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MPAA Rated R for language and some teen drinking

Sex & Nudity

  • No sex or nudity. Mild sexuality (kissing, one scene with girl in bra).
  • We see a man and a woman kissing passionately in a creek (the woman is shown wearing a bra and shorts and the man is shirtless) until a teen boy floating past on an inner tube interrupts them.
  • A teen girl and a teen boy kiss passionately and then the boy pulls away; the girl kisses him again.
  • A young man kisses a teen girl as a teen boy watches in disgust.
  • A teen boy imagines himself about to kiss a teen girl and is interrupted as their lips are about to meet.
  • A teen girl hugs a teen boy.
  • A teen girl flirts with a teen boy and leans into him.
  • A teen girl flirtatiously bumps into a teen boy.
  • A man crudely jokes that he will never achieve an erection after a young man (the man's daughter's boyfriend) sings to him.
  • We see a teen boy in the shower and a portion of his bare chest is visible; the boy's father pounds on the door and makes a crude remark about masturbation "being fun" and the boy leaves the bathroom (implied to be fully nude and we see his bare chest, back and partial side of his buttocks, with his hand covering his penis from view); the man makes a remark about the boy's backside and tells him to bring his briefs with him to the shower.
  • Several teen boys walk past another teen boy, pulling his shirt over his head and he is seen shirtless.
  • We see two teen boys shirtless throughout the movie.
  • Three teen boys jump into a creek; one is wearing boxer-brief style underwear and the three of them are shirtless.
  • Several teen boys and two teen girls swim in a creek; the teen boys are shirtless, wearing shorts and the teen girls are wearing bikinis.
  • A teen boy walks around with his pants partially unzipped (no nudity is visible; we do see a portion of his boxer-style underwear).
  • A teen boy tucks papers into the front of his pants.

Violence & Gore

  • A rabbit is killed , skinned and the head of the rabbit is thrown toward the wooden house.
  • We see a snake come close to a teen boy; the boy's heart races and we see him calm the snake down and later see the snake resting its head on the boy's leg until the boy is awoken when his father and a teen girl come crashing through the door causing the snake to slither next to the girl's feet; the boy jumps in front of the girl, preventing her from being bitten and another teen boy runs into the room holding a machete over his head to kill the snake; the snake bites the teen boy, he immediately vomits (we see the vomit leave his mouth) and passes out, hitting the ground; the man grabs the teen boy and carries him quickly through the woods and we later see the boy wake up in a hospital and hooked up to oxygen and an IV (he appears to be recovering); the teen girl thanks the teen boy and he remarks that he had "saved her blood from being rapidly oxygenated."
  • A teen boy lunges at a rabbit on a trap and we hear a squishing noise as the teen boy lowers a large sword; we then see the boy butchering the rabbit, cutting along it's torso and slowly peeling off its skin and fur and he then lifts up the dead rabbit and we see bloody guts covering a table; the boy roasts the rabbit and is seen eating it.
  • An older man shouts at a large group of teenagers partying and shoots a pistol into the air causing the teens to scatter.
  • A teen girl imagines herself blowing up a truck a young man was standing next to (we see the truck and young man go up in a fireball).
  • A teen boy imagines himself in a standoff with his father; the boy's father swings around knives in his hand and runs towards the boy, and he gets out of the way, allowing the man to run off a cliff and become a bunch of pixels (like a videogame).
  • Three teen boys throw cans of soda and watermelons into the air and chop through them in slow-motion with swords.
  • Two teen boys shout at one another; one boy shoves the other boy on the chest repeatedly, then picks up a chair, throws it through the wall, storms away and then knocks over a mailbox.
  • A teen boy stomps on another teen boy's foot.
  • A teen boy pokes another teen boy in the face with a stick, he wakes up and swats away the stick angrily.
  • A teen boy angrily throws hammers at the wall of a playhouse.
  • A young woman playfully slaps her teenage brother.
  • A group of teen boys playfully wrestle/jump on each other and they playfully throw dirt at each other.
  • A teen boy tells another teen boy that his parents are "giving him hives" and when he pulls up his shirt we see hives on his torso; we later see the boy with more concentrated hives covering his entire torso.


  • About 14 F-words and its derivatives, 3 obscene hand gestures, 2 sexual reference, 23 scatological terms, 6 anatomical terms (1 mild), 16 mild obscenities, 3 derogatory racial terms, 11 religious profanities and 18 religious exclamations.
  • Name-calling (stupid, Zodiac Killer, gibberish of an undisciplined animal, spider woman you found in a gutter, floozy, fear-mongering Chinaman, racist, little shit, lame, old lonely ass, savagely racist, fatty, insane, land grunt, harlequin, head, hypocrisy, ass-head, like a cancer, freak and idiot.)

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • We see a group of teenage boys and teenage girls drinking beer.
  • Two teen boys are seen drinking beer on multiple occasions.
  • We see large party were many teens are shown drinking what is implied to be beer out of Solo cups.
  • A young man is seen drinking beer directly from a keg at a party.
  • A teen girl is obviously intoxicated at a party.
  • We see two men drinking beer.
  • A teen boy smokes a cigar.
  • Two teen boys hold cigars and run lighters over them.
  • A man is seen holding a cigar.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • None
  • The adult language was the cause for the R-rating.

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