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baburgener-1316025 February 2017
This is a wonderful movie. A lot more of an action flick than title suggests. Was a pleasant surprise as plot unfolded. Ben Affleck is perfect for this part. Well written script and good acting by all. Nice use of flashbacks for character development. Many twists and turns and a bit of a surprise ending. Watch it! You won't be disappointed.
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John Wick meets Good Will Hunting
allstarrunner13 October 2016
It's as if John Wick is the savant janitor from Good Will Hunting, and surprisingly, it worked.

What should you expect? It has flashes of John Wick action, but it most certainly isn't an all out action movie, however, it also isn't primarily a drama focusing on his autistic/accounting side of things; I felt they did a really good job of combining both elements into a movie that swings back and forth between the two.

I thought the acting was great all around; I found the plot solid and enjoyable.

Here is the bottom line: Yes, this movie is worth your money to see in the theater.

p.s. I'll be the first to admit I have no idea how autism really affects people and how accurate it is or is not portrayed in this movie; I saw this movie as nothing more than what it is: a fictional story to entertain.
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Affleck shines as the autistic Accountant with a dark talent.
TxMike26 May 2017
Warning: Spoilers
My wife and I watched this at home on DVD from our public library.

I have always liked Ben Affleck and consider most of his harsh criticism unfair. He is a fine actor and it is in full display here as Christian Wolff, one of his aliases. We see from flashbacks to his childhood that his autism hindered his development but with a combination of a military father who taught him to fight his own battles and a clinic that treats those with a variety of disorders, he grew up to become a "high functioning" adult. And with his unusual talents with numbers became a highly effective Accountant.

His dark secret is that he often works for world-wide crime organizations and gets compensated very well. Although he has a house, very sparsely furnished, his real possession is a trailer he keeps inside a storage unit, it has most of his wealth, rare artworks, and his guns.

Christian takes no guff from anyone and when he goes after a person or a group is a very effective killer. Anna Kendrick as company Accountant Dana Cummings and J.K. Simmons as Tax agent Ray King, both get pulled into his world.

The topic is distasteful, a criminal Accountant who goes after bad people, judge, jury and executioner. But it is a very well made movie and the acting is top-notch.
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Surprisingly good.
cazmor21 July 2018

It is always pleasant to go into a movie with no expectations, and this one delivered in spades.

Any story starts with... well a great story, and this is it, although somewhat predictable it's more a comforting predictable, a good guy wins story with enough great twists in it to keep the interest.

The cast here lifts the game, who knew Affleck had this in him, and supported by the ever sweet Kendrick (all be it with a kick-ass moment), and throw in favorites like Simmons (Terminator Genisys) and Addai-Robinson (Shooter), all playing their respective parts well.

The scene with Affleck's and Kendrick's characters having lunch showed great subtly in writing, directing and acting. A lot of dry and subtle humor throughout.

No overdone CGI either, just good clean action, regularly punctuating the plot, with the clean cinematography only adding to clinical nature of our lead character.

For the run-of-the-mill action flick, you shouldn't pass this one up.
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It's entertaining and smart.
jdesando13 October 2016
A thriller should be entertaining and smart, both of which The Accountant is. Christian Wolff (Ben Affleck) is not Christian in the traditional sense, but he is a wolf of a hunter, about as accurate as anyone behind a telescopic gun barrel could be.

Yet he's a brilliant accountant at the same time, thank you, autism: He has a savant's grasp of facts and numbers (think Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man) but a serious deficiency in the affective and communicative categories. Affleck plays him with a grasp of disaffection that is almost humorous, in fact is with some of his straight-arrow responses: "I don't guess," he says when queried if he had a hunch about the perpetrator of a fraud.

You see, he is hired by all kinds of wealthy and criminal business people and governments to uncook their books or whatever is necessary to discover fraud or put the books in order. These jobs lead to situations where he is wanted by bad guys or the IRS or whomever. Wolff's legitimate, current job for a robotics company is complicated enough for him to need several glass walls to write on (think Affleck's buddy Mark Damon in Good Will Hunting), taking in hours what would consume days for a host of professional accountants.

And so it goes according to the thriller formula that the bad guys will be on his trail, and he will be made vulnerable by a cute co-worker, Dana (Anna Kendrick), who has some of his math savvy and maybe a bit of sweet for him. The Accountant veers from formula because that romance is of the "chaste-and-from-afar" kind, almost but not quite at the kiss stage. It's pleasant not to be bothered by heavy sex when the complications are of the cerebral, themselves the core of pleasure in this brainy, but not too, action drama.

Unfortunately our autistic hero, trained by a merciless military father to defend himself because dad knew son would always be treated as different, slips into thriller stereotype, e.g. Christian puts down too many hired guns at one time, albeit in the service of a noble retaliation for a prison friend. Although the action is within the parameters of the genre, it here feels overdone given the cerebral contexts that otherwise provide plenty of thrills.

One of the joys of this film is to see Affleck show some acting chops; he may never be like Dustin Hoffman, but he's memorably stoic here, a long way from J.Lo and Gigli.
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The Accountant - review: Intellectual & Ferocious
parleon-thedon14 October 2016
Gavin O'Connor, the director of my favorite movie Warrior. Ben Affleck, the once ridiculed but now stupendous entertainer. J.K. Simmons, the distinguished actor from Whiplash. Jon Bernthal, the rising star from The Walking Dead who's a known but yet still unknown actor, and he's great by the way. John Lithgow, an actor who delivers uncanny especially when he's the villain. Bill Dubuque, who the hell is this guy, but he wrote this movie, and this appears to be his first major project besides Robert Downey Jr's The Judge. I enjoy all of these people's work one way or another. This movie has a good director, good leading man, and an all-star cast. From the trailers, this movie seemed like an intellectual movie about a young boy growing up with mental problems, the boy grows up and becomes an accountant, through his work he does business with shady characters, for some reason his clients want him dead, but we know The Accountant is far more capable of much more than they know. I was anticipating this movie based on all the information I just provided. I thought this movie couldn't miss. Is The Accountant a good movie? The Accountant is a good movie.

The direction of this seems rather simple, but as the story progresses, things become a bit too complicated, and maybe not for the better.

I understood the main story and what was happening. The subplot of the movie is what threw me off. I thought the secondary plot was a bit messy but yet still engaging.

The acting in this movie was excellent. I think Ben Affleck as Christan Wolff is the best character he's ever played. Affleck's performance is both engaging and mesmerizing. Everyone does their job here, but Affleck steals the show.

The violence feels ultra realistic. I love action movies, but none have felt as real as this in a long time. When The Accountant kills people, he kills people, and it's not pretty.

There's a lot of jump cutting that's present here. This movie constantly jumps from the past to the present without warning, but the transitions are fluid.

The execution of the story at times feels tedious due to its consistent jump cutting, multi-layered plot, and abundance of characters.

Each character gets their moment, and everyone plays a part, but it's the coincidence that brings them all together.

I think this movie is trying to be more than what it is, and it succeeds. The Accountant movie has a multi-layered engaging main plot about mental illness in young children and how they cope with their situations. The secondary plot is about The Accountant doing business with the wrong people. There's another plot to this movie with J.K Simmons and his story's compelling, but it lacks conviction.

Overall, I enjoyed this movie. The fight scenes and choreography were breathtaking. The main plot was engaging. Ben Affleck delivered the best performance of his career. Every actor played their part. This movie suffers from sensory overload, but regardless, I believe that it will stimulate not only intellectuals but white-knuckled action junkies as well. The main plot, Ben Affleck, and the violence is ferocious.

Final Grade: A-
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Engaging n entertaining drama/thriller. Ben Affleck's best performance.
Fella_shibby6 March 2017
When it released in theatre i dismissed it thinking it might be another dull movie on an accountant. I thot another Bourne rip off or shaky cam stuff. Boy i was so wrong. This movie is a very good drama/thriller. Saw this recently on a rented DVD. Affleck stars as The Accountant who has some dark secrets and illegal dealings. He had a rough childhood as an autistic kid who was raised by his army dad who made sure that his kids learn military training n Indonesian martial arts so that they r not exploited. Affleck credibly adopted the traits, behaviors and symptoms of autism. His performance was very good. The movie starts slowly but its not boring. There is sufficient character development n the story has good amount of twists n turns. There are several intersecting story lines in this film and one branch of that is the federal department tracking The Accountant. There is ample amount of action, both gun firing n hand to hand combat. The headshots r brutal, the body count is high n the movie ended well leaving room for a much needed sequel. But it is not ur typical action like John wick or The Equalizer. Thankfully it is not shot in hand held camera a la Jason bourne n Taken style jus to make it appear fast paced. The movie is engaging n entertaining. The suspense n tension is maintained throughout. Director O'Connor succeeded in normalising autism and showing that behavioural conditions should not get in the way of anyone's life.
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Hello Dreamboat, Shall We Review The Accountant ?
RobTortureWright9 January 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Hello, Dreamboat. Shall we Chat about the film ?

Well we didn't backdoor the pentagon but just like the final song this film truly left something behind, a legacy.

This is how you make an action film, this is how you make a dramatic film, hell this is how you make a film, period. I cannot praise this film enough, it has everything you want; Superbly written layered characters that grow and evolve throughout the film, a strong, gripping, tense and highly entertaining storyline, highest quality acting and a thourougly satisfying ending.

Coming off 'The Town' I didn't think I'd see Ben play such a deep emotionally damaged but tough as nails character for a long time but this film truly brings out the best in Afflecks acting abilities.

Unlike the Muhammed Ali jigsaw puzzle this film takes its time to lay out all the pieces on the board, never missing a step in turning up the heat at just the right moments to keep you wanting more. It's like all the best moments from Taken, The Equalizer and John Wick rolled into one masterpiece of a film.

The hurt you feel for Christian Wolff and what he's had to endure makes you understand exactly why he lives the life he does. He's a survivor and a man seeking justice at all costs and damn does he deliver justice to the guilty.

What I loved was the characters never felt too over the top, they always felt real and true to who they were, which is difficult to do with people like Wolffs brother Brax and Anna Kendricks Dana but they were written perfectly and slotted into the story in just the right way to help Wolff grow and understand more about life outside his bubble.

He battled with his condition and succeeded and can solve even the most complex maths equations but you don't need to times 298,567 by 92 to realise this film is a masterpiece.10/10.
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Best Film of the Year so far.
twilightasm1515 October 2016
This film connected with me on so many levels. It delivered in ways I was not expecting. I was laughing, cheering, crying, and ultimately walked out of that theater feeling more than satisfied. I want to go see it again. Something that is great about this film is that there are things you will pick up on more clearly through a second viewing, but it is not required to fully enjoy the film. Like I said in my title, I can say without a shadow of doubt that this film is better than any other film released this year. However, I will follow that by saying I have yet to see "Hell or High Water". So it's more like 99.9% sure. We will see how it holds up against the remaining anticipated releases. I do honestly believe it should be nominated come award season. This film is phenomenal and if you do not see this film before you die, you are doing yourself a disservice.
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The Best Movie I have seen in years
stork19472 November 2016
I have watched the Jason Bourne sagas for years. James Bond movies have been a mainstay since I was in my teens. Ben Affleck, as an actor, was average at best. With that said, I was somewhat skeptical when the trailers were first released about "The Accountant". My curiosity got the best of me. So I went to see it at a matinée. IT WAS SO GOOD!!! Every question raised in this movie was answered by its conclusion. It was so entertaining and creative. I LOVED IT!! The audience applauded at the end while the credits rolled.

I had to go see it again, because I missed some nuances. When I saw it the second time, again the audience (a different group) applauded at the end. GREAT MOVIE!!!

I might see it a third time. Can't get too much of a good thing.
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Unrelenting Brilliance
Ben Affleck is a brilliant actor (who knew) and this movie is his masterpiece. Didn't know Ben has this in him but damn was I ever wrong. Watched this off of my DVR recently, really not expecting much. Honorable mention to Kendrick, she was really good in her role and the chemistry between her character and Christians was palpable. There are honestly no bad actors in this film but Ben knocks it out of the park. So intense and over the top was his performance, exactly what it needed to be, I was mesmerized. Oscar worthy, in my opinion, an acting master class.
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Knower of All, Master of None
bkrauser-81-31106416 October 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Christian Wolff (Affleck) has a secret. Behind the cover of an unassuming CPA office, the otherwise resourceful and bashful math savant works free-lance for some of the world's most nefarious criminal enterprises in the world. Yemen, Pakistan, New York, London, no matter where the man goes, there's simply no balance book too unclean nor any employer too dangerous for Wolff not to find missing money. Those recalcitrant enough to think he knows too much, end up at the business end of an anti-aircraft gun.

Yet this is only part of the story of Christian Wolff, as hinted in the puzzle-piece graphics of the film's brilliant trailer. One thing we get to know almost straight away is Wolff is somewhere on the spectrum. Asperger's, PDD, high-functioning autism; "I prefer not to put a label on things," says Jason Davis's neurologist character as young Chris (Lee) jostles in the background. Convenient; now we can assume Wolff's abilities to uncooked 15 years of books in a single afternoon, kill an assailant with a J. Crew bridle belt and find the works of Jackson Pollock stimulating are all functions of his un- categorized disorder.

Now in fairness to the film, Hollywood hasn't exactly had a stellar track record when it comes to giving autistic characters moments in the limelight, even when they're being portrayed with a modicum of sympathy or humanity. To give credit where credit is due, The Accountant does a good job differentiating between the attributes of Chris's disorder with the skills he has ascertained through years of tutelage from his roughneck father (Treveiler). As exploitative as the film could have been, I give props to writer Bill Dubuque for not making our entrenched protagonist an autism powered super assassin but rather a gifted assassin who also processes the world differently.

Yet the film also seems to want to add more to the soup adding layers of espionage thriller dramatics, murder mystery reveals and oddly familiar flashbacks which all seem to serve different masters. Much of the film diverts attention between Wolff and blackmailed Treasury analyst Marybeth Medina (Addai-Robinson) who is coaxed by Director King (Simmons) to find the mystery accountant. The buildup in itself is alright but the backlog of reveals and plot-twists culminates in one fifteen minute exposition drop that capsizes the film like throwing a brick at a miniature sailboat.

Meanwhile the mystery afoot in The Accountant involves Wolff's newest freelance job which has him investigating biomedical pioneer Lamar Black (Lithgow) and his company. While initially a mundane audit job, Wolff finds himself in a web of intrigue that ensnares the company's board of directors, a sinister security force and a salaried accountant (Kendrick) who first uncovered the can of worms.

Again, the mystery in itself could have worked if it lent itself more organically to the character. Unfortunately the unexpected Michael Clayton (2007) milieu only made me want to see Wolff's less legitimate work all the more. It'd be one thing if Wolff was a pedestrian CPA with Asperger's, who was suddenly thrust into a plot of corporate intrigue. Yet knowing that the man has a clientele that includes terrorists, drug cartels, the mob and a suspiciously quaint melon farmer, I kept expecting bigger fish to come swimming up.

Overall, The Accountant is a skillfully done semi-decent thriller that could have done infinitely better if it defined what it was early and kept its focus. Is it a cerebral mystery, a ballsy action flick, a family drama, a cautionary tale, a morality play, an excuse to commend Ben Affleck's range; certainly it can be all. But sadly it settles for being a knower of all and a master of none.
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The Oscars ,What a joke
Pzachlen18 June 2017
Just watched this unknown film and have to say, if this would have been nominated and won over LaLa Land,or The winner Moonlight, I would have danced for joy. What a well written, conceived, complicated thriller. The surprise at the end is so unexpected but not in a ridiculous Hollywood way.It can be at times confusing but that is what makes a good film a good film. Wanting to see a film a second time to fully understand the motivations of the story telling and the actors.
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nowego3 June 2018
Before even thinking about writing this review I had to watch this superb movie once again. Words to use to describe this movie are hard to find.

Ben Affleck, J.K. Simmons, Anna Kendrick, and John Lithgow. Just some of the great actors in this gem.

Mention that a movie has any one of those names and I will be interested in watching it. Put them all in the same movie and I will have no hesitation in watching it. In this case multiple times on repeat it is so good.

The one thing that gives me goosebumps every time I even think about this movie is the sense of honour the main character has, he will do anything for those he loves or he thinks deserves his protection. In my opinion this is all down to his father and the way he was brought up. Real genuine friends are hard to find and when you do find one you do everything to protect them.

The chemistry between Ben Affleck and Anna Kendrick is as clear as day and that was another thing that makes this movie so good for me.

This is a must watch movie, I highly recommend it.

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Best film of the year
drjgardner14 October 2016
I'm not a Ben Afflick fan but I am a fan of the 3Ds (doom, destruction, and death) and I thought this was a 3D film. Yes, it is a 3D film, but it is so much more. In reality the film is about family, and you won't realize that at first.

The script is so well crafted this film should be used in writing classes. I guarantee you will not know what's coming, and after they hit you, they're going to hit you again, even better. Truly exceptional writing.

The acting is also exceptional. Anna Kendrick, J.K.Simmons, and Jon Bernthal really stand out, and for Bernthal it is a change of pace and he carries it off very well. Jeffrey Tambor, John Lithgow and Jean Smart do their usual good job.

You should see this film. I've rated nearly 5,000 films and only gave 87 a rating of "10". That's how good I think this film is.
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Original and Above Average Action Film
claudio_carvalho26 February 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Christian Wolff (Ben Affleck) is an efficient accountant that is usually hired to find financial deceptions and embezzlement for criminal organizations. His point of contact is a woman's voice by phone and the means of payment are sometimes valuable paintings or gold bars instead of money. Christian was an autistic child that received a rigid military training with his brother Braxton from their paranoid military father. The director of the Treasure Department Raymond "Ray" King (J.K. Simmons) has been unsuccessfully hunting The Accountant for a long period and he blackmails the efficient analyst Marybeth Medina (Cynthia Addai-Robinson) to identify who he is before his retirement. When the accountant Dana Cummings (Anna Kendrick) finds an embezzlement of 61 million-dollars in the Living Robotics, Christian is hired to audit the company by the owner Lamar Blackburn (John Lithgow) and his sister Rita Blackburn (Jean Smart). The financial director Ed Chilton (Andy Umberger) tells that Dana committed a mistake but soon Christian checks the books and confirms the embezzlement. During the night, Chilton is murdered as if he had committed suicide and Lamar finishes the audit affecting Christian that have not finished his work. Soon Dana and he are hunted down by hit men and Christian protects her. Meanwhile Median finds his true identity and Christian is hunted by Ray and the FBI. Who might be the person behind the embezzlement?

"The Accountant" is an original and above average action film. The cast has great performances; the screenplay using flashbacks is intriguing since the very beginning and the plot point in the end is a great surprise to the audiences. The ratings indicates that viewers usually like this film that has elements for a good franchise. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "O Contador" ("The Accountant")
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Excellent, what I call a "smart" movie
WeWatchMovies29 March 2019
Great story!!! I was really surprised at how much I liked it, I'm not a big affleck fan but I bought this movie and have watched 4 times already! It was really a great movie for people who know about autism and the different places on the spectrum. The action was great too, we love us some kick a$$ scenes and action, but the story was very heartfelt, very!!! It's close to home and I thought they did an excellent job with the intricacies of the main character and how things unfolded. It wa a great mystery too!! Loved it.
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Good Action with Pretty Great Acting
dawnmgilliam22 February 2017
I don't usually say this about Ben Affleck movies but the acting was pretty great all the way through. Even Affleck himself gave a great performance; in order to pull this off had to make an autistic man seem human, caring, relatable and even sympathetic...something he did with subtle expression and timing. I wasn't expecting a lot maybe.. but I was pleasantly surprised by this film. I gave it a 9 because I can't think of a way to have really made it a better story or gain a better performance out of the players. It was entertaining and that is all I really see movies for... good entertainment.
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A largely entertaining, but deeply flawed, action-thriller.
Troy_Campbell5 November 2016
Ben Affleck's acting resurgence of the last few years (Argo, Gone Girl, his take on Batman) notches up another tick in the box, this time with an introspective and multi-layered turn as the titular black-market bookkeeper who battles autism, assassins and federal agents. An intricately woven thriller boasting multiple twists and turns—of varying predictability—there's enough meat on the narrative bones to compensate for the over-utilisation of rote flashbacks and the occasional slip into genre cliché. The autism angle certainly lends a fresh viewpoint on old tropes but the film never feels completely confident to commit, becoming selective about when it depicts the mental condition warts-and-all and when it tames it down to suit the scene. That's possibly an unfair criticism though as this movie is an action-thriller first and foremost, and a damn good one at that. The set pieces are a mix of scrappy hand-to-hand fights, à la the Bourne series, and gunplay that emphasises practicality similar to that displayed in John Wick; combining to create sequences that are both brutal and stylish. Thankfully the editing isn't as impatient as it can be in a lot of action flicks, with shots held on the recognisable actors just long enough to convince you they're doing their own stunts, whilst the booming sound design gives the sniper scenes an extra bit of chest-pummelling oomph. It's a shame the otherwise exciting finale is at times lit so dimly it's like you're viewing it with sunglasses on, as it detracts slightly from what could have been an epic climax. But hey, that's a minor quibble. Sharing the screen with Affleck, Jon Bernthal's wild streak comes out to play in another menacing badass role and J.K. Simmons is dependably magnetic as a lead agent with a secret past, however Anna Kendrick's kooky numbers cruncher seems to have walked in from a completely different movie (Pitch Perfect 3 perhaps?). It's by no means flawless, yet the high calibre action, gripping central performance and a few plot-based surprises make The Accountant a largely satisfying cinematic outing.
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Nicest movie of this year until now
fontana-marcos21 October 2016
Yesterday I went to watch the Accountant movie. After watch the movie I felt a strong relation with another movie, Warrior (another movie that I really enjoyed). When I came back to my house, with a small research I saw that the director of both movies was the same, Gavin O'Connor. Now, I feel that I watched 2 movies with different histories but with the same essence. I really enjoyed this movie. It worth every penny.

Ben Affleck did very well on this movie. Other actors too. Well done production.

The action scenes were really well done and the Barrett .50 sound is amazing. I love that weapon.
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Loved It !!!
waelkatkhuda17 February 2017
The accountant is an action, crime drama film . directed by Gavin O'connor and starring: Ben Affleck at the leading role.

Story line :

the story is about a mental calculator who works as forensic accountant tracking insider financial deception for numerous criminal enterprises brought to him by an unknown women voice on his phone.

Review :

to me this was by far one of the best films that were released last year, it is not an Oscar film but it is a good one with great acting performance from Ben Affleck, Cynthia Addai-Robinson, J.K. Simmons and Anna kendrick.

Affleck's performance here's one of his best next to his amazing role in Gone Girl 2014 (which i highly recommend you to watch), he really brought to the character everything and show to us how people with autism live.

the action scenes are the soul of the film, i enjoyed them very much especially ben's head shots they were very funny and enjoyable and his fighting skills were really amazing( i just which they had put a little more action to this film, but i guess due to the flashback scenes and the difficult story it would have become too difficult to focus.

As for the brother role it was OK in the flash back but when it came to present time it was a little bit bad and the reason of it is choosing an actor who is totally different in race and physic and i just kept looking at him wondering what the hell they were thinking when they chose him to play the role (even his body figure was totally different from the child's body!) for me that was the only bad thing in this film.

Final rate :

8 out of 10
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The Accountant does not add up.
st-shot15 November 2016
Warning: Spoilers
In this silly convoluted tale that seems to take place in a vacuum somewhere in Illinois Ben Affleck's stilted acting abilities find a home as an adult savant with autism. As Ben belts out his monotone performance we are treated to some major heat and flash of copious violence, ancillary padding and remarkable coincidence before it is all put to rest with a touching reunion mid- massacre.

Christian Wolfe (Affleck) is a brilliant numbers guy who has cooked the books for some heavy hitters throughout the world. He has become enormously wealthy (Renoir and a Pollock adorn his Airstream) but all the money in the world cannot normalize his ability to communicate with humans. With the Treasury Department chasing him for evasion he takes on a legitimate payday with a Fortune 500 like company but they are knee deep in a multi-million dollar skimming scheme and Christian has to revert to his other specialties to win the day.

As Terminator with a CPA, Affleck's wooden Wolfe lacks the Austrian accent but remains Arnold like in an All-American way. Besides being brilliant around spread sheets he is also a superb shot with all types of weapons as well as a karate kid, not bad for a child with a handicap.

The most amazing thing about Christian though is his ability to hide in plain sight while he wipes out poorly shaven baddies with computer game efficiency while Treasury agents sit around and wax nostalgic about their imperfect pasts.

Director Gavin O'Connor directs with a heavy hand as scenes sink into bathos, his entire cast, save for when there is action, looking fatigued. Building his story like a sloppy sandwich you won't be able to fit into your mouth with banal subplots he attempts to give the film an emotional pull through flashback but the story stretches credulity constantly while the abysmal climax of discovery and gore is so dreadfully paced, the surprises along the way anything but, While it does have its books in order for a sequel the Accountant, nevertheless, goes bankrupt in no time.
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Above average action film that could have used more focus
bankofmarquis15 October 2016
Do you know what I found the most unbelievable thing in Ben Affleck's latest action film, THE ACCOUNTANT?

The accounting!

Ben Affleck as an Autistic accountant who helps "un-cook the books" of some nefarious fellows - no problem.

That same Autistic accountant who also is deadly trained in martial arts and weapons - no problem (though it does stretch credibility almost to the breaking point).

But when THE ACCOUNTANT went into a giant corporation and uncovered a major siphoning off of funds with the skills and accounting acumen that an Accounting neophyte like I could have uncovered, I threw the flag. These bigwigs would have been busted almost immediately, and not "suddenly uncovered" 15 years later!

Put that aside and THE ACCOUNTANT is an above-average action film with an interesting plot (and subplots) that suffers from a lack of focus that can be distracting at times, but - ultimately - succeeds despite these failures.

Let's start with the performances and the actors in the 4 main lead roles. All well cast with very good actors - in some cases too good - which is part of this film's strength, and it's weakness.

Up front, of course, is Affleck's turn as the titular ACCOUNTANT. He is very good in this role and despite his character's lack of emotion, he portrays quite a bit through look, gesture and silence and you are drawn to this character. He is ably abetted by the great JK Simmons as the Treasury agent hot on his trail. At first, it looks like Simmons is channeling a minor version of his Oscar winning character in WHIPLASH, but then, something happens and layers are peeled back to reveal a vulnerability and likability that endures you to him. Add to this is Jon Bernthal's enigmatic assassin who is also after Affleck. Bernthal really has one trait that works for him - simmering rage - and he puts it to good use here.

But the performance that drew me the strongest into the film and, at the same time, pulled me away from it is Anna Kendrick as Jr. Accountant Dana Cummings, the person who uncovers the misdeeds of the corporation. Her character doesn't come on screen until about 1/3 of the way through the film, but at that point, she begins to take over in a role that should have been a supporting role. I don't blame Kendrick for this, she is a charismatic and engaging actress who is "must watch", I blame Director Gavin O'Connor for losing focus on who the main character of this film is.

Is it about THE ACCOUNTANT (Affleck)?

Is it about the agent chasing him (Simmons) and the secrets that he is hiding that connects him to THE ACCOUNTANT?

Is it about the assassin charged with killing THE ACCOUNTANT (Bernthal) and the connections these two share? it about the JUNIOR ACCOUNTANT (Kendrick) and the idea of the innocent being pulled into a world of non-innocence?

Any one of these films would have been interesting, or maybe a film that was 25% about each of these...but, with Affleck in the lead, O'Connor focuses 70% of the film on THE ACCOUNTANT, so when we start spending, and investing, in the other characters, it is jarring when you are pulled from one to the other and back to Affleck's titular character.

All that said, I found I was invested in the finale action sequence and wanted each character to succeed, even though they are on opposite sides, which is a sign, for me, of something working well, I just wish things were more focused.

7 (out of 10) stars and you can take that to the Bank (ofMarquis)
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Rain Man with a Kalashnikov
bob-the-movie-man8 November 2016
Warning: Spoilers
So... it's not the most PR-friendly title in the world, but it is a whole lot more interesting than it sounds. Ben Affleck plays the titular accountant (who may or may not be called Christian Wolff) - a sort of evil Jack Reacher of the financial world: off-the-grid behind multiple aliases and with financial fingers in more murky pies around the world than seems tasteful.

Not only is he a mathematical genius with the numbers, but is also extremely handy with his fists and an arsenal of high powered weaponry he keeps in his executive trailer home... ready to up-roots and disappear at any time.

Supported over the phone by a mysterious 'Pepper-Potts-style' personal assistant, who appears more machine than person, Affleck is guided from job to job, dropping in the occasional "normal" job to keep the authorities off his tail. One of these is for a bio-technology company headed up by Lamar Black (John Lithgow) who brings him in - against the wishes of his FD and long term friend Ed Chilton (Andy Umberger) - since all appears not quite right in the books. Junior accountant Dana Cummings (Anna "Pitch Perfect" Kendrick) is the young lady who has seen the discrepancy but can't track it down in the labyrinthine accounts.

This so called 'safe' job lands both him and Dana in extreme danger as person or persons unknown, fronted by a hired 'heavy' played by Jon Bernthal, try to prevent some dodgy activities coming to the surface.

As a parallel thread, the head of the Treasury Department's Crime Enforcement Division, Ray King (J.K. Simmons, "Whiplash") strong-arms (for no readily apparent reason) analyst Marybeth Medina (an impressive Cynthia Addai-Robinson) into pursuing Wolff. With a keen intellect and a strong incentive she begins to close in.

Directed by Gavin O' Connor, this - for me - is a frustratingly inconsistent film. When it flies, it really flies well, both at an action level and at a dramatic level. The flashback scenes to Wolff's childhood are well done, showing how the autistic and needy youngster who needed compassion, quiet and understanding got the exact opposite from his militaristic father (Robert C Treveiler) to 'jolt him out of' his condition. It is easy to understand how he turned out the way he did.

On the flip side, the plot progression almost deliberately shines a spotlight on some questions (no spoilers) that if you ask them you immediately see the answers, resulting in most of the rest of the plot falling into place without shock or surprise. There was only one genuine twist for me, right at the end of the film, that I didn't see coming.

The script by Bill Dubuque ("The Judge") delivers some really nice scenes between Affleck and Kendrick, some smart (and genuinely funny) one-liners and one of the best abruptly ended speeches since Samuel L. Jackson's in "Deep Blue Sea". However, the whole Treasury Investigation story-line (however good it is to see J.K. Simmons act) is somewhat superfluous to the whole thing and just doesn't work.

Kendrick and Affleck have good chemistry, with Affleck trying desperately to breathe some likability into what is a pretty cold and calculating character. It's hard though to empathise with someone who - albeit indirectly - is the source of such misery around the world through drugs, terrorism, dictatorships and God-knows what else. Kendrick plays kooky and naive really well, but she really ought to get some protocols sorted out around letting people into her apartment: she really doesn't seem to learn!

It's a nice idea and entertaining to watch, but the delivery is flawed.

(Agree? Disagree? For the graphical version of this review and to comment please visit Thanks.)
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Bourne gets a calculator
j_smith_74 December 2016
Warning: Spoilers
This movie has a lot of flaws. The script is rambling, the sequencing not coherent, the portrayal of autism stereotypical and, worst of all, it has Anna Kendrick in it.

Affleck does his best to portray the 'dead on the inside' accountant who just wants to feel and be loved. But, the messy story line and the altogether silly arc of the narrative left me thinking 'Just another bad movie you're in Ben...ya need to stop and think really hard before you agree to the next project'. Because, from his (let's say) 'crowning achievement' of Argo (which left me 'Eh!' for the record), Affleck has slowly slid down into roles that any guy over six feet tall and broad at the beam could have played. It would be churlish to say that, like his old chum, Matt Damon, Affleck is trying too hard to be part of a franchise action series like the 'Bourne' movies. (Though, 'The Accountant' left us in no doubt, like Arnie, he'll 'be back'). Nevertheless, this is just another pot-boiler action movie along the lines of so many others that take up space at the cinema and, unsurprisingly, do very well there too. So, your seats for 'The Accountant 2...Payback'.

There is a well honed cast of supporting actors here. JK Simmons is good, though not great and must have choked on some of the lines he had to say. John Lithgow earned his keep (though from scene 1 he appeared in, we knew he was the bad guy...pantomime boo hiss). Cynthia Addai-Robinson tries really hard to be convincing in her role as a put upon special agent though, she fails. And the great Jeffrey Tambor is on screen for too little time to value the appearance and contribution of such a fine actor in this rambling story. Where it all really does fall apart is when Ana Kendrick appears on screen. Seriously? You expect us to take her seriously? For sure there are a lot of actors appearing in movies who got there by luck and not by talent but, she can't act. She can't do it. I mean, look...she cannot act! Now, before anybody goes haywire at me for praising some male actors here and appearing derogatory to the two female characters in this movie, I should add...Cynthia Addai-Robinson was great, I mean really great, in Luc Besson's/Olivier Megaton's 'Colombiana' a few years back. She did a really fine job in that movie. But, Anna Kendrick? Jeez, she stank in 'Up In The Air' (playing the same character as in this movie); she stank in '50/50' (playing the same character as in this movie); she stank in the truly awful 'Mr. Right' (playing the same character as in this movie) and she is currently involved in 'Pitch Perfect 3' (God help us all) which we all know will stink to high Heaven. In short, she's the luckiest, most talent-less actor out there right now. For one, I have no idea how she got there.

But, to finish on the only noteworthy thing in this movie. Jon Bernthal. Ladies and gentlemen, we are in the presence of a film star. Even though a lot of what he had to do was clichéd nonsense (the good guy/bad guy gangster type), he did it all with absolute conviction. This meant that his performance was, by far, the only credible character in the whole powder-puff that is 'The Accountant'. (Immediate disclaimer - the incongruous and plain silly ending he had to cough the last lines out of remains just that, incongruous and plain silly). But, he's a genuine star and I hope to see much more of him in better movies than this.

All in all, 2 hours passed. 4 out of 10
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