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Sex & Nudity

  • Users on servers may have inappropriate outfits.
  • Most of the animals of the game can breed (although not sexually realistic).
  • Some unclothed animals without anatomy shown (with the exception of udders on cows)
  • User-generated content in online multiplayer via modifications to the game or the chat system including sexual dialogue or explicit emoticons.

Violence & Gore

  • The biggest aspect of this game is surviving, and that includes defeating mobs (monsters) and obtaining resources from plants and animals.
  • Hitting enemies is not violent. When an enemy or other creature is hit, they simply flash red to indicate damage and jump back, and when they die, they just lay on their side and vanish in a cloud of smoke, often leaving a useful item behind.
  • The Zombie Pigmen have an appearance like that of a more realistic skeleton or zombie, but without blood.
  • You can die from drowning, falling in lava, falling or killed by monsters, but no blood comes out. Although you can hear bones being crushed.
  • User-generated content in multiplayer via modifications to the game or the chat system, including mods to make the game more bloody.


  • No language appears in-game but players can curse in game chat.
  • Some splash text/ yellow text on the home screen you can find what it means on the Minecraft wiki. One of them is "Switches and Ores!" Which is a reference to the meme, "Bitches and Whores". It doesn't show the meaning anywhere on the game, only if you google it.
  • User-generated content in online multiplayer via modifications to the game or the chat system, including swearing of an unlimited variety.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • There are some potions (brewed or obtained from special locations) that can give you certain effects, such as increased speed, regenerating health, night vision, faster swimming speed, etc.
  • In 1.7, poppies were added in the game, though you can only use them for decoration or make them into dye.
  • Consuming a puffer fish gives you the Nausea effect, which makes the screen swirl around rapidly for about 30 seconds.
  • User-generated content in online multiplayer via modifications to the game or the chat system, including referencing or encouraging drug use, or letting you use virtual drugs with mods.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • ESRB - (E10+): Fantasy Violence
  • The is a certain mob called a creeper that could explode on the player.
  • There is a music disk containing horrorfying sounds like heavy panting, footsteps, and even a man dying. Warn your child that this may scar them for life. Please remember these sound are realistic and disturbing.
  • When getting close to an underwater structure in survival, a hostile mob will apear in an intention to scare the player. Just search "Elder Guardian Jumpscare" on YouTube.
  • Enderman are EXTREMELY scary and alone should be atleast 14+
  • Killing the leader of the illagers causes Bad Omen. And they will invade the village when you are on it.
  • Cave sounds are extremely foreboding, frightening, suspenseful, and creepy. Even worse, these play in dark, deep areas in the caves.
  • At night, monsters appear in dark/unlit areas and try to kill you. These monsters are not present in Creative or Peaceful mode.
  • The soundtracks can make the game feel melancholy or suspenseful, depending on which track is playing.
  • It is possible for the player to enter a hellish dimension called "The Nether", which is dark and filled with dangerous monsters and a vast sea of lava. The Nether can be a very intense, scary place to be.
  • "Creepers" are the most well-known "mobs" in the game and are legendary for scaring players. In a nutshell, they are monsters that sneak up on you and after they are close enough, they will explode. You are only given a few seconds to escape the blast.
  • If you go in a dark cave and find yourself surrounded by: Zombies, Skeletons and Spiders, you will definitely feel uncomfortable.
  • There is a mob called "Enderman", which is one of the weirdest and creepiest mobs in the game. It has a black body, long limbs and purple eyes. If you look at it's face, it opens its mouth, lets out an unearthly groan and starts to chase you. It's very quick and can even teleport.
  • Silverfish can be quite intense, especially if you're afraid of bugs. They spawn when you mine blocks in strongholds, so if you get yourself in trouble, you might not escape easily. When they are in packs, their appearance is even more frightening.
  • Ghasts are known to be scary, because of the sounds they make and they are like flying ghostly octopi. They make sounds like someone screaming.
  • Some splash texts on the home screen make references to horror games or M rated games. You would only understand the references if you looked it up or had contact with the game outside of Minecraft, as it doesn't tell you the reference in-game. Some make references to games like Limbo or Heavy Rain, which are suspense/horror-type games.
  • User-generated content in online multiplayer via modifications to the game or the chat system, including mods that make the game scarier, or even remake the entire game into that of the survival/horror genre. This game can be viewed or played by almost anyone, but do consider that the game is weird and dark, while beautiful at the same time.In offline mode, this is suitable for anyone.
  • You may want to monitor kids playing online as there are mods which can change the game in almost anyway way, and so could potentially make it unsuitable for children.
  • Suitable for ages around 7 and up.


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Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • There is a dimension called "The End" with the final boss of Minecraft: the Ender Dragon. (It looks like a dragon version of endermen).

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