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MPAA Rated R for violence/cruelty, some nudity and brief sexuality

Sex & Nudity

  • In the beginning of the movie Solomon gets raped by a female slave. You can't really tell what is happening but she grabs his hands and then she starts moving up and down while Solomon just stares. She climaxes then turns around and cries due to what she had just done.
  • An implied attempt at sex in which a man approaches a girl on a boat and begins to lead her away before being stopped by someone.
  • A scene where a group of slaves bathe outside--full frontal and rear nudity seen; male and female; full bodies seen (no close-ups).
  • In a slave market, the slaves are sold nude so that their potential buyers can inspect them. Male & female full-frontal nudity
  • Slave market continued. Men, assumed to be nude, bodies shown above the hip area. Camera pans; possibly more of body shown, but it is blurred.
  • A clothed rape which lasts about 40 seconds (mainly clothed chests shown as well).
  • Full frontal and rear nudity is partly visible during the whipping of a nude woman.

Violence & Gore

  • A drunk man makes multiple threats to many slaves in the movie. Most of the time he has a knife.
  • A woman is whipped on the back numerous times. The camera angle is usually opposite to the actual contact. But we can still see the graphic wounds, whipping sounds, pained faces and even blood mist spraying from the most savage hits.
  • A woman who has been whipped is cared for by other slaves.
  • A man is hit on the back with a wooden club-pan multiple times bloodlessly.
  • A woman's face/eye is scratched, possibly with a razor. Difficult to tell which, as it's brief and seen from a distance.
  • A man is hanged by the neck on his toes for an extended scene before the rope is cut down.
  • A man is stabbed once with a knife. Minimal blood.
  • In one scene, a few slaves are hanged and we see their bodies convulse briefly.
  • A woman is bloodlessly hit on the head with a bottle.


  • A man calls another man "white devil."
  • A man sings an old slave song call "run nigger run," which goes on for a long time.
  • Frequent uses of 'nigger' and one use of 'bitch' (mostly from whites).

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A man is frequently seen drunken, which fuels his abuse and torment of the slaves
  • Several characters drink casually throughout the film.
  • A man says he has been fired once for having alcohol problems.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The whipping, beating, and face-damage scene could all be hard to watch. The rape may upset some viewers.
  • Themes of racism throughout.
  • To show the brutality of slavery, none of this content is inappropriate to the time period or just used for the sake of it. All of the nudity, violence and constant use of 'nigger' is used for a reason and a realistic perception into a life of slavery.

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