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  • The team treats an underage and homeless female patient, but when her symptoms worsen and call for an invasive surgery requiring adult consent, House and Adams argue over whether they should contact social services. The patient confesses that she ran away from home after struggling to take care of her mother, a recovering drug addict. But when her mother appears at her bedside, a more complicated relationship is revealed and the patient's mother must put the past aside and make the best decision for her daughter. Meanwhile, Taub has a difficult time connecting with his infant daughters and House threatens to exploit Foreman's relationship with a married woman.


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  • We open with a girl and her father seeing House in the clinic for a supposed allergy problem. House figures out they are homeless and pretending to be related. But before the girls leaves he notices blood coming from her ear.

    House has the team meet him at a far-away diner ("because I can"). They discuss Jane Doe for a bit before Foreman walks in with his married girlfriend. House snaps a few photos and makes a few comments. Jane is clearly under 18, but House promised to not to calls protective services to keep her from running. The plan is to treat her for pneumococcus.

    Jane tells Adams she ran away from home because life was terrible, but has no interest in a group home or foster care. She also seems to be going to school.

    Two Civil War reenactors see House in the clinic for diarrhea. He is irritated by the fact they won't break character.

    Chase deleted the cell phone pictures House took of Foreman. Foreman tells Chase and Taub he's feeling guilty about the affair. Taub is nervous about spending time with his infant daughters because they are so "boring."

    Park and Adams look at the foreclosed house Jane was living in. They find mold and some beer. It's clear Adams doesn't like the idea of her not being with her parents.

    Jane can't feel her legs and collapses.

    The team talks about Jane while House shoots skeet (poorly). Fungal infection has been ruled out. Adams wants to call protective services. The next plan is to treat her with steroids. House lets Adams call protective services when she hits a target.

    House hires a prostitute to pretend to be a social worker. Adams figures it out based on her shoes.

    Foreman tries to give House extra clinic for hiring the fake social worker. House threatens to show his girlfriend's husband pictures of the two of them together.

    Wilson thinks House admires Jane and is protecting her. He anticipates he'll push away the parents when they arrive.

    Taub is struggling to pay attention to his kids.

    Jane is pissed at Adams, telling her that she's not going back to a mother who abused her. The mother (Ellen) shows up we learn Jane's name is Callie. Callie begins coughing up blood.

    At a turtle race the team agrees Callie does not have an autoimmune problem. House doesn't think Ellen beat Callie -- Adams disagrees. House wants them to start treating for Zollinger-Ellison.

    Ellen admits to Adams she had issues with drugs, but assures her that she never hit Callie.

    Foreman's girlfriend tells him that she told her husband about him. He isn't happy.

    One of the Civil War guys returns with an accidental gunshot wound to the foot. He says he was keeping up the act because his brother is into it.

    Callie tells Adams that she has to be the parent because Ellen couldn't hold down a job, spending all their money on pills. Callie just couldn't take it anymore. And she doesn't think her mother can change.

    During a procedure Chase notices an ulcer in her stomach. It's not Zollinger-Ellison. It begins to bleed.

    Chase now thinks Callie is an alcoholic. House disagrees, thinking it's a berry aneurism.

    When Adams admits she disagrees with House' diagnosis, Carrie swears she doesn't have a problem. She wants the surgery, but it's Ellen's decision. Ellen says she needs more time.

    House is furious with Adams for telling the patient what she believes.

    House tells Ellen she should go with the surgery. He tells her that her daughter is better without her. He walks away and leaves a bottle of pills behind as a test. Ellen hands them back and tells him to treat for addiction.

    Foreman is more upset with the knowledge the husband knows and is surely upset.

    Adams tells Callie about the "test" Ellen passed. Adams tells her Ellen should get credit for finally acting like a mom.

    Wilson confronts House about his treatment of Ellen. House still hopes he's right, that the aneurism bursts without killing Callie.

    Taub presses Wilson for how he's able to relate to all of his patients. Wilson tells him sometimes the key is to find a common ground.

    Foreman tells his girlfriend he wants her to tell her husband they're no longer seeing each other. She leaves.

    It turns out the problem with the Civil War buffs (who have returned with vomiting) is that they are wearing cheap polyester uniforms.

    Callie and Ellen seem to come to some kind of understanding. Callie lets her stay in her room for the first time. At this point Callie falls unconscious and her stats drop. Adams says her aneurism must have burst.

    The team performs emergency surgery on Callie. There is no aneurism, but her organs have begun to fail.

    House asks Ellen if Callie went swimming in a lake or pond in Florida. Ellen says she did. It turns out that Callie has Ascariasis, an infections of parasitic roundworms. All she needs to do is take a few pills and she'll be fine.

    Later we see that Callie has snuck out of the hospital during her recovery. She left a note saying she didn't think her mother would completely change and wanted to remember her as she is now. House tells Adams to leave her attempts at absolution at home.

    Taub is reading to the girls about football.

    House tells Foreman he needed the rush of cheating and he'll eventually find something to replace it. He tells him that they aren't very different people.

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