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  • When 'Kyle Kallgren' (qv) was first added to IMDb, he was still new to TGWTG and his Channel Awesome wiki pag hadn't been added yet, so according to rumor, someone did a Google search on him and somehow found a site calling him Ralph Oancitizen, which was the name added to IMDb. A month later, the name had been changed to Kyle Kallgren, however 'Phelan Porteous' (qv) who portrays Phelous, retained a screen cap of the old Ralph Oancitizen page, which he used in his Jeepers Creepers review to mock him, which was followed by a few shots taken at IMDb's expense. Porteous, along with 'Allison Pregler' (qv) (Obscurus Lupa) continued to tease Kallgren over the name snafu, and some fans even playfully refer to him as Ralph Oancitizen. Edit (Coming Soon)


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