19 May 2013
As a massive fan of the Tekken fighting games, i am always wary of getting other fighting games, but as a super hero fan, i simply had to give this game a shot. What I ended up with was an enjoyable game with simple enough controls to get to grips with, but there is scope to learn to use the moves of each character to incredible effect.

The game has a story mode that is far superior to most fighting games, and the level of detail that has been put in to the S.T.A.R. labs missions makes the 1 player content last much longer while not seeming like too much of a grind. I was also glad that the studio didn't make superman and batman the instant pick that they may have been being the famous pair, the other characters are all very competitive for 2 player use.

If your favorite character is not one of the 24 playable ones, you can almost guarantee that they will have a cameo in the game somewhere, and with down-loadable content on the way, the games longevity will be increased.

I would recommend this game to any fan of fighting games and/or DC comics characters, and i hope that this becomes a franchise of games, not just a one off. Note to Disney: make a game like this for Marvel characters, there is lots of money to be made!
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"People you love tend to blow up, don't they?"
pioneerlythere3721 August 2015
That's what turned Superman into one of the most evil dictators ever. Forget Nero, Hitler, Napoleon Bonaparte, and those others. Try imagining having a nearly indestructible man as your leader. Make him a not-very-nice man. Then make him someone that used to be a hero to you, but grief and loss turned him into a man as insane as The Joker. But more powerful. Would you want to kill him? Would you try to end his reign? Then take into consideration the fact that Kryptonite probably costs near a billion dollars on the black market. By then you probably would have lost all hope. That's the situation we are all currently in in a parallel universe. That's the DC Theory.

Injustice: Gods Among Us is one of the most brilliantly-conceived, gloriously-animated video games out there. The fighting style is swift and the moves are beautiful. As difficult as the combos are to learn, once they are applied correctly, the result can be spectacular.

The Story is surprisingly inventive and moving for a video game; I almost wished DC had decided to make it into a movie instead. The Story uses the intriguing idea of different universes. In the DC universe we know and love, everything is familiar. The Joker is terrorizing the Justice League (and the world) with another of his maniacal Metropolis-destroying schemes. We see an all-out war going on between DC's best known superheroes and not-so-super-villains. As Flash and Green Arrow observe the more-powerful heroes (Superman, Wonder Woman) fighting the most menacing villains (Doomsday, etc.), Arrow calls them gods. Flash responds, "What does that make us?" Arrow replies cleverly, "The people that clean up the mess." Throughout the game--which can almost be called a movie--such trivial dialogue occurs.

Not to long into the game, a mind-blowing plot point occurs. A few of the members are transported into another universe--one that appears to be a lot like ours, with other versions of themselves. Although it appears to be a lot like ours, it is in contrast almost the opposite. Sure, Lex Luthor and Superman are still enemies...but their roles are reversed. Instead, though, Superman isn't struggling to become president...he is pretty much Supreme Ruler of the entire world...except for Atlantis.

One funny moment is when Cyborg is accidentally transported to the other universe (after all the others) and eavesdrops upon Lex Luthor's conversation with Deathstroke about defeating Superman. Cyborg then charges in and fights them, only to find out after beating them that he is on the same side as they.

The rest of the game is just as exciting, with funny moments, tragic moments, epic moments, and definitely some thought-provoking moments. Throughout the game it is appalling to see Superman--one of our greatest heroes--trying to bring upon us what he considers "world peace". Here it's really just a fancy word(s) for world destruction.
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For the fans of fighting games
WakenPayne6 July 2014
I picked up this fighting game because I thought "Okay, I enjoyed the Arkham series even though the third one was glitchy, how about I pick this up". To be honest in terms of game-play I do prefer Marvel Vs Capcom 3 but if you're a fan of both comic book companies then this is worth checking out as well as Marvel Vs Capcom. The story involves an accident that transports some of the DC Heroes and Joker to an alternate world wherein Superman goes crazy after their reality's Joker made him kill Lois and Superboy, he rounds up all the heroes and villains of that reality to scare people into following him. The heroes must go along with the help of their reality's Batman, Lex Luthor and Deathstroke among others to stop Superman's reign. The game-play is okay as is the character selection. I'd say if you're a fan - go buy it.
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The Mortal kombat of superhero fighting games...
justin-fencsak22 May 2017
Injustice is to DC what Marvel vs Capcom is to Marvel..a good, addictive fighting game with a deep story movie and tons of extra play. The online is OK, yet in the special edition you can play more than a dozen superheroes and supervillains from DC's vast universe. The more you fight, you get XP and level up your profile although you won't gain any strength with the fighters. Some fighters are easy to handle while others are hard to control. I highly suggest getting the PS4 version since you get the complete package for the price of one.
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Fun fighting game featuring the heroes and villains of DC
Aaron137523 May 2019
I have not played a fighting game in a long time (in fact, I think the last one I played is DC vs Mortal Kombat); however, I have been on such a comic kick lately that I got this one, its sequel and Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite. I have yet to play this one's sequel, but I have one the story mode on both this and Marvel vs Capcom. After playing them both and doing missions and arcade mode, I have to give the edge to this one. The fighting is a bit easier and less stiff than the fighting in this one, but the arcade mode and S.T.A.R lab mission modes in this one are much better giving this one better replay value.

The story has an alternate reality where the Joker tricks Superman into killing Lois and in turn her heart stoppage causes a bomb to explode killing millions in Metropolis. This makes Superman go pretty much insane as he creates a world where he polices the world and keeps everyone in line, or else! Meanwhile, in another reality, the Justice League are fighting Lex Luthor and multiple villains when Green Lantern, Joker, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Arrow and Aquaman are pulled in this very oppressive reality by the Batman there in hopes of stopping Superman's reign of terror.

The story mode is good and kept me playing till I won it to see how it ended. This one though also offers several other play modes that will make me play through each scenario, use each character and complete several missions too! So much to do, which causes me to be baffled by the lack of stuff to do in Marvel vs Capcom. The fighting in that one is better to me, but not by much so this one gets the overall edge on that one despite controls that at time feel a bit stiff.

So, this one was fun and I still must play through the arcade mode as each character as it offers a different ending for each one. I also must do the S.T.A.R missions too. So a lot going on in this one as compared to Marvel vs Capcom which would have benefited with multiple endings and a few other modes to choose from. This one also has the nice touch of environmental attacks too. So choose your hero or villain and tackle an assortment of heroes or villains or play through the story mode and stop the crazed alternate dimension Superman!
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Awesome Superhero Fighter
jeremycrimsonfox2 March 2019
At first, Injustice: Gods Among Us may look like just another superhero-themed fighting game, but it has been done well.

Made by Netherrealm Studios, the company behind Mortal Kombat, Injustice is a game that takes various heroes and villains of the DC Universe duking it out. But it has a story: Batman and a select few superheroes are yanked out of their universe and into another one, a universe whose Superman has become an evil dictator and has gathered heroes and villains into a Regime. However, the world's Batman has started an Insurgency after seeing Superman kill The Joker, and he has brought the heroes here to help them.

Other than the neat story mode, which tells a story as well as sports a great voice cast (which includes Kevin Conroy reprising his role as Batman, Tara Strong as both Harley Quinn and Raven, and Khary Payron reprising his role as Cyborg), the game also has a single player mode that lets you play an arcade path to get a character's ending, as well as other paths with certain themes, as well as S.T.A.R. Labs, which serves as Injustice's take on Mortal Kombat 2011's Challenge Tower, as it has missions tasking you to do certain tasks.

As for gameplay, it is almost similar to Mortal Kombat, however, it would add some features. While X-Ray Moves and Fatalities are a no-go, the game instead offers Super Moves which are attacks that trigger a cinematic where the attacker does something spectacular themed after him (for example, Superman punches the opponent into space, only for the Man of Steel to fly up and whack him/her back down to Earth, Cyborg shifting his arms into a massive Sonic Blaster, and Wonder Woman using her lasso to restrain the opponent, allowing some Amazons to beat on him/her until Wonder Woman reels them in to slash at them with her sword). Also new is the ability to use the environment to your advantage, as some objects in the background can either be thrown as weapons or, in the case of acrobat characters, used to make a quick escape, and the ability to perform Stage Transactions, which knocks your opponent into something, triggering a cinematic where they take damage as they are sent to another area of the stage.

But two of the best features are character traits, which are powers that can be triggered temporarily to give a sort of stat boost or weapon, and the clash system, where after a character loses one life bar (the match plays by Killer Instinct rules where it's one round with two life bars), they gain the opportunity to start a clash, where both characters must wager some of their super meter. The attacker will do damage if he/she wins, and the defender will have some of his/her heath restored should he/she come out of top. This adds an aspect of strategy to the game as well as a risk-vs.-reward situation: would you rather lose a clash to save your super meter for your character's Super Move, or will you risk some or all of it in an attempt to win the clash?

Injustice is an awesome fighting game, and is a game to be played.
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The favourable opinion of a non-fan
Maladjusted_15 November 2017
I've never been a big D.C. (or Marvel for that matter) fan, and I've played fewer fighting games than almost any other genre. In other words, I'm not the target audience for this game. Yet I really enjoyed every moment of 'Injustice: Gods Among Us'. I don't know what die- hard fighting fans will make of it; maybe it's too accessible for some of them, but as a relatively casual player I can't think of much to criticise. I *do* wish that Batman's playstyle was a little smoother -- playing him seems a little trickier than the rest of the characters. The story is surprisingly good - the fighting fits within the narrative rather than the other way around, and this is probably why it was such a success. The sequence of events feels natural, and not just an excuse to line up the next opponent. Many of the story fights actually add to the plot in some sense, and so the player is always left with an impression of progress which runs much deeper than just beating the current level. I bought this game in the sales but would in retrospect happily pay full price -- the amount of content is *very* impressive. There are enough unique challenges to not only acquaint you with all the characters, moves and settings, but to also fill dozens if not hundreds of hours. (The fact that I haven't logged many more hours on this is largely due to the fact that I'm not very good with fighting games and just *know* that I won't get very far with the additional content.) This game, in brief, is definitely worth your money and time
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A must play
Terryfan27 July 2017
Injustice: Gods Among Us is like Mortal Kombat but with DC Characters. NetherRealm Studios design the game and they really deliver a excellent fighting game.

While some of the game isn't going to make it a perfect game it is however a lot of fun and you will want to play the story mode to get more of a feel for what the story line is for the game and you can also play the single player mode to get a better feel for the characters of DC comics as they are related to the game plot.

I mean when I pick this game up I didn't expect much but yet when I play the game I was happy with adding the game to my collection because it is one of those games you will want to play.

The game's graphics are amazing the characters look like they should it is like they did motion capture for the game to give it a more realistic look to the game and the backgrounds are awesome too with each level offering more to the game.

The voice acting is very well done with a excellent cast of DC legends and new comers to allow a equal ground for the game. In the story mode you can appreciate the story along with the fact the game was written by DC vets it goes to show the game was made for fans of DC comics.

The Characters selection is very good to pleased all fans. The Characters you get to play as are Batman, Superman, The Joker, Harley Quinn,Nightwing, Aquaman, Ares, Bane, Catwoman, Black Adam, Cyborg, Deathstroke, Green Arrow, Green Lantern, Hawkgirl, Raven, Lex Luthor, Killer Frost, The Flash and much more.

The controls do take time to get into but once you do you will be having a lot of fun playing this game.

The Game play is where the game shines and you got a good roster of characters allowing you and your friends to fight.

Overall Injustice: Gods Among Us is one of the best fighting games out there and if you can find it I suggest picking it up.

With great graphics, good game play and for story mode that keeps you interested you will be happy to have this game in your collection I give Injustice: Gods Among Us an 9 out of 10
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I like the game but....
kenyae-cagle27 October 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I like the game Injustice:Gods Among Us especially with the detail of the game and the characters they had in it. For example I love Death-stroke he is one of my favorite DC comic characters. I wish this game had Red Hood/Jason Todd, I would have loved that. I think that the game should have had a story mode where certain heroes and bad guys had to team up to unlock all of these characters. I am not really a fan of games with arcade game controls and button mashing. If the game was created with other characters I would love it a lot more as well. I can really appreciate that the game had very cool detail in the characters they designed and the attacks and finishing moves as well. Even though this game had very cool characters I think it would have been more fun with having to unlock characters in the game with a story mode.
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Injustice: A Great 2D Fighter from NetherRealm Studios
awesomeanthonydavies25 November 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Injustice: Gods Among Us is a 2013 video game. A 2D fighter, featuring characters such as Batman, Superman, Bane, and Solomon Grundy. There are many more, of course, and due to this, it's hard to think of four characters out of the 39 (including 6 DLC) characters. To sum it up: OPTION A: Two universes collide, with different ways and different heroes. OPTION B: The best Batman vs Batman fight ever.

Injustice: Gods Among Us is based around an altered universe where the Joker drugged Superman, made him kill Lois Lane and their unborn son, and blow up Metropolis due to this. During Batman interrogating Joker, Superman blasts his way in, and after lines of dialog and throw Joker across the room, Superman impales Joker. Killing him. And Batman wasn't too happy. Five years later, Superman is the ruler of all Earth, killing those who oppose him, the first target being Green Aroow. The alternate Batman, forced into hiding, gets Lex Luthor's help and brings over Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Batman and Joker from the prime DC Universe, to this altered one, to bring down Superman. Lex Luthor, best friend of the altered world's Superman, secretly founds Batmans Insurgency to bring down Superman, with Superman himself killing Lex. After bringing the prime Superman over to the altered Earth, alternate Superman is defeated and peace is restored.

Now, if you watch the trailer for story mode, you can think that this is a full-length movie. Well, it is. In movie form, story mode goes for one hour and forty-seven minutes. But, from story to game play. This is fought on a 2D plane, but characters and backgrounds are modeled in 3D. This is in a similar manner of NetherRealm's previous game, Mortal Kombat (2011). The controls, light, medium, heavy, and character trait, fits in well and is easy to use.

Overall, this game great. The controls and styles are very easy for the most casual of gamers to pick up, yet the most extreme will also find enjoyment, and the in-depth system of frames to start-up and end are available in-game, easing the task of finding out how to punish an opponent. Any Mortal Kombat, DC Universe or fighter game fan will love this new, interesting twist on our well-known DC heroes and villains.
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Swag Game
mohmammedmyman2 February 2014
This game was amazing but... some of the game characters were OP and the controls were some what hard to get used to. If you like Soul Calibur you will like this game. Noe there are some minor problems on this game like it will freeze on my XBOX 360 250gb and making me restart my whole XBOX. Otherwise this was a pretty awesome games. On app store this game does lag a lot anything below the 4s. Personally i like it on IOS. So overall i really loved this game but with some minor issues i had to give it 9 out of 10.. for the lag and Xbox problems. I really hope they fix this. This game is worth the money that you spend, but if you like batman buy batman ark ham origins which is like 18 out of 10 ye i said it 18 out of 10 best game ever... but thats a whole different topic
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