Injustice: Gods Among Us (Video Game 2013) Poster

(2013 Video Game)

Kevin Conroy: Batman


  • Batman : [First Lines]  The nuke, where'd you get it?

    The Joker : Why, you want one? Copy bat.

    [as Batman grabs The Joker, Superman bursts into the Interrogation room] 

    Superman : Get away from him!

    Batman : I'm handling this.

    Superman : [Slowly approaches The Joker, pushes the table aside and pins The Joker to the wall]  You drugged me! Made me... Lois... my son.

    The Joker : First Krypton, now Metropolis. People you love tend to blow up, don't they?

    [Superman raises his fist to The Joker] 

    Batman : Superman, don't!

    [Superman Punches the wall right next to The Joker's head] 

    The Joker : That's why I like you, Superman. You are more gullible than...

    [Looks towards Batman, then Superman tosses The Joker to the other wall] 

    The Joker : You think you can have a family. That locking me up would *magically* reform me, and they'll be safe.

    [Sits back down] 

    The Joker : So big. So dumb. Now run along so I can break out of here. I got lots of planning to do to top this.

    [Superman grabs The Joker by his neck] 

    Batman : That's enough!

    [Walks towards Superman to stop what he's doing, but Superman pushes Batman aside] 

    The Joker : I know it's soon, but... think you'll ever love again? Maybe you won't kill your next family

    [Superman's eyes glow and then punches The Joker in the stomach, killing him] 

  • Green Arrow : [while fighting Nightwing]  He took you in, trained you. Sure, he can be an uptight jerk, but you abandoned him for Superman?

    Nightwing (II) : [Knocks down Green Arrow]  I'm not Dick Grayson.

    Batman : [Coming in]  This is Damian Wayne.

    Green Arrow : Wayne?

    Nightwing (II) : His son.

    [Batman pushes Nightwing aside] 

    Nightwing (II) : But Superman's been more of a father than you ever were.

    Batman : You stopped being my son when you killed Dick Grayson. *He* was my son.

    [Defeating him in a fight] 

    Batman : You're dead to me.

  • Scorpion : You are no Sub-Zero!

    Batman : I'm Batman.

  • The Joker : Smile!

    Batman : I am smiling.

  • Batman : You push that button and eight million die.

    The Joker : Eight million and two die. I was going to enjoy the fireworks from a safe distance, but now that you're here, what say we have one last dance.

  • Batman : Those eyes. Pure evil, just like his.

    The Joker : Who, Superman? His buddies took Batman. My Batman. Our Batman.

    Batman : Quiet, or I'll leave you for the police.

    The Joker : Then why did you save me from them?

  • Batman : Overgrown gorilla.

    Solomon Grundy : Me Grundy, not Grodd!

  • Batman : The calm before the storm.

    Aquaman : And here's the storm!

  • Batman : Wrong Move!

    Lobo : I Never Move Wrong!

  • Batman : I know your moves!

    Scorpion : As if it matters!

  • Superman : You thought you could fool me, Bruce? Like HE did?

    Batman : This isn't about Joker! It's about you!

    Superman : I perfected this world! So many lives lost because I held back... when I should've used ALL my power!

    Batman : For what? To control? To oppress?

    Superman : I could've prevented Metropolis! Saved my family!

    Batman : Crime took my family too, Clark.

    Superman : But you weren't the gun!

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