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  • The team learns that their 14-year-old patient is suffering from more than teen angst when her physical symptoms worsen. Despite Foreman's firm opposition, House becomes obsessed with solving a peculiar case of a deceased four-year-old patient, which gets him into serious trouble. Meanwhile, Park tries to get Chase to admit the reason behind his recent obsession with grooming.


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  • House is arguing with Foreman about which case to take. Foreman has one with a 14-year old girl, and House's is a four-year old. Foreman wins when Adams points out the kid in House's case has been deceased for several years. After Foreman leaves House implies that he's still going to work on the other case, despite it threatening his freedom.

    The girl in the case, Iris, was in a car accident when she was two that killed her father. Iris got sick during her birthday party. Chase lied about having a dentist appointment and Park sees he got a manicure. The team wonders if Iris may have a drug issue.

    Iris tells Adams all she takes is Vitamin C. She had her reaction when opening a magic 8-ball. Her mother admits to Taub that she's been secretly giving her Diazepam.

    House tells Wilson about looking into the mysterious dead child. Wilson thinks he might be addicted to puzzle.

    The father of the dead child, Emory, is one of the people in House's anger management group. Emory has divorced the mother of the son he lost and she has re-married and has another child. Emory eventually tells House where is son is buried.

    Taub wants to give Iris a pregnancy test, she says she's never had sex. A few moment later she can't move her arms.

    House bribes a funeral attendee to let him have a few minutes with the child's body. While he's in the crypt he gets a call that Iris is pregnant. House looks at the child's fingers and notices something. Chase has gotten his eyebrow waxed. They are going to test Iris for STDs and look for tumors.

    After the (negative) MRI the docs see that Iris' arms are bruised.

    Foreman is aware that House snuck out during a GPS testing period. He promises that if he catches House he's going to rat him out to his P.O.

    Wilson talks to House about his job being to listen to Foreman.

    House has his anger management class meet at the hospital while he and Emory sneak over to the nearby home of his ex-wife Mickey. House is looking for poisons.

    Taub catches Chase in a lie and realizes something else is going on. Chase is going to appear as a TV doctor. They find some hardcore porn in Iris' room.

    Inside Mickey's place they find one remaining box of Drew's things. House takes more samples to test.

    Iris assures her mother she's never had sex. She says the porn belongs to the boyfriend her mother didn't know about. Iris tells her mother her boyfriend came to the hospital the night before and hit her. She suddenly has issues with her vision.

    Emory goes over to House's place where they drink and he runs some tests. Emory mentions that his wife never seemed to react to their son's death. He tells House about the names he created for words he couldn't pronounce.

    Wilson and Foreman discuss House. Foreman thinks he has to nip House in the bud before he gets out of control.

    House and Taub have found Chase's TV appearance.

    House tricks Mickey into coming to the clinic. He tries to see if perhaps she has an emotional disorder that caused her not to react to Drew's death and could be related to what caused it. That doesn't turn out to be the case, but she mentions that her father used to watch Drew quite a bit. She warns House not to contact him.

    House gets an idea from his conversation with Mickey. He tells Iris that her boyfriend has been hurt. This seems to trigger her to say that she is the boyfriend. Iris has multiple personality disorder, which the docs think was probably the result of the car accident. She'll have no recollection of many of the things she's done the past few years. To help figure out her medical situation Chase wants to hypnotize her and talk to the rest of the alters.

    Wilson tells House Foreman won't back down. Despite this, House makes up a lie and goes to see Mickey's father, telling him he is a doctor, but that his name is Wilson. He tells House that he and the kid basically just watched a lot of TV. During the conversation Mickey and her husband, alerted to House's presence, show up. The husband punches House in the face.

    One of Iris' alters is a little girl. She can't feel her arms. She remembers vividly the accident that killed her father and thinks it was her fault because she was crying. Chase notices that Iris appears to be bleeding between her legs.

    When tests show that Iris is still pregnant they decide to ultrasound. They do not find an embryo and Hosue figures out that the reason the test was positive is elevated hCG levels. Iris has cancer.

    A conversation with Wilson gives House another idea. He goes to Mickey's house and is doing something with her second child in the front yard when she and her husband run out. House tells them that she gave a genetic disorder to her both of her children. Both her father and the boys have difficulty hearing high frequency sounds, which is a symptom. Since House has discovered this in time they will be able to save the child.

    When Foreman tells Wilson he's going to have House sent back to prison, Wilson says what Cuddy did so well was harness House's power as a diagnostician.

    Foreman sits next to House and asks him what Cuddy would have done. He says ten clinic hours, to which Foreman answers "Cuddy's not here anymore: You've got 30."

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