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great entertainment
rahuljonathan-nair2 August 2013
Like all rom-coms, YEH JAWAANI HAI DEEWANI sparkles with romance, merriment and heartache, is brightly glossy and boasts of crackling chemistry between its lead actors, but Ayan makes sure the heady concoction never waters down. The best part is, he never borrows from romantic clichés that most love stories depend upon and that, in my opinion, is this film's biggest strength. Expect no unwanted melodrama, no unwelcome characters, no earsplitting background music to accentuate the proceedings... On the whole, YEH JAWAANI HAI DEEWANI is a revitalizing take on romance and relationships. A wonderful cinematic experience, this one should strike a chord with not just the youth, but cineastes of all age-groups. Watch this celebration of love and get mesmerized!
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A film that will make you want to fall in love
arupghose16 November 2013
I'm watching this film well after it was released in the cinemas (in fact after seeing both Besharam and Chennai Express) so I know how the film had performed at the box office, and what most people thought of it so my expectations were high!

YJHD does through the typical roller coaster of a Bollywood romance, but where it differs from those that have failed, is that it has the star power of Ranbir and Deepika at the top of their game, alongside lovely music by Pritam and fantastic direction by Ayan Mukherjee.

Ayan is certainly one of the top young directors in the industry, and after Wake Up Sid, shows exactly why he holds his mantle piece. This work will go down as one of his finest, even though I am sure he will make many more films.

This role is bread and butter for someone of Ranbir's stature now. He eases into the role, initially playing the fun going flirty young man, then growing into the serious, yet romantic mature man later. This role is not on the same level as Barfi, there is no comparison, however it's these types of roles that will keep Ranbir competing with the likes of SRK for the romantic king award! Deepika has grown massively this year, and this being the third film (Ram Leela is the 4th) she has hit the industry with a bang in 2013. She looks stunning on screen and plays her role perfectly! Kalki, as annoying as her role, again plays it without any blemishes. Her role reminds you of Zindagi Na Milenge Dobara quite a lot! Aditya seems to be alcoholic of 2013 with this and Aashiqui 2 but does full justice to the role regardless!

Another massive plus point to the film Pritam's music. It's soulful throughout and adds a lot to the film. Kabira, Ilahi and Balam Picharki are my favourites.

Overall YJHD is a beautiful film with performances that will be hard to forget. It may not win any awards this year, but it will certainly will be a film I'll remember.
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rathitejas297 June 2013
Warning: Spoilers
beautiful movie...excellent acting..!! THE LOCATIONS,DailogUES Were perfect :) all should see d movie..its quite enjoyable. Amazing movie from KJo. Impressive performances by Ranbir, Deepika & Kalki. Must watch, light hearted movie which you'll enjoy to the fullest with the family & friends. I specially liked the lines of Ranbir like when he meets Deepika after a pond time, he asks her whether she is married, she replays No, Then he asks whether you have kids & she answers, Yes- 6 & he spontaneously says, "Behuda Aurat" but in a very comic manner which i liked. There are many such little enjoyable lines throughout the movie. One more thing which I liked is the way Ranbir re-proposed Deepika in the end. The manner he proposed her was not all Filmy but very casual, which was commendable & different.
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A bit of both worlds... Must See!
snmeesala10117 January 2014
This was not really a romantic comedy, despite the cast lineup. It more like a smart, meaningful story. There are a lot of humorous moments but also a lot of good advice. The theme was not the only great aspect of Yeh Jawaani was the beautiful locations picked for the movie. The cinematography really brought out magic of travel and experiencing new things. Deepika once again displayed her acting genius with a transformation halfway through the movie. The new faces were excellent as well. The casting couldn't have been any better. Because I love traveling, maybe I am a bit biased. However, I do truly feel that it is a movie all youngsters should see. Its not too cheesy or dramatic, a bit for everyone to love.
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Simple Bollywood romance!
marijaa1115 June 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I'm surprised to read so many negative comments about this movie,when it isn't that bad at all.I don't know what everyone expected,but I expected romance,some Indian humor,lot of singing and dancing,and that what I got. The acting is pretty solid,especially Ranbir Kapoor. To me,his character doesn't seem selfish,only arrogant in some moments.He chose to follow his dreams,and that shows confidence and bravery.

On the other hand,Naina is the conservative geek,but only because her mother affected her too much.Deep inside,she is cool and fun to be around,which Bunny successfully got out of her.

There isn't anything to think through,everything is so colorful and musically described,you just have to sit back and enjoy. No need to over analyze the characters or the plot,because its just a simple romantic comedy,about love and friendship,and the youth when we have wild dreams,we don't think,just act and drink a lot!!

To sum up,I'll only add that the only thing that bothered me was the length, it could've been 100 minutes and still fun to watch.
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The story of Naina and Bunny has a few clichés, but it enjoyable and fun.
MartinHafer14 October 2013
I enjoyed watching "Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani" quite a bit, though I'll admit that the story has a few clichés here and there that kept it from being better. Still, given that I was watching it while flying across the Atlantic, it was a nice time-passer and kept my attention.

The film begins with Naina and her mother meeting up with a rather vacuous old schoolmate of Naina. While Naina graduated top of her class and is at the top of her class in medical school, this meeting with the schoolmate left Naina feeling that she's missing So, on a lark, she decides to drop everything and head off on an adventure--and she picks the same destination the vacuous schoolmate chose. There, Naina slowly learns to unwind and meets sexy Bunny (he is a man--not some furry--despite the name). They hit it off and seem to be falling in love but one HUGE problem stands in their way--Bunny has vowed never to marry and wants to travel the world and experience EVERYTHING. What's to happen? See the film.

Like the typical Bollywood film, this romance is predictable and there's lots of singing. You can't fault the film for this--this is THE format that Indian films follow these days and very few deviate from this. My problem with the film, and it's minor, was the silly scene were Naina takes off her glasses and instantly people notice how hot she is! What a cliché my wife was much like Naina when I met her but is hot with and without her glasses! Still, it's fun and worth seeing.
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Been there ,seen that feeling but still it holds!!!!
manikagarwal22 June 2013
so guys it ain't our wake up Sid !!! Director does try with the same self realization theme with the same versatile actor in ranbeer but seems got carried away trying 2 inject so much glam n chutzpah making the narrative way to tedious... it starts with a bang what with all of us gyrating to the ghagra of the "never say die" Mrs. madhuri dixit and are taken through a splendid fun n romantically portrayed picturesque snowy lanes of kashmir, bringing along with spirit of friendship n times passed.... But d movie falters in the 2nd half,with things getting repetitive,loaded with extra songs.... watch it for the item song,our super cool hero n his flirtatious nature, his emotions, his dance.. with deeps, his simply brilliantly directed scenes with his father(reminiscent of wake up Sid), ones with deeps n what not, dis guy is turning out to be the next complete actor man... Deeps too pitches in with a fine portrayal of a girl who loses all inhibitions n enacts a very lovely on screen pairing with kapoor...Aditya n kalki perform well again n give a a strong supporting cast. Kudos to Mr. Farooq(only 2 scenes) 4 his superb act of a father concerned about his kid but at d same time wishing to let him live his own life ...Also the feet tapping music, soulful Arijit, cinematography n direction... Wat would have worked the most could have been a crispier editing reducing the overall length by say 20 min.....
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Didn't quite live up to the expectations
jahangirhussain742 June 2013
The much awaited Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani didn't quite match my expectations. Honestly, I expected a more polished story from Ayan Mukherji who had given us a thoughtful and feel-good coming-of-age film like Wake Up Sid earlier.

YJHD seems like a rehash of the classic rom-com Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge in more ways than one. Here too, you have a hero who is a spoilt brat and wants to enjoy life to the fullest and a heroine who is a book- a-holic and obeys her parents to death. They decide to travel across the country with friends and end up falling in love with each other just at the moment when they have to go back to their respective homes.

While the first half is pretty much told from the perspective of the heroine, the second half focuses more on the hero's life. What Ayan Mukherji succeeds at is how he neatly etched the four characters of Ranbir Kapoor, Deepika, Aditya Roy Kapur and Kalki Koechlin. You can see sparks of brilliance in several scenes, especially when Ranbir's friends find out about his scholarship. But, that alone is not enough for making a great film. The film seems quite boring at certain points. Thankfully, Pritam's music succeeds in elevating our moods and is quite hummable. And Ayan has also captured some terrific locations which add beauty to the film.

As mentioned earlier, I wanted a much more diligent film from a talented director of Ayan's caliber. The film might cater to teenagers and youths who want a breath of fresh air after a hackneyed week. But the film won't find any takers in serious film critics.
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A Movie That Should Have Been Called
nihalmohd5 June 2013
Warning: Spoilers
They say this movie is about life. Yes it is. About love. Yes again. About friendship. True. But all of it only as per its hero, Ranbir Kapoors convenience n from his perspective. Centered on him, the movie is literally ON Ranbir Kapoor. If he sings, the world sing along n clap. If he dances, they dance around him. If he enjoys life, be it by being a selfish brat, they appreciate it n encourage him. If he pees, girls sit n stare n if he flirts, no matter how badly, the hottest girl in town gets an instant orgasm. Heavenly eh..

Think of a movie where the plot is blank, the cast is expected to do nothing but smile and dance, logic in the proceedings was never to be asked of, n the director has his brain donated way before his death.. Or, think of a TV serial shortened to 3 hrs. Think of 3 hrs of Mtv on the large screen. Think of boredom competing with tolerance for 3 hrs. Instead, think of Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani. its 3 hrs of weddings n dancing n nonsense beautifully combined in such a way that you'd be proud of man's skill in recreating hell on earth..

So what does this movie offer? U have Ranbir playing a guy whose only aim in life is to be happy. How he affords it is not to be asked. (maybe he's a part time dance instructor whose choreographed dancer students turn up every time he breaks into a dance routine even if it happens around 3 dozen times during the whole movie) he's Mr popular n perfect for whom nothing can ever go wrong.. Almost like a demigod on whom u can expect legends n myths to come up in 50 yrs time..

N u have Deepika playing a geek who transforms into a happening super cool lady in a single day. How she does that is way beyond human logic. Must say though that she portrays her role of a desperate geek quite convincingly, be it by stalking him at every opportunity available including when he's peeing or exploring the mountains alone at 3am, n falling in love with him in an instant.

Then there's Aditya Kapur playing a jealous modern day Devdas whose justification to ruin his life is coz his best friend wasn't on Skype with him 24/7. U have Kalki Koechlin play a tomboy who has got a crush on Aditya, but she never confesses it to him but that doesn't matter cause it doesn't affect the movie in any way. But then y show it in the 1st place? Again not to ask.

Then there's Ranbirs step-mom (who he actually calls 'step-mom') not giving a damn about him not turning up for his dad's funeral as long as he was partying elsewhere. Now that's a message from a producer who once proclaimed its all about loving Ur family..

So what happens during the movie? Well thats simple - Ranbir goes trekking with friends, forms a bond with Deepika the geek n later ditches all of em to pursue his dreams of traveling. N yrs later, though he has his share of life while the rest don't, when they all meet its conveniently forgotten n he gets their love once again with no effort at all. Win win situation for Ranbir Kapur. N for the background dancers too for having more screen time than most of the actors themselves..

What was going thru the directors head when he came up with this no-brainer? Or was the plot conceived after they struck a deal with as principle brand sponsor? If that was the case, how I wish they had struck a deal with Durex condoms instead. Wud be interesting to see Ranbir play a man-whore who spent 8 yrs sleeping with women all over the world, n instead of the locales, u get to see .. Well then that may be a future Mahesh Bhatt remake so I'm not gonna spoil it now.. As for this Karan Johar version, watch it if u wanna know where the latest benchmark for crap is placed.. may god be with you..
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angel-leo301 June 2013
Poorly directed movie. Couldn't believe they made the whole movie based on world travel, where everyone thinks drinking is the best way to solve all their problems. The movie has a really big star cast - Ranbir, Deepika, Farroq Sheikh, etc but they fail to stimulate except Ranbir Kapoor and Kalki Koechlin. Deepika's dialogues put you to sleep. Her narration in the movie is extremely weak and is ridden with clichés. The story begins with flashback and there are some moments of excitement. Despite beginning with some promise the movie slows in the middle and ends up faltering. Though I enjoyed some of the moments in the movie but overall the screenplay does poor justification to what may have been a good storyline to begin with. The screenplay writer of this movie should really think hard if this is what he/she wants to do for life.
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Yeh Jawaani is full of Deewani!
vishalsmail3312 June 2013
Yeh Jawaani hai Deewani is a refreshing take on the lives of the youth(of varied types)-their needs,their aspirations,their madness. Inspite of being 3+ hours,it never felt like a long film. It is a movie with a lot of flair,adventure and madness, as you would expect from the title.

The acting cast is mouth-watering. Ranbir Kapoor as Bunny is brilliant. He plays a character who loves to have all the fun, wants to live life at a fast pace and has this quirky ambition of visiting all the beautiful places in the world. Good job Ranbir, great acting skills and mind-blowing dancing skills that is always fun viewing. Deepike Padukone as Naina shines as an actor and shows she is more than just good looks with a beautiful rendition of a nerdy girl who is looking to break all inhibitions. I think she captured a studious,unsatisfied and conflicted girl perfectly. Kalki as Aditi exceeded my expectations. It was a treat watching Aditya Roy Kapoor who always lit up the screen whenever he was present.

The dialogues are crisp and some of them pretty deep and well thought. The music and the songs stand apart. I actually felt like getting up and dancing to the tunes of 'Balam Pichkari' and 'Badtameez Dil'. The costumes are good as well. Ayan Mukherjee seems spot on in his direction and execution as well as in the selection of the cast.

What is good about this movie is that the approach to many things is fresh and is no cliché(The ending is kinda inescapable though).The plot seems perfectly plausible. Bunny does not fall head over heels in love with Naina. They pretty much get back to their lives without any drama.It is circumstances that later makes things happen.

' Yeh Jawaani hai Deewani' is definitely good entertainment overall. An enjoyable experience.Go for it.
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Let's fall in love
siddhantgiri199431 May 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Story/Plot - Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani is a story of four friends Bunny, Naina, Aditi and Abhi. It is about friendship, love, adventure and pursuing your dreams. Ranbir Kapoor (Bunny) is a travel freak. He loves adventure and love traveling places. Aditya Roy Kapur (Abhi) is a friend of Bunny and loves to be with him. Kalki Koechlin (Aditi) loves Abhi and also likes Bunny a lot. Deepika Padukone (Naina) is a bookworm and school-college topper! All four of them plans trip to Manali for trekking expedition. In Manali, Naina falls in love with Bunny, but doesn't express her feelings to him. But Bunny wants to pursue dream of traveling countries across continents. Thus, Bunny dreams fulfills and he gets his dream job in Chicago and flies away leaving behind his friends Naina, Abhi and Aditi. 8 years after Aditi calls everyone of her old friends for her big fat wedding in Udaipur. Thus, old friends meet and after that is the rest of the story, which I don't want to spoil. Will Naina again fall in love with Bunny? Will Bunny be able to know Naina's feeling for him. Will Aditi marry her arranged groom or she will again get back to her old love Abhi. This is all about Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani! Pluses - Film First half and the Climax. Chartbuster songs. Madhuri thumkas in Ghagra song, is well enough for the Popcorn and Samosas! Ranbir-Deepika Chemistry. Above all, simple story about love, friendship and dreams! Minuses - Not much. Few dull moments in 2nd Half. Editing could have been nicer in parts. Film should have been shorten by 10-15 mins. These are few minuses, but those are miniscule in number. Moreover the Climax of the film makes up for it. Music - All songs are good. Kabira soundtrack in the background is nice. Ghagra is a Chartbuster. Badtameez Dil and Balam Pichkari is already Super Hit. Rest songs are also implemented well in the storyline. Direction - Ayan Mukerji does a good job. He is first rated and knows his job well. Acting - Definitely Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone chemistry and their rocking performances are the high point of the film. They look good together. Ranbir Kapoor once again shows his potential acting capabilities. He is a Starand YJHD will take his Stardom to one notch higher. Deepika Padukone looks cute in first half and super hot in the 2nd. She is carrying an aura of her own-self post Cocktail and YJHD continues that. Yes, she acts well also and touches our heart with her subdued role! Her total transformation from a Geek in the first half to a Diva in the second half is praiseworthy. Special mention to both KalkiKoechlin and Aditya Roy Kapur for their pivotal roles. They gets a full length substantial role in the film, unlike just filling the numbers. Film is incomplete without their life stories and both of them are first rated. In fact Aditya might get back to back hits with Aashiqui 2 and YJHD. Excellent start! Madhuri Dixit Nene does an Item number Ghagra for the film and she looks ravishing as ever. Farooq Sheikh as Father of Bunny excels in limited chance he gets. Kunaal Roy Kapur surprises with his heart melting performance. Rana Duggubati gives us a blink you miss role. Evelyn Sharma (Lara) and Poorna Jagannathan (Riana) and Tanvi Azmi (as Bunny Step Mom) does well in limited scope. Rest are just adding to the numbers.
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Not for guys!
dpatel134 June 2013
From the director of "Wake up Sid," the star-studded cast and Dharma productions, the expectations are high. Yeh Jawani Hain Deewani falls short on the direction, significantly. The production value is high; the songs, the locales and background scores are all great. However, the story is awful. There is nothing new in the story or the story-telling. Wake Up Sid did not have a new story but the direction was spot on. This movie has unnecessary songs (i.e. Madhuri's song), flashbacks (major set back in direction) and forced emotional scenes. There didn't seem to be any character progression as well. Taran Adarsh (bollywood hungama) raves about the character progression but I beg to differ.

This movie is fine for the audience who like the ZeeTV romantic shows, who are Ranbir-Deepika lovers or the people who go to movies for the cinematography. But to the lovers of new bollywood, this movie is not recommended. About 75% of the movie is very predictable, moves at a slow pace and illogical.

Highly disappointed.
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A Confusing Cocktail Of Dream & Desire !!
dbdipashri31 May 2013
Warning: Spoilers
A QUESTIONNAIRE: 1) Do you want to flee away from reality for 2 hours & 42 minutes, in order to relax your drained nerves & soul in an electrifying way ? 2) Do you love to dream about the unclouded happiness, which is barely visible when you keep your eyelids open ? 3) Do you believe in the magnetic power of unalloyed friendship which transforms a weary mind into a jovial one ? If 'Yes', then Ayan Mukerjis most recent offering 'Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani' is eagerly waiting for you..Bursting with youthful energy & boiling with contagious emotion, this drama is meant to spread the current of vivacity from the optic nerves to the cerebrospinal fluid, thereby invariably invigorating our fatigued desires...However, apart from the superficial liveliness, is there really any brilliance behind this high-budget flick? Continue reading below to know the answer !!

THE MOVIE: The story is all about friendship & love, shown through the main leads; Bunny (Ranbir Kapoor), Naina (Deepika Padukone), Aditi (Kalki Koechlin) & Avi (Aditya Roy Kapoor).Shot in the immaculate locations of Manali, Udaipur & Paris, the film primarily shows how the male & female leads affect each other's attitude, supported with a permutation of light/heavy emotions + peppy dance numbers & quirky dialogues !!

'UP's : All the lead characters, as well as supporting casts precisely stole the show.Cinematography (V.Manikandan) & Editing (S.Rahmathulla) were superb, whereas Music (Pritam) & Direction (Ayan Mukerji) conveniently delved deep into viewer's soul !!

'DOWN's : So many absurd scenes were there..For example: 1) In trekking, one needs to be physically fit & for physical fitness, regular workout is essential.As displayed here, the character of Naina is like a bookworm, who is not at all into gymming or such activities.Then how come she effortlessly climbs the difficult mountain peaks, when the so called audacious Bunny feels tired every now & then ?

2) The Bollywood pattern of equalizing a seductive girl with utmost silliness & a studious girl with weird spectacles is another defective custom, when in reality there are abundant instances of 'beauty with brain' as well as 'ravishing fashion sense with scholastic aptitude'...It's highly annoying when Bollywood still lacks behind in such territory..Equally irritating to see Naina still wearing the same (old designed) spectacle after a couple of years, when her dress sense changed significantly... Not to blame Deepika anywhere, it's only the people behind camera whom I am referring to for all the blunders, mentioned above !!

SOME OBJECTIONS: Am afraid I may sound awful, but the way this movie portrayed the fundamental concept of 'To dream : Not to dream' & 'To love : Not to love', that's something really shaky !! Very similar to that already famous dialogue of Bunny ("Shaadi ke basic concept mein hi jhol hai"), the writer of this film (Moshin Khan) seemed to be over sensitive regarding the idea of 'want' & 'need', hence added unnecessary water (jhol) while cooking (writing the story) a simple dish (message).Let me clarify this in two points !!

1) Love:Marriage : The typical conception of viewing marriage as the only goal of love is dysfunctional.As shown in the first half of the movie, Bunny's character strongly believes in adventure & hates to lead a stereotype married life.But, within a few years (Second half), he suddenly realized 'what he really wants from life' & left behind his age old passion for the sake of love.Once Ayn Rand quoted, "To say 'I love you', one must first know how to say the 'I'.The meaning of the 'I' is an independent entity..A person who exists only for the sake of his loved one is a spiritual parasite. The love of a parasite is worth nothing." The basic fulfillment of love exists in sharing happiness/sadness together + in cherishing every moment, irrespective of distance & age + in respecting the doctrine of 'space' & 'freedom' = which normally evaporates sooner than camphor when the same couple exchanges the wedding ring with each other.Then why to propagate the myth of 'being complete' via alliance, when the basement of such institution is unstable ?

2) Person:Passion : I can understand that, life becomes easy when one finds a like minded partner, but if there comes a point, where one has to choose between an explicit love (person) & implicit love (passion), then the deciding parameter obviously lies in the main focus of that particular person.Why love always has to be oriented toward a person ? It can very well be directed towards a dream too, ain't it ? Love means the celebration of one's euphoria/something which one likes to do...Ultimately we all come & leave the earth alone.So why to cling on to a person to feel blessed ? That's why it looked so uncool when Bunny forgot his basic vision to tie the knot with Naina, because the script badly required him to do so, consequently leading to a clichéd climax !!

INFERENCE: Thanks to all the hype, that ticket prices soared exorbitantly high for this particular cinema (Today it was Rs. 220 per head, whereas normally it stays Rs. 150 per head, in Delhi).I would suggest not to spend your money now in such shallow movies, unless you are a big fan of leading casts or believe in frivolous philosophy of love.'Yeh Jawaani Hai deewani' is a value for money if watched in a Television/DVD later on.. But keeping in mind the stupendous dance movements & some awesome moments (Especially that sequence when Aditi says that, "Love is meeting that particular person who makes you feel happy, when you otherwise think that you are content/okay with your life"), I would like to give it a 'Entertaining/Feel Good' status...

Recommended !!
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I like this movie but hoped better for the ending.
nafisfuadkhan27 October 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is really an inspiring movie for youngster. This movie is a burning example of complication between chasing your dream or sacrifice them for the loved ones. But through the chronicles of the story everyone was wishing for a twist in the end. But the movie finished before our expectations. But it was surprising how the character of Taran was presented beautifully. But we all hoped for a different ending.But all in all the movie showed us the true nature of youngsters and their complications. I actually loved the character NAINA. Because in her journey with Bunny, it showed us an example of breaking out of the regular routine and it's importance. The most wonderful part of the film was where Bunny was introduced to Taran in a whole new way by taran's future wife. But The Movie really touched my heart.
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Fun, frolic, and love-filled.... but riddled with clichés....
ksreekar31 May 2013
Amidst the hype, Madhuri's ghagra, the Ranbir - Deepika relationship and others, there was a sense of hope and expectation with this film for me, just because is was directed by "Ayan Mukerji". The director of Wake up Sid, which was a film where I really thought of Ranbir as an actor for the future.

This film has a cast of some young and fresh actors who bring their A game to the table. Specially people like Aditya Roy Kapoor, Kalki, and of couse the ever charming Ranbir and Deepika. Their performances do give a fresh and joyous sense to the film.

Coming to the plot, there is nothing you do not expect, A guy who lives a carefree and adventure filled life (Ranbir) and a girl who is like the one friend we all have and know is a book o'holic.(Deepika). This film does not surprise you with the plot or gives a twist or takes unexpected turns, but the actors and the screenplay makes up for it.

Like almost each and every Karan Johar film, this one has that first half fun filled and second half emotion filled plot, if you know what I mean......

The soundtrack delivered by Pritam is really foot tapping and catchy. Even with the emotional sogs, he does leave a mark. Don't be surprised if you find yourself humming some of the tunes even after you leave the hall. (Specially Subhanallah and Kabira)....

Some of the locations of the film shot in manali which shows trekking are enjoyable...

The main fault with the film is the plot itself and how it is presented in a clichéd manner. I don't have a problem with a used plot, but it could have been presented in a way that it does not get boring and too predictable. Guess the makers didn't want to take a risk.

The characters in this film are well built and we connect to them. Even small roles like Ranbir's parents, Kalki, are well acted and most importantly relate-able.

In the end this is a film with good acting, good premise, great locations, songs, but does get very much predictable and some times uninteresting. I give it a 7/10
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please avoid!!
jb198119 June 2013
I watched it on Youtube last night as I had nothing better to do. Sooooo bad!!! These kind of movies were popular (with SRK) some 10 years back. In recent years, the track record of Bollywood (Barfi, Dirty Picture, Pan Singh Tomar, etc) makes you think it has evolved beautifully and quite positively. But such movies make you feel hopeless. What the hell is wrong with the producer? He and his films are all about some dream world which does not exist.

Kalki and Ranbir are really good actors, but their talent seem to be completely wasted here. Padukone gives bland expressions. And the other guy seems to be a serial drunkard (first Aashiqui and now this one). Forget about carrying any message, this movie even lacked the entertainment quotient. So only one word: AVOID!!!
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A have-to-see movie
sweet-yashri5 June 2013
A have-to-see movie. Ranbir has struck again. After the cute romantic movie Barfi Ranbir gives us another romantic movie Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani. I'm not going to spoil it too much but the plot is simple, four friends and an adventure of a lifetime. Ranbir and Deepika's chemistry on screen is lovely and Kalki is just crack up in the first half. In Aishiqui 2 Aditya Roy Kapoor is seen as a lover boy, but that all turns upside down in YJHD, in YJHD Aditya Roy Kapoor is seen as a gambler that keeps losing money. All the songs are great especially 'Balam Pichkari' and having Madhuri do a item no. was a brilliant idea. Just something i did not like was how long it was and also when Deepika and Ranbir are seen kissing the photography is very close up (you can see every step of kissing). YJHD is DIFFERENT to 'Wake Up Sid'.

Overall: 8.5/10 (but that is just my rating)

something i will always remember: "i want to run, i want to fly, i even want to fall, but i don't want to stop' - Ranbir Kapoor (YJHD)
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A movie by morons for morons
jhingalalahmm8 June 2013
Oh god! I cant believe that I spent my hard earned money to go watch this movie last night and I so regret it. This is a classic case of a movie by morons for morons. The movie has no plot whatsoever. What were the makers thinking while making this movie??? Where is the story??? What the hell was that all about??? The movie started out at a decent pace but very quickly lost pace and then it dragged on and on and on till I could no longer bear to sit. Thankfully the movie ended abruptly. It was like, OK enough messing around, lets end this movie now! Last but not the least, what was all that alcohol drinking all about? Most characters for most part of the movie have a wine glass or a beer bottle in their hand! Oh, now I understand! This movie was actually a very very long ad for the benefits of drinking alcohol! Well, there you go, now you know what you will be watching if you still want to go that is! YAWN!
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no second thoughts....just go for it...
asu-ray2031 May 2013
I was very much excited for yeh jawaani hai diwaani.Of course i am a Ranbir Kapoor fan after his two back to back super hits.It is also an Ayan Mukerji movie.Now i must say the movie was awesome.The story revolves around four friends bunny(Ranbir Kapoor) Avi(Aditya Roy Kapur)Billi(Deepika Padukone) and Aditi (Kalki Koechlin).Bunny is an adventure and fun loving guy where as Billi is a good nature d girl who loves to study.The movie revolves around four friends who take a road trip in their holidays to cherish their life. Every thing works well between them.Until bunny and Billi split up and meet at a wedding of their friends. The movie even gets better for its songs.special appearance of Madhuri Dixit in the song ghagara just rocked.Their was lot of comedy and funny movements.Emotional movements also worked up brightly.The movie was an absolute treat to watch.
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Ayan Mukherji Takes An Already Narrated Story & Adds Nothing To It... 50%
nairtejas31 May 2013
Rating: 5/10

He takes up a ghissa-pita story, much like his debut Wake Up Sid and tries to turn it around. With the cast so heavily gorgeous giving out performances like its their last, revs up the movie-watching experience only for the first half. The second half sucks and drags a lot with cheeky references and illogical sequences. Overall, the route taken to say an old, short, romantic story, is arduous and infested with clichés as it dives into deep philosophy...

Traces of Dil Chahta Hai, Rang De Basanti, Kai Po Che & even Aashiqui 2 is explicit, so is the filmmaking which feels like they have been inspired by Zoya Akhtar. Even the screenplay is timid. The story is clichéd, yes, and to make it worse, the climax actually works against the film although it is justified for a theme like this. Unpredictability is stereotype here but Ayan molds it for his audience as a fun, frothy buddy flick which actually loses pace when theme of Rockstar & Karan Johar led family ties enter the plot.. Juxtaposed with heavy numbers, life elements, relationships, romance & social conflicts, Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani only appeals till midway.

Ranbir (who the film is almost based upon with the decisions he has to make as a complelling life of a nomad) & Deepike jazz up the screen with no mistake at all; yet Deepika's sudden shift from a pious, studious dame to her usual party- girl avatar is fishy , while Kalki & Aditya pass, with the script not letting them explore their insights. Kunaal is apt for the role while I still cannot construe what Poornima, Dixit & Rana were doing there. Revealing their characters may spoil the watch. Parental conflicts, much like in WUS is prevalent. Supporting cast (Farooq, Tanvi) is terrific. Music is brilliant and the locations add up to the movie-watching experience. At 165 minutes, the play seems to immensely go out of bounds, but the lead pair try hard and dishearteningly fail to keep us hooked. Emotions are played with and usual jealousy element brought up. Get a life, Ayan!

BOTTOM LINE: A feel-good movie terribly gone wrong and is only watchable to the people who are blindly in love, and because of Ranbir. YJHD makes no sense at all and has nothing new to decipher. Enjoy the songs, the journey of a life and faint humor, that's it. 49% Recommended!

Can be watched with a typical Indian family? YES

Profanity: Very Mild | Sex: No (Implied) | Nudity: No | Mouth-Kiss: Mild | Violence: Mild | Gore: No | Smoking, Alcohol: Strong | Vulgarity: Mild | Foreplay: Mild
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Very disappointing
prasadgawali431 May 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I actually did not have many more expectations from YJHD but by its trailer and songs which are trading this days the movie created buzz all over.Movie have runtime of 160 mins which feels very long and actually it makes bored at many times. There are some scenes which are unnecessary. Director fails to create magic.Movie is very slow therefore it don't have impact that much.It feels ordinary story. This cant be love story cause main situations like where naina realize she loves bunny this scene take very earlier.There is not a single scene where she had feelings for bunny if even 2 scenes may added for showing her interest in bunny then movie may becomes better.Same situation after interval where bunny realize he love naina is also very fast cause director never shows his interest. There are actually 7 songs and 2 songs are repeated so actually 9 songs which make movie weak but some songs are really nice. Ghagara and Balam Pichkari are not connected with scene cause it not relate with scene. The acting of both leads are not extra ordinary. There are many errors in story and therefore presentation is also cause affected.It can become good movie with some smart direction but Overall its very disappointing. If you have not any other option then go for YJHD.
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Please don't bother wasting your time
saima14 June 2013
This movie was beyond awful... 1 star seems too generous honestly, it was the most hyped movie. I was so disappointed to see the movie. Which turned out to be an exaggeration of the trailer (that did seem quite promising at first). But anyway the movie itself had nothing else to offer, nothing new and was quite predictable as to where it was all heading. I'm ashamed that such a movie is still applauded by people when there are movies that get half as much recognition and really have talent! I walked out of the cinema during the ending because it was so awkward to watch. Don't get me wrong, I love Ranbir and Deepika as actors but this seemed like they gave it no thought when they decided to act in it and only went in it for the chance to somewhat flirt with one another all in the name of a "movie". The only good thing were the songs but after seeing the movie I didn't see their point because they had no story to them either. I usually like the songs better after seeing the movie.
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Funny,catchy music and beautifully shot. I am sold !!
sujath280726 November 2013
When the trumpet started playing of the Badtameez Dil song in the trailer, i knew the movie is going to be exciting like wise. Normally movie do not do justice to the trailers but YJHD was an exception, i was hoping for the movie to loose its track and go in a wrong direction midway but it never did. I was entertained through out the movie, i do agree that the ending was prolonged a bit but i have seen disasters before so i overlooked it and saw this movie 4 Times.

Music in this movie was just top class and fresh, when the movie opened with a melodious kabira song with all the wedding theme it looked so beautiful to the eyes. I easily felt comfortable with the movie already, i don't really get the hate this movie has received. Ranbeer acts naturally as ever, deepika looks stunning even in a Geeky avatar and the supporting cast Kalki and Aditya does more than justice to their roles and contributes to the film as equally as the main lead. The first half of the movie is excellently paced and Balam Pichkari is my favorite Holi number of all time; so colorfully shot. Ranbeer's character is a very interesting one and he does reflect our youth culture, yes we refuse to follow the same path, do as we are told and born and die in the same place. In some way his character is inspiring, little selfish of course but the guy wants what he wants. He can undeniably lead a movie and does justice to his role, i mean who can pull off an entry like the one he did post Interval in the "Badtameez Dil" song. Second half of the movie is lengthy and the pace gets slow which i feel was required, very few movies can make you like the second half and specially make you laugh. So YJHD was a winner in that, i just cant get enough of the movie's cinematography. Its just beautifully shot be it Manali or Udaypur, its good to see India so beautiful.

I may get lot of disagreements or hate but this movie is one of the coolest movies of 2013, I am a big fan of the YJHD's music. Ayan mukherji has done a great job and finally delivering a commercial movie like this after Swades and Wake up sid shows his versatility. Thumbs up to Actors performances, thumbs up to the music and of course the director. Hope to see such pleasant for the eyes and soul movies in future, definitely a must watch and a collectible.
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Jawani Ki Jai HO
jmoneyjohal19 November 2013
Warning: Spoilers
A perfect film for me, a film about friendship, growing up,realizing ones dreams, love etc But the films main story is about how dreams are not everything in life... After Wake Up Sid Director Ayan Mukerjee comes with a mature cliché breaking romcom, he does an amazing job. 1st half is about laughter and fun while the 2nd half takes the film to new heights and a new mature story is told, all romcom clichés are broken. Acting wise Ranbir Kapoor after Barfi and Rockstar proves his India youngest superstar and is one of Indias best actors, mind blowing job. Deepika Padkone gives her career best and is looking so beautiful. Kalki, and Aditya Kapoor also excel and make you laugh through whole movie, amazing job. Special mention to Faroque Sheikh his scenes with Ranbir are superb. Overall if wanna laugh, cry, and laugh again or just wanna have fun,watch this film because you wont be disappointed, a must watch!!!!
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