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  • While Marshall and Lily spend their first night in their new home after deciding to permanently move to Long Island, Barney takes over as group leader in Manhattan--both with disastrous results.

  • Lily and Marshall have now officially moved to Long Island, which brings about many issues. For Lily and Marshall, they receive an unexpected and somewhat unwanted house guest: Mickey. Mickey, who grew up in that house, believes he is helping Lily and Marshall by pointing out what they can and cannot do with every aspect of the house. Lily/Marshall and Mickey come to a stalemate when they negotiate Mickey's living arrangement versus his help in fixing the broken fuse which has resulted in the house being in total darkness. At MacLaren's, Ted, Barney and Robin are lamenting the empty half a booth where Lily and Marshall generally sat, and which will now be emptier than usual. However, Barney comes to the realization that Lily was generally the boss of their group, and thus now he plans on taking over. That leads to an evening which has them finding unexpected surrogates for Lily and Marshall. And Robin and Kevin are still at the stage in their relationship where they want to prove to the other that they are up for doing almost anything, even if they're not.



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  • Robin, Barney and Ted are mourning the loss of Marshall and Lily, who, they explain to Kevin, are somewhere "much, much worse" than the hospital. They're moving to Long Island for good. Marshall and Lily insist their new place is just a 46-minute train ride away, and they're invited whenever they want. Barney realizes this means "no lame married couples" shooting down all his awesome ideas -- and he's "the new leader of the gang."

    The only hang up with Marshall and Lily's moving into their new place is the fact that Lily's dad is staying with them, and dictating their every move in the new house.

    Barney suggests he, Robin, Kevin and Ted do something they couldn't do with the married couple around -- they should go to a strip club. Robin and Kevin go along with the plan because they're still in that stage of a new relationship where they don't want to say no to anything.

    Back at the house, when Mickey tells Marshall he shouldn't plug a lamp into a particular outlet, Marshall gets fed up and with Mickey's directions and judgment about everything and tells him he has to leave the next day. Mickey leaves the room and Marshall turns on the lamp, which shorts the circuit and knocks out all the power in the room.

    Robin and Kevin get offered a lap dance at the strip club, and again go along with it even though neither of them wants to. Ted is missing Marshall and Lily, but Barney tells him to forget about them and focus on the strippers. And next up on stage is Jasmine -- Lily's doppelganger.

    Barney buys Ted a lapdance from Jasmine, who he calls "Better Lily." It turns out Better Lily, the Russian stripper, has an overbearing Russian boyfriend, who Barney calls "New Marshall." And now Barney thinks the gang is all set again, with Better Lily and New Marshall in place. Meanwhile, Ted is leaving another message for Marshall and Lily. He's upset that they're ignoring his calls.

    Mickey is mocking Marshall through the house's intercom system while Marshall struggles to make his way through the house to find the fuse box.

    Back at the strip club, Kevin isn't sure where to look while the stripper gives him a lap dance. He sneaks a peek at her chest, and we hear Robin thinking he's "all up in those jugs." Kevin then looks at the stripper's eyes, and Robin thinks he's falling in love with the stripper. To create a distraction, Kevin decides to "make it rain" with the cash in his hand and immediately regrets it when he realizes there was a $20 in the stack.

    Mickey continues to mess with Marshall through the intercom system as Marshall tries to make his way through the house in the dark.

    Ted decides the gang doesn't need Marshall and Lily because they have Better Lily and New Marshall, but when Better Lily's shift is over she gets up to leave. When New Marshall tells them they're headed to an underground poker game in a mostly abandoned insane asylum. Barney's excited, and they go along. At the game, Ted is giddy and drunk as he wins a hand and takes his winnings from a cast of shady-looking characters at the table.

    The game in the dark continues at the house as Mickey sneaks into a kitchen drawer in the dark to steal the matches before Marshall can get there. Marshall makes it to the basement steps, though, and ignores Mickey's warning about the second step before falling through it and tumbling down the rest of the way -- eventually landing on Mickey's drum set.

    Back at the poker game, Ted is making the sketchy-looking group angry with his bragging about beating them at poker. One of them grabs Ted's tie and sticks the end of it to the table with a switchblade.

    New Marshall steps in to defend Ted, but the whole gang makes a run for it. New Marshall and Better Lily catch up with them outside and say they're going to a party in a slaughterhouse. We hear each person's thoughts after the suggestion is made: Robin doesn't want to go; Barney is sobbing -- in his mind -- about not wanting to lead the gang anymore; New Marshall can't believe "Dr. Kevin" doesn't remember him from sessions they had together three years ago; Kevin realizes he might recognize New Marshall as "the lunatic who stabbed all those prison guards"; and Ted thinks they're "got to hit that party." Ted says this out loud and they all go.

    Marshall, who's in pain on the floor of the basement, calls out to Lily that he misses their place in the city -- and he's pretty sure he has a drumstick stuck "somewhere bad." Mickey tells Lily he's "just trying to be helpful." Lily tells him a really helpful dad -- and grandfather -- would help get the lights back on.

    New Marshall tells the group they'll need to give him $200 each as a cover charge for the slaughterhouse party, which Better Lily claims is a "New York Yankees/Coca-Cola party." Ted believes this and pulls out his cash.

    Mickey successfully guys Marshall through the dark basement over the intercom and the lights come back on. The experience, Old Ted tells us, resulted in Mickey's only successful board game: "Lights Out!," in which kids go through a round of dangerous obstacles to get to the end of the board.

    Robin, Kevin and Barney realize they've been robbed. Barney realizes he can't lead the gang without Marshall and Lily. Robin thinks they're gone and will eventually only see them for holiday parties. Barney imagines the years passing and they'll find out Marshall is dead, and he'll be there for Lily emotionally, at first, but then it becomes sexual and he'll feel guilty, but then the guilt just makes it dirtier and better. Ted says he won't let any of that happen -- especially the last part. He demands that everyone head to Long Island to see Marshall and Lily. Robin asks Kevin if he wants to go to Long Island, and he says no. They're both relieved that one of them finally said no to something.

    In Long Island, Marshall and Lily wake up to a surprise: Barney, Robin and Ted are there. Mickey's made pancakes, but with the bigger crowd, he'll have to make more. He tells Lily he'll leave, but she says he can stick around for two more weeks. Old Ted tells us it wound up being longer than two weeks. Old Ted also tells us and the kids that while the gang wasn't always living within a few minutes of their booth at the bar, they realized their booth was "wherever the five of us were together" -- as we see them eating their pancakes at Marshall and Lily's booth-style kitchen table.

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