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Sex & Nudity

  • The doctor is scene engaging in sexual activity with an older nurse. They are seen fully clothed in a sexual position whist shaking a medical cabinet. The man gasps and says 'he finished'. After which the woman says he will be better next time and they both resume normal work.
  • A fully clothes man is sitting in a chair and claims he has 'finished'. Referring to involuntary ejaculation due to morphine addiction. Another scene is seen between these two lasting longer and on a bed. We see the actions under the covers until the woman says to the man that they will finish tomorrow and throws him off her.

Violence & Gore

  • Very bloody.
  • The doctor pulls a tooth and part of a jaw bone out of a patient which causes a spurt of blood.
  • Many patients vomit or have a cyst explode puss into the doctors face.
  • A doctor has to amputate a young girls leg. This includes ripping off sections of flesh and sawing through the bone.
  • A tracheotomy is performed on screen. The doctor must cut a woman's throat and insert a metal cylinder. Blood is everywhere with large amounts over the patient and doctor.
  • 2 births take place which involve lots of blood over the sheets or in the second case, snow.
  • The doctor has many instances where his hands are covered in blood and he smokes a cigarette with the blood covered hands.
  • Definitely not for haemophobics or the faint hearted.
  • Most of the I stances of surgery are actually of comedic nature but involve large amounts of blood.


  • One use of the f-word in the forth and final episode. Used in the term "Fuck off". Mostly for comedy,

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Very frequent scenes of smoking. The doctor has many cravings for cigarettes and there are regular scenes of the 4 medical staff smoking.
  • Many people are chloroformed as means of sedation or anaesthetic for surgery.
  • The main plot line is a young doctor who becomes addicted to morphone. He struggles with morphine addiction and his later self is being interviewed for this illicit taking of medicinal morhpine. He steals it from his dispensary whilst forging prescriptions for dead patients to explain the disappearance of stock.
  • A man gives a woman an overdose of morphine to kill her after she suffered a cranial puncture.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The many surgery scenes are very intense.
  • The patients entrances are normally sudden in a comedic yet jumpy way.
  • One man runs in hysterically and attacks the doctor. Many other patients will run in a similar manner.
  • The scenes in the snow may be frightening to some
  • Many instances of intensely build up associated with the morphine withdrawal.

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