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Lane Pryce: It was a thirteen-day loan.

Don Draper: And then we cancelled the bonuses.

Lane Pryce: You delayed them, and then you cancelled them. And then you wanted the money for Joan, and I'm the one who's committed the crime?

Don Draper: Are you gambling?

Lane Pryce: No. I owed taxes on my portfolio, which I liquidated for fifty thousand dollars into this firm after we lost Lucky Strike!

Don Draper: If you needed it so badly, why didn't you ask?

Lane Pryce: Why suffer the humiliation for a thirteen-day loan! That was my money!

Don Draper: [long pause] I'm going to need your resignation.

Lane Pryce: Uh, uh... just a moment. I'm sorry, and I am remorseful. I don't know how it came to this. But the company's in ship shape. And I will make good by Easter, even if I have to pull my son out of school...

Don Draper: You embezzled funds, and you forged my signature.

Lane Pryce: I apologize deeply for involving you. I suppose I picked you because you've always been the most decent to me.

Don Draper: I'm doing the most decent thing I can possibly do, Lane. I'm letting you resign.

Lane Pryce: [agitated and emotional] I have never been compensated for my contributions to this company, including my role in its very existence! Who'd've dreamt of the word "Jaguar," hm? I took away nothing from PPL while you lined your pockets, and I have operated on loss for 3 years!

[on the verge of tears]

Lane Pryce: Please reconsider...

Don Draper: I'm sorry... I can't trust you. I'll cover the money that you owe.

Lane Pryce: [crying] Because $7,500 is nothing to you... Do you know how the rest of us live? And in the end, who's been harmed really, hm?

Don Draper: Can you imagine if a client found out?

Lane Pryce: I'll lose my visa... I can't go back to England, not like this. What would I tell my wife? What would I tell my son?

[weeps into handkerchief]

Don Draper: You'll tell him that it didn't work out because it didn't. You'll tell them the next thing will be better because it always is. Take the weekend. Think of an elegant exit. Cooper doesn't know anything.

[stands up]

Lane Pryce: [gets up and shakes Don's hand] I feel a bit lightheaded.

Don Draper: That's relief. I've started over a lot, Lane. This is the worst part.

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