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Nice series, hope it gets renewed
elicatis30 November 2012
This is a cute series, light hearted and fun. It treats one taken-for- granted subject of our human life per episode and it manages to turn it on all sides in a nice way...does what very well exactly what'the new normal' fails terribly: produces interesting characters that we care about, nice stories, criticize slightly some aspects of daily life that are less than ideal and reframe our daily life, while actually manage to be funny and not fall in an overly judgemental storyline. OK, it might not be the comedy of the century, but its really catching some steam lately and it deserves proper time and attention to develop. I read some awful reviews of the pilot and i totally disagree with most of them. This is a nice series, with nice and funny actors, good story and quite some laughs. Very enjoyable...let's give it some support!
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Pleasantly surprised!
throatmotor4 October 2012
Where this show is so new I'm inclined to keep this short and sweet: I'm unsure why some are rating this show so low, as it seems to have been quite clearly written and designed for fun. I'd like to suggest more cynical viewers lower their proverbial gun barrels and take pleasure in a show that simply wants to be silly, creative and a little bit opposed to the barrage of deep message-laden pseudo-preachy programs that we're currently bombarded with.

I found the pilot a bit shaky in spots, but I can't recall a pilot of any program where this wasn't the case. The characters were well-portrayed; I found the acting particularly strong given the subject matter. It also had a decent spectrum in relation to how it will relate to adults and younger viewers; hence the steady-fire logic of visual and vocal quips that kept things rolling along nicely.

I'm trying to be as vague as possible as I'd rather entice people to check it out, instead of spoil it by trying to summarize or describe it adequately in text. It's a situational-style sitcom with Sci-Fi overtones. It doesn't take itself too seriously, and clearly has a lot of fun in the production. I found the writing particularly clever in many spots, and laughed out loud on many occasions. I can only hope the humour and writing stays strong throughout the season, because if that starts to weaken, it may deflate the whole concept altogether. Nonetheless, I've found it to be a decent breath of fresh air so far.
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Writing and acting is wicked funny
nocalnut10 October 2012
It's so nice to finally pick a show that looks like it won't be prematurely canceled or moved around until viewers loose interest. This show is written so well and really is quite funny. The cast is remarkable and for only watching three episodes, I'm hooked. My husband also likes it and it meshes well with Modern Family, The Middle, and Suburgatory. Yeah for finding a show that will last.

Also, for what it's worth, my favorite actor is the gal who plays the character of "Jackie Joyner Kersee." Her accents and mannerisms are hilarious and she sells it as the alien mom. I'm going to go look up her name so I can hopefully edit this and list her name. She's golden.
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Worth watching. Show deserves a shot to see how it develops.
thevagusgirl20 September 2012
Having been underwhelmed by the trailer, I found the pilot much funnier than I had expected. It's essentially a show about the trials and tribulations of family life, with overtones of "The Coneheads" and shades of "Monty Python".

The pilot has laugh out loud moments and the cast did a good job. I have a fondness for sight gags and there are some great ones in the opener. The premise was set up with ruthless efficiency (that's a compliment); the creative strength and viability of the series will only be apparent after a few regular episodes. It has the potential to attract a broad audience; kids should find it funny and anyone who likes what I will call absurdist "British" humor will find it a refreshing change from the swathes of sitcoms about how awful it is to be in your 20s. This show is different, in a potentially good way, and it deserves a shot. I hope that it gets a run to see where it goes. It certainly has a prime time slot.
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Funniest doomed show since Better Off Ted
cherold18 October 2012
I don't have much hope for the future of The Neighbors. Sure, it's wildly funny, Toks Olagundoye (who I've never seen before)is brilliant, and the show's wacky sensibility and great sight gags (like a formation of pie-carrying aliens) make it the season's best new comedy, but way too many people just don't like it. The reviews have been very poor (as opposed to the almost universal praise heaped on the terrible Ben and Kate), and the average rating on IMDb and is low.

This is Better Off Ted all over again. It's wildly funny but for some reason only a select group of us seems to recognize the fact. I am just bracing itself for its inevitable cancellation, and wish Toks and the equally funny and obscure Simon Templeman better luck with their future careers.
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Wonderful Show
eiserlois15 October 2012
I love this show. It is the best new comedy since The Big Bang Theory. The characters are a perfect blend. I love the kids, the facial expressions the concept, I just love it all. I have watched each episode more then once because I keep showing it to people who haven't watched it yet and I laugh at the same lines all over again. I had my 19 year old grandson watch it with me and he couldn't wait to tell his friends about this show. We were both laughing so hard and enjoyed it so much. I didn't think I was going to like this show at all but now

I can't wait till Wednesday. I have been talking about it all week. This is what the world needs less of those stupid reality shows and more comedies so we can laugh. Laughter is the best medicine for all of us. Thanks again for a wonderful show.
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Too Good, Too Lighthearted to Last?
giggedyguy12 October 2012
I've only seen Lenny Venito once before and I was so impressed with him I knew immediately this show would shine. He's one of those guys who can be funny just standing still. And then there's Jami Gertz who displays perfect comedic timing in this show, not to mention she gets some of the best lines.

There's a lot that would seem to be formulaic on the surface yet grows on you very quickly as the premise just gives a neat context for some zany situations. Just about every male alien seems to be latently gay until you realize they are just innocent alien SUPER NERDS that have no clue how human men are "supposed" to behave. The cultural misunderstandings occur frequently and actually are quite funny, even if you expect the punchline. And the physical comedy displayed by Toks Olagundoye (AKA Jackie Joyner Kersee), being a giant Amazon Woman From the Moon (I'm guessing), have given my roommate and I some great laughs. She's a superb actress (The Real Housewives of New Jersey skit was simply amazing) who obviously truly understands how to be a comedian.

There's a lot more I can say about this show, but it's not necessary as it stands on it's own and doesn't need IMDb reviewers to defend it. I just worry when a show displays real charm that's DIFFERENT from other shows (The Finder immediately comes to mind, WHAT A CRIME!), as those kinds of shows take some time to create a real following. Executive producers don't give a DAMN about whether a show makes viewers happy; they only care about commercial profit--which would come if they only had the damn patience to give these shows enough time to get the notice they deserve. Chuck, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Everybody Loves Raymond, Seinfeld, ER and the list goes on, to name some prime examples. Not to mention a lot of shows are viewed online nowadays (not to mention file sharing) , making TV shows appear to have low ratings when it's quite the opposite. It's the COMMERCIALS that aren't being watched.

Anyway, the actors in this show bring real life to their respective characters and I hope they succeed in making it popular enough to dodge the chopping block. So watch it and enjoy!
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Much funnier than I expected!
mongoose-maelstrom26 September 2012
As a fan of the Coneheads, this familiar premise held some hope for me, but I was prepared to be disappointed. However, within the boundaries of where a show like this is aimed, this was a very funny show. No audience laughter and no talking to the camera were welcome assets.

We laughed out loud several times. The jokes moved quickly and were a pleasant mix of the surreal and absurd. The cast was solid and I especially enjoyed the fact that Jami Gertz was the only actor I was all that familiar with.

Looking forward to more and hope that they can sustain the comedic tone established in the pilot.
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not quite 3rd Rock, but funny
russmillerwy-957-68243917 November 2012
3rd Rock from the Sun is a tough act to follow. The Neighbors does a pretty good job, but uses wit and timing instead of zaniness and slapstick comedy to get its laughs. That makes it consistently funny, just not side-splittingly funny. Naming all of the aliens after sports heroes was an inspired choice-- they'll never run out of funny names (a tot named Dick Butkus?), and the fact that the aliens are dorky doubles down on the running gag. So are all their matching outfits/uniforms that remind us of golf clothes from the 1970s.

Also on the upside, some of the cast members are real gems. I don't know where Toks Olagundoye has been up til now, but she's got real movie star power as the glamorous alien mom. Her rapid fire back and forth with alien husband Simon Templeman, who has perfect comedic timing and never wastes a good line, are my favorite parts of the show. Jami Gertz and Max Charles are good enough as the earthling straight man/woman, but I think maybe too much of the plot compares their unfunny ordinariness to the aliens' backwards/upside down view of what humanity is like. The child actors are pretty good, too, even if the show relies a little too much on alien child Ian Patrick's precociousness. Clara Mamet is exceptional as the brooding, frighteningly calculating and cynical teenager.

I was worried that after a few episodes the running gags would wear thin and they'd run out of ideas. Not so at all! I've just finished the Thanksgiving episode and, if anything, it's getting better and better.
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Great new show, funny and different... finally a change from all those reality TV shows and boring other night time series
bd734926 September 2012
The pilot episode was hilarious and made me laugh out loud many times. It has the possibility to become great show. It's so much more different than all the other shows that seem to be airing on TV nowadays. In the end, it's a great, funny, entertaining, and genuinely new show.

If you like a good funny show that has a genuinely different plot, you'll love this show. Watched this with my mom and dad tonight and they think it's a little strange, but very funny. Definitely has a lot of potential.

I'd highly recommend you at least watch the pilot episode before calling this a flop. Very funny new series.
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Hairy1067 December 2012
I stumbled upon The Neighbors by accident when I was setting up my PVR to record Modern Family--and it was the happiest stumble I have ever taken. This has to be one of the most original and odd shows ever to grace television. ABC has truly found a hit with this strange supernatural-comedy. The first episode drew me in immediately with its fluid dialogue, inexplicably different story line, and entertaining cast. There is nothing better than watching Simon Templeman as the hilarious, misunderstanding leader of the aliens, Larry Bird. I wondered at first how the writers could possibly carry on from the first episode, which seemed to contain everything someone could ask for in a comedy series, but they have pulled it off week-after-week. There has yet to be a substandard episode. The kids can get a bit irritating, I'll admit, but their roles are small and this is forgivable.

I was elated to find out that the show had received a full-season order and I hope that there are many more to come. Don't come into this series expecting a traditional comedy. If you like odd shows filled with subtle humour in the background to the entertaining foreground, you'll love The Neighbors.
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Finally something different and funny to watch
evenik-531-53892517 November 2012
"The Neighbors" is a breath of fresh air if you are tired of reality shows, talent shows and the like. It takes a little stretch of your imagination and some faith to fully appreciate this show. You will be rewarded if you stay with it. Just like your first scary carnival ride: after it was over you thought "that was fun, I want to do it again".

I also think the nuances of East Coast/New Jersey/ New York are in play here. I get it, and hope others will too.

I love the fact that there is no laugh track.

Sometimes I have thought my own neighbors were so weird they could be aliens, so here is a show that parallels that concept.
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Funny show worthy of a long run
ludy19 January 2013
Let's hope ABC gives Neighbors and its writers a chance to further develop an already enjoyable premise. The leading parents are resourcefully cast, with Simon Templeman and Toks Olagondoye as Larry Bird and Jackie Joyner-Kersee, brilliantly funny as they are curious of the human race, (asking questions from the ridiculous to worthy of everyone's self-examination). And the absence of a laugh-track is always welcome. I know mindless critics such as Matt Roush would have a weak comeback about the laugh track, but avoid his shallowness. This regressive ranked "The Middle" seventh out of all shows network and non-network, while panning HBO's Newsroom, because he felt it degraded women. Much to be said here, but will leave it as a brief expression of the futility of television critics. There's plenty of room for Neighbors to draft a five-year plot line. They're already improving with each show. One suggestion: a little less howling from the Weaver kids. In TV comedies, children, when not the main focus, are not always a winning formula. One big exception was Jami Gertz's last comedy, "Still Standing", where the kids were a hilarious element of the show. Let them protest, but with wit. Tim Jo's character as Reggie Jackson shines; and Clara Mamet, as Amber shows promise. In our household, comedies reign, and we are discerning. Neighbors is a show we look forward to each week and hope to look forward to each year.
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Simple and fun :)
Ivkaa16 December 2012
When I saw the beginning of the first episode I thought "Oh Gosh....another bad comedy-wanna-be with horrible effects". By the time I finished the episode my mind was completely changed.

The effects are bad but it is on purpose. The aim of the show is to be silly and entertaining. They have simple plot with lots of funny moments. What I like best is that this show doesn't "try" too hard to be funny. Jokes are in the right place and moment which makes the show entertaining to watch.

Despite the low overall review people gave the show (too underestimated) I recommend that you watch the first 2 episodes and make up your mind. I am personally enjoying the season so far. :)
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Funniest Show I've seen in years
queenseductrix26 December 2012
We watched a couple of episodes last night and we were rolling on the floor with laughter. This is a good show for the entire family to watch. I love the fact that the show doesn't take it's self seriously after all we all need a good ole fashioned belly laugh once in a while. I love the fact that this show looks at social situations from the aliens point of view, what we take for granted in using English slang may be taken literally by someone who is unfamiliar. The show is clever and unique while being sort of corny and uncanny at the same time. I highly recommend this show to anyone who is looking for a really good laugh.
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Breath of fresh air.
erknye28 November 2012
This is the first show in a long time where all of my family members look forward to catching the next episode, inquiring if it was Larry Byrd" time or not.

Personally, I enjoy the fact that it is just a silly show, and the liberal agenda isn't getting shoved so far down your throat. It's hard to find a show that can make everyone in the room laugh out loud, and not get offended by some underlying message (they are aliens, what kind of agenda can you push with aliens?).

I hope the show keeps its momentum and doesn't fall prey to the media and conform to what is sadly "normal" television these days. A great example would be "Modern Family" as one of these shows. Granted that show is mildly humorous, but all the underlying tones of the story just irritate me. If I wanted to care about that stuff, I would. I don't need it rammed up my nose every time I turn on the TV...
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I love it, I love it, I love it - Helen Madden
pv6115 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Maybe I am weird, but I love this show from the start. I loved 3rd. Rock from the sun and since there's never enough comedies involving aliens, I was eager to see this one from the first time I heard about it. I loved the pilot and I have been enjoying it ever since, each time I like it lore and more. Last night, I was pleasantly surprised with the Thanksgiving episode, where they came up with the brilliant idea of giving Jackie two sisters (and one of them is Leslie Jordan), that was not the only hilarious thing, but the explanation they have for that!

I like the idea of both families being soooo different and having to adapt to one another. Is funny. The show is very well written, clever and smart, something not everything on TV right now is. I love it, and I also like the kid with the red hair (his unusual looks are part of the plot) and the rebellious Weaver girl (her unusual looks are also part of the plan). Everything is perfectly planned to make up a very good series. Is is truly like nothing else on TV right now and that's why people feel so uncomfortable with it. They're not used to good shows anymore...
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Creative & Classy In A Sea of Garbage
ZippyTonguetwister10 November 2012
I signed up for an account with IMDb just so I could show support for this sitcom.

It seems like 99% of the sitcoms out there are bent on using sexual, crass humor to attain and retain their audiences. Most new sitcoms that come out, you can hold your breath without passing out before a crude joke breaks. It gets old.

So when a show comes out with a fun premise and actually makes me laugh WITHOUT being crude and crass, I enjoy every moment of it. Because inevitably it will get bad reviews and be canceled after (usually) one season-- if that.

So here's my take, in a nutshell:

The character are fun. Simon Templeman and Toks Olagundoye are hilarious as alien parents. Great delivery and timing, and Toks can do just about any accent under the sun. Watching them (and the rest of the cast) tackle "normal human" trappings has thus far been creative and fun-- and CLEAN. Which to me just makes it more classy. Supposedly I have a good sense of humor, so I'm hoping that others can find the humor in this show as well. It's still early, but I feel like there's a lot in the tank for growth in the characters. And the amount of "normal human" trappings they can explore are so vast, I feel it can last for a while.

For example, they just took on the subject of sex. Yes, they could have gotten pretty crass. This episode was, to be honest, the one that would have me either continuing to watch the show (if they did it with class), or turning it off. Throughout the episode, I felt they handled it really well, which was (again) refreshing.

Granted, this isn't the type of sitcom that's going to run for a decade and all that, but it's a breath of fresh air and I am discouraged that it's only getting (at time of review) a 5.4 out of 10. Sadly, though, I'm not surprised.

I know this review doesn't help with in-depth analysis, but I hope it at least sheds some light on a sitcom that doesn't (at this point) follow in the footsteps of the same old tired, dirty, trite junk that seems to bombard us from every angle.
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So glad I gave it a second chance
not_my_real_addy29 December 2012
I actually started to watch the pilot when it first aired, and when it didn't grab me in the first few minutes, decided to delete it from my dvr schedule. Then during a conversation two months later, someone told me how much they liked it and I decided to give it a second chance. I found it on Hulu and watched one episode, and then another and another and found that it grew on me.

It has a quirky humor to it. Sure, sometimes that can be a bit much, but for the most part it's fun. Some of the plot lines are familiar, as in the first time the aliens see something or don't understand something, but many of them have a unique twist on them. It's as much fun watching the aliens trying to understand our culture as it is watching the humans trying to explain it (and sometimes being misunderstood).

High drama? No. Fun way to divert yourself for a half hour? Yes.

If you didn't like it at first, give it another try.
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Worth a watch- funny & unique
airunc26 December 2012
I watched this recently while channel surfing, and stopped to view it because I noticed it had Jami Gertz, who I really liked in the Still Standing series a few years back. I saw the episode about mating and laughed out loud many times. And clean humor about sex, family, and teens. I loved it...I am planning to watch it tonight..just for some fresh TV ...we need more creative shows like this. It's definitely a positive shift away from the overindulgence of so called reality TV... This is a cute view into a unique neighborhood and looking at differences in culture, albeit aliens...I hope they can continue this series and give it some chance to develop a following. For some reason it makes me think of the series My favorite Martian For way back in my childhood... (Back in the 60's, with Black & White TV, only 3 channels and no remote) The good ole days...
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Don't Miss This One!
thirteenprime14 March 2013
The Neighbors' pilot was a little weak, but there was something good going on inside there — enough for me to have come back the following week, and then the week after that, and so on. Now, as it closes out its first season, The Neighbors — a sitcom, for crying out loud! — has become my favorite show on television. The most recent episode, as I write this, was a musical with songs co-written by the great Alan Menken. Who else does this kind of stuff? Who else would even try?

Lenny Venito, who has spent most of his career playing cops both good and bad, is a standout as the father of the human family at the center of the series. Jami Gertz makes a welcome return to series TV as his wife and the mother of their three children. Simon Templeman and Toks Olagundoye are just amazing as their alien neighbors. The younger cast members, especially Ian Patrick as Dick Butkus, are just as good.

I have no idea how this show got on the air. It's that good. I didn't think broadcast TV had the stones to do a show this bent, this wonderful, this near-perfect. If the network can restrain itself from "fixing" it, I look forward to several more seasons of the same.
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Let The Neighbors grow on you. It has potential to develop.
Vaan19885 December 2012
When i have spotted the promo's of this show, i thought it was so random, childish and unattractive. It turns out i was WRONG. The pilot was likable and the further episodes kept getting better and better. The dialogues were fine and i think the overly-sophisticated English would really contribute to young viewers their vocabulary. However, the only thing that bothered me is that even tho they are all in a closed community, it seems a bit odd that the aliens have mastered the English language but they are unaware of everything that takes place outside of their community. But still, i have seen progress through the episodes and it might be worth for you folks to try it out as well. I can assure you that you will not be disappointed. Take it from someone who is very selective on what to watch. This show. A 7.0 from yours truly.
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kols14 November 2012
Agree with all the positive reviews, couldn't disagree more with the negative reviews and it all resolves down to personal taste. Which is why all reviews should begin with "I think . . ." and end with "That's my opinion."

Fell in love with Neighbors at first sight, though with reluctance. I didn't want to like it because so many of its elements are just plain stupid, none of the characters are innately likable, the chorus (all of the other aliens) falls flat when evoked and, all together, it's a mess.

A totally delightful mess in which all of those conflicting factors weave magically into a brilliant, Dada-esque tapestry.

Take, for example, the first day of school episode. Dick Butkus, a little boy who looks like a girl. Give me a break, done to death. And turning into a slimy green alien in the bathroom after mistaking a urinal for a toilet, by clapping twice (shades of Oz)? Lame. Except it works, just like the two visits to the Principal work. And all of this blew past JRB85!

Which is a matter of taste. For me, everything, from the writing to the dead-pan acting to the timing works brilliantly. That's my taste.

What I and JRB85 agree on is expressing our opinions without demanding that everyone share them, unlike some other reviewers.

Though I am pleased that so many others like Neighbors as much as I do.
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This Show Really Has Potential
sconsetgal195827 October 2012
We weren't sure about this show when we watched the first episode, but have watched every one since and are happily surprised at how good it really is. Simon Templeman, Jami Gerz and Toks Olagundoye are the adult standouts, and Ian Patrick is fantastic as Dick Butkus (with Max Charles a solid young actor). The (somewhat) weak spots are the 2 teenagers and Lenny Venito (tone down the Noo Joisey-ness Lenny). If the writers can keep coming up with INTELLIGENT and CLEVER plots, the show has the potential to be one of the better to have come along in recent years. I'd LOVE to see it give some of the much-lauded but now full-of-themselves shows (yes, Modern Family, I mean you)a run for their money.
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Mindless and funny show.. true 80's fashion
ali-502-50783125 October 2012
This is a quiet funny show with it's golden moments.. remind me of what some 80's movies were exploring.. surreal and funny.

If your looking to compare this show with the likes of Friends and other widely commercial shows then it will fail to reach your expectation, however lower your expectations and let a silly but good humor wash over you.. it's worth a watch..

Very clever way of how an alien race see our way of life and I do quiet like the use of professional athletes' names in this show.

It's sorta 3rd rock from the sun meets dead like me.. good to see something different.. i'll be watching.
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