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(I) (2012)

Ross Noble: Stitches



  • Stitches : Everybody Happy?

  • Stitches : Can you tell what it is yet?

  • [last line before being killed] 

    Stitches : Well fuck me sideways... I never thought I'd end up with egg on my face.

  • Young Richie : You're not my dad.

    Stitches : I could be, you know.

  • [Riches last words before being killed by Stiches] 

    Richie : What are you doing to me?

    Stitches : Shut up, you fat head.

  • Stitches : [kick's Paul's head off] 

    Stitches : This party's really kicking now.

  • [Repeated line] 

    Stitches : Sniff them out.

  • [to Sarah after decapitating Paul by kicking his head off] 

    Stitches : Sorry about Paul, he had to head off!

  • [after being stabbed in the left eye again] 

    Stitches : Deja motherfucking Vu.

  • Stitches : Get your gob around this Kate.

  • [repeated line] 

    Stitches : Here, Tommy, Tommy, Tommy.

  • [On deciding who to kill first, Tom or Kate] 

    Stitches : Now what's better the look on your face when I stab her? or the look on her face when I stab you?

  • [to Bulger who's mistaken him for Paul] 

    Stitches : I'm NOT Paul HE had to HEAD OFF!

  • [beating a cat to death] 

    Stitches : Let's see how many lives you've got left one... two... three... four... five... six... seven... eight... nine... DEAD.

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