Rocketman (2019) Poster


Bryce Dallas Howard: Sheila



  • Elton John : [on a payphone]  I'm... a homosexual... A poofter... A fairy... A queen...

    [long silence] 

    Elton John : ... Well say something!

    Sheila : Oh, for God's sake, I know that. I've known for years.

    Elton John : You don't mind?

    Sheila : Frankly I don't care, but I'd rather you keep that sort of thing to yourself. I just hope you realize you're choosing a life of being alone forever. You'll never be loved properly.

  • Sheila : I should never have had children. Do you know how disappointing it is to be your mother?

  • Elton John : For as long as I can remember, I've hated myself. Believed I'd never be loved.

    Counselor : Shows progress to take responsibility for your actions.

    Elton John : Yeah, but I started acting like a cunt in 1975. I just forgot to stop.


    Elton John : I do feel ashamed. Spent so long feeling resentful for things that just don't matter.


    Elton John : Maybe I should've tried to be more ordinary.

    [an illusion of Ivy walks into the rehab counseling room] 

    Elton John : Hello, Nan.

    Ivy : You was never ordinary.

    Sheila : Look at you. In here, talking about your feelings. What a waste of time.

    Elton John : Mum, I know it was never easy. And I hope you can forgive me. Because I've realized that's what we need to do now. Forgive each other.

    John Reid : No, your problem is you're selfish.

    Elton John : No. My problem was I believed you loved me. And you're incapable of it. I gave everything to keep something that I never even had in the first place.

    Fred : I always thought you was an introverted extrovert.

    Sheila : A what?

    Ivy : He's shy. He's always been shy.

    Sheila : It's all his father's fault.

    Stanley : Don't blame me. He'd have been strange, regardless.

    Elton John : Actually, I think I'm okay with 'strange'.

    Sheila : [looking at Stanley]  God. Not him.

    Elton John : Both of you. Stop. I'm not going to allow you to talk to me like this anymore.

    Bernie Taupin : It's about time you said that.

    Elton John : Bernie. I never told you how much I need you.

    Bernie Taupin : No, no, no. I love you, man. Always have, always will. You write songs that millions of people love. And that's what's important. You just need to remember who you are, and be okay with it.

    John Reid : He doesn't know who he is.

    [Elton gets up and approaches Reid] 

    Elton John : Yes, I do. I'm Elton Hercules John.

    Young Reggie : I thought you were Reggie Dwight.

    [Elton turns around to face his younger self] 

    Elton John : I haven't been Reggie Dwight for years.

    [Elton approaches his younger self in the center of the room and gets down on one knee. Young Reggie touches Elton's cheek] 

    Young Reggie : When are you going to hug me?

    [Elton embraces Young Reggie] 

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