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Season 2

20 Sep. 2013
Family Conference
The Weavers and Bird-Kirsees freak out when they learn Reggie and Amber have been dating, so Larry summons Reggie's Zabvronian soulmate.
27 Sep. 2013
September Fools
Larry tries to grasp the concepts of April Fool's Day; Reggie attempts to rid himself of his Zabvronian soulmate; and Dick puts Max and Abby in an aging machine.
4 Oct. 2013
The Neighbours
Jackie attempts to impress her new boss by inviting her over for a traditional English dinner. Meanwhile, Larry recklessly shops, Debbie tries to determine a dream job and Marty overcompensates after suffering erectile dysfunction.
11 Oct. 2013
The One with Interspecies F-R-I-E-N-D-S
Debbie decides to learn more about Jackie. Meanwhile, Dick tries to help Marty get a handle on his junk-food binging and Reggie and Amber watch an Animal Planet documentary on inter-species relationships.
18 Oct. 2013
Larry tries to combine Halloween and Chanukah to create a new super-holiday. Meanwhile, an obnoxious couple challenges Marty and Debbie to a family Halloween costume contest.
1 Nov. 2013
Any Friggin' Sunday
Larry decides golf is boring so he takes an interest in football. Meanwhile, Debbie and Jackie orchestrate a romantic evening for Reggie and Amber.
8 Nov. 2013
We Jumped the Shark (Tank)
When Debbie creates a unique purse, Jackie gets them booked on "Shark Tank"; Amber choreographs Abby's dance for a big recital.
15 Nov. 2013
Good Debbie Hunting
Debbie wants to enroll in business school but first must pass a qualifying exam; Reggie and Amber's relationship is tested.
22 Nov. 2013
Thanksgiving is No Schmuck Bait
On Thanksgiving, the Bird-Kersees become obsessed with sitcoms; Marty's parents split up; Jackie's parents arrive for a visit; and Reggie worries that his relationship with Amber will end someday.
6 Dec. 2013
Supreme Like Me
A rift is caused when Jackie's parents help Debbie and Marty with a burst water pipe; Larry increases his efforts to find a job.
13 Dec. 2013
A Christmas Story
When Debbie accidentally spoils Larry's Christmas surprise for Dick, Larry retaliates; Amber and Reggie try to get each other the perfect present.
10 Jan. 2014
Fear and Loving in New Jersey
Debbie and Marty give the Bird-Kersees self-defense lessons; Larry wants to build panic room; Jane interrupts Amber and Reggie's date night.
17 Jan. 2014
High School Reunion
Marty and Debbie prepare for their high school reunion, where Debbie will face her arch nemesis and Marty and his high school band perform.
24 Jan. 2014
Man, Actually
Debbie begins business school, only to be hit upon by her professor. Meanwhile, Amber and Reggie try to deal with their breakup with the help of their fathers.
31 Jan. 2014
You've Lost That Larry Feeling
Debbie and Jackie each have their work cut out for them--when Debbie hosts her study group at home, and Jackie has to deal with a "jealous" Larry. But Amber and Reggie just might have it the worst, as they come to a decision about their relationship.
28 Feb. 2014
Oscar Party
Debbie finally joins a popular social media outlet and starts friending her old friends from Bayonne. Because she and Marty have lost touch, the Weavers decide to throw an Oscar party and invite everyone to reconnect. When the Bird-Kersees hear about the festivities, they decide to make themselves indispensable to the Weavers by turning the house into the most lavish, over-the-top Oscar party.
7 Mar. 2014
Balle Balle
Marty and Debbie are worried when Larry Bird tells them his Indian co-worker at the coffee shop has invited him to a traditional Indian wedding. Despite their pleas, Larry decides to attend without their approval and he and Jackie get carried away when trying to come up with a wedding gift. After Larry does research on Indian weddings, he concludes all weddings take place in "Bollywood" and decides to give his friend a full scale Bollywood number.
14 Mar. 2014
A Night in (Lou Ferrigno's Hibachi) Heaven
Marty plans a date night that isn't what Debbie envisioned; Dick falls for the new baby sitter (Rachel Dratch).
21 Mar. 2014
Uncle Benjamin
Debbie's estranged mother (Rhea Perlman) invites the Weavers to her timeshare in San Diego so they can meet her newly adopted 10-year-old son; Marty tries to help Abby overcome her fear of the ocean.
28 Mar. 2014
Close Encounters of the Bird Kind
Marty and Debbie's bowling partners want her off the team; Larry's father sends someone to take over the mission.
4 Apr. 2014
All That Jazzy Jeff
Larry's brother DJ Jazzy Jeff visits in the hopes of bringing everyone home to Zabvron; Amber admits to having a boyfriend.
11 Apr. 2014
There Goes the Neighbors' Hood
While his brother arranges to bring the Zabvronian community back to their home planet, a pregnant and conflicted Larry questions whether or not his family should remain on Earth.

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