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Created and co-produced by Whitney Cummings
rhpcookie14 November 2011
Refreshing. 90% of our prime time viewing reflects on the top 15% of our society- the rich people. Our mini-series and sit-coms are plagued with solving their daily dramas with a random assertion of richness. Honestly, I DVR this show but not Whitney's own show. I also respect the inclusion of all the other elements that are victimized by oppressors such as minorities, homosexuals, poor, etc. If it survives network's scrutiny, it may join the likes of Married with Children, Good Times, Three's Company. I kind of wished they had exploited Cat's previous character from 40 year old Virgin, but perhaps this is a more seasoned Cat. Beth's singing and dancing talents would also be fairly easy to sneak in because of her character's predisposition. But little by little. Reaching that $50,000 goal may require several seasons to open up that muffin shop.
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