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  • After convincing the gravely ill sister of a death row inmate to accept his heart for a transplant, Jane (Brooke Elliott) must get a judge to bend the rules for execution in order to make it possible. And as Grayson (Jackson Hurst) defends her after she's arrested for assault, Stacy's (April Bowlby) criminal past threatens to send her to prison.

  • Grayson successfully opposes Stacy's jail term for beating her co-star, but the prosecutor appeals and found a previous theft conviction, actually Deb's fault. Aaron Howard asks Jane to delay his execution by injection long enough for his heart to be transplanted to his sister Tina. Altering the legally prescribed method isn't on, so devious tricks must be devised. Fred wants to take Stacy back, but Deb saw her kissing with Grayson, whom she therefore told Jane's identity. Judge Owen French is leaving for a sailing adventure to New Zealand and asks Jane along.


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  • "Drop Dead Diva" - "Change of Heart" - Sept. 25, 2011

    The episode opens with a musical sequence with Jane singing "Mambo Italiano" with a bunch of hot dancers. This will be important later in this very turbulent episode.

    First up, Parker, Kim and Elisa. Parker apologizes in the office to Elisa about kissing her the previous evening. Elisa says she remembers kissing him first and gives him a sly smile. Kim comes in and asks to speak to Parker. She apologizes for overreacting at dinner. He says she may have been right since he does have unresolved feelings for Elisa. Kim says she doesn't care what she really wants is to be partner and she essentially says she gets it or she's leaving and taking clients with her. Parker says he has to think about it.

    Later, he brings a coffee drink to Elisa but she's not at her desk. Fred says he heard she went to the emergency room. So Parker heads over and it turns out it's her son Eric that's been hurt, breaking his arm while skateboarding. When Eric informs Parker that he's Elisa's son, he does the math in his head and is totally freaked out. Just then Elisa walks in. They go into the hallway and Parker basically yells at her and then storms away before she can really say anything. When she comes to his office later, he yells at her again and says it's clear what she wanted all along and tries to shove a check at her saying "that oughta cover it." Offended and in tears, she leaves. Later, when Kim arrives asking after the partner agreement and he's drunk. He explains what he did and how he acted and asks what he should do. She says you don't get many chances to make things right and to fix it. He discovers that Elisa has taken Eric to Chicago. He tells Kim he's going after them and that she's in charge while he's gone because, yup, she's a partner now and she earned it.

    In tonight's main legal case Jane takes up the cause of a death row inmate who wants to donate his heart to his dying sister who needs it. First, Jane and Kim have to convince the sister to take it. Once they do, they have to convince a judge to change the lethal injection procedure so the drugs won't kill the heart. They try to go for cruel and unusual punishment on the basis of a previously botched execution at the prison but the judge doesn't rule in their favor. Jane gets a call that the inmate wants her to be there to witness the execution. As she and Kim try to come up with another plan, the sister collapses and they're told that she needs a heart right now. Jane and Kim head to the prison for the execution and learn that the inmate hanged himsef-- he found a way around the system. But since he's only brain dead and his heart's still beating the heartless warden says he's still his prisoner and won't release the body. Jane and Kim go back to the judge and get him to release the body on a technicality that Teri discovered early on in the episode. The body is released and the sister gets the heart.

    The other legal case is Stacy's assault of her co-star Brian. Everyone feels bad about not taking her calls from jail but Grayson did and bails her out. He tells her since she's a first time offender she will get off no problem and already made an agreement with the DA.

    But it turns out she's not a first-timer. She pled guilty to breaking into Deidre Hall's house, the star of "Days of Our Lives." It turns out that, even though she did the time-- a month of community service-- she didn't do the crime. She was actually covering for Deb who broke into Hall's house as a weird way to prepare for an audition she had for the soap. Grayson and Stacy want to reopen the case, but if they do video of a young blond in Hall's house will be admitted and if she's found guilty she could do time because it turns out Deb stole a pair of Hall's boots. Jane admits that she did it out of panic because she tripped an alarm and heard the police coming and couldn't get the boots off. She and Stacy make up, Stacy apologizes for acting like a diva. She also apologizes to Fred, who overhears her telling Teri how much she loves and misses him.

    Grayson and Stacy find the boots in question and call Hall as a witness. She IDs the boots as hers and when its proven that the size 6 boots couldn't fit on Stacy's size 8 feet the case is dismissed. In their elation at getting the news Stacy and Grayson kiss. He pulls back and apologizes and says that hanging with her on the case reminded him so much of Deb and Stacy says she's not Deb... but Jane is. Grayson is understandably confused. Complicating matters is the fact that Jane saw them kissing and takes off without their knowledge.

    Prior to this, Owen the judge informed Jane that he was invited to sail on the America's Cup yacht and he was leaving the next day to train for a year in New Zealand. He asked her to come but she, sadly, declined saying her life was in L.A.

    So when she shows up at LAX he's excited that she's changed her mind. But she hasn't she just came to tell him that his story inspired her to follow her dream: to drop everything and move to Italy. Her flight for Milan is boarding. They say a sweet goodbye and she heads to her plane. At the gate she encounters Fred-- Teri told him where she was-- who is bursting with good news. He is going to propose to Stacy. Jane breaks the news that she saw Stacy and Grayson kissing. Heartbroken again he asks what he should do. She points to the departure monitor and says there's a whole world out there waiting for him to explore and boards her plane. Just as the doors are shutting Grayson shows up but isn't allowed on the plane. As we see Jane settle in we hear a man ask if the seat next to her is taken. It's Owen. He says he can sail a boat anytime but how many chances will he have to run off to Italy with Jane? If it's okay with her he wants to tag along. She says it's more than okay and they clasp hands for take off.

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