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Has dated and is based on the poor Revenge of the Sith, but is still quite funny and well made
bob the moo31 March 2012
The first thing to strike you about this Star Wars short film is that it looks dated unfortunately. The leaps and bounds in animation and computing since 2005 has done but and it is not the film's fault, but one cannot shake off the impression that it should look better. This is an unfair criticism to make from seven years in the future, so I'll put that to one side and say that ignoring time the film does actually look really good and has a real flow to it and copes well with plenty going on on the screen at any one time.

Spaceships fragment into individual bricks by the power of the Force (and Lego) to avoid rockets, which pass right through, and other similar visual gags are actually pretty funny and work very well. Even though the film recreates scenes from the third prequel (a film that deserves very little affection), I still quite liked it and it made me chuckle more than enough throughout. Simple gags well done with good (if dated) animation – could have done with perhaps an edge more cruelty in the humour because it is a little too kiddie-friendly as it is, but I did find it funny enough to do the job.
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Nothing innovative to see here
Horst_In_Translation25 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
"Lego Star Wars: Revenge of the Brick" is a 5-minute animated short film that is a combination of Lego and Star Wars as the title already tells us. Actually, apparently, this is a short remake (you will recognize the title perhaps) of the most recent Star Wars film before J.J. Abrams took over most recently. So yeah, what is there to say? I personally am neither a huge Stars Wars or Lego fan without despising either, but I do believe that you need to like both in order to appreciate this short film. One probably isn't enough. I myself thought this was fairly uncreative as it brings nothing new to the table in terms of many aspects, including story-telling and soundtrack too. Visually it isn't bad, also in terms of effects, but apart from the very ending I was also not too impressed as it is basically one space battle scene following the next. It's the first Lego Star wars film written by Daniel Lipkowitz and several others should follow, some of them better than this one here. Pretty shocking to see so many directors working on such a brief movie. I give it a thumbs-down overall. Not recommended.
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Man, that brought back memories
riordantheking22 September 2016
So I decided to re-watch this Lego animation for the first time in years, and what did I find? It's pretty damn great.

Now, don't go into this thinking it's going to be a shot for shot recreation of Revenge of the Sith but with Lego bricks and figures, because it only follows the film in the broadest of strokes. Anakin, Obi-Wan, Mace Windu and Yoda, and Chewbacca are in it, and it features the battles of Coruscant and Kashyyyk, but that's it for similarities. The two battles depicted have little to nothing to do with the film, and go off on their own comedic strokes.

The animation has certainly dated, but still looks rather good by 2005 standards. Most of the ships depicted are clearly made from Lego, unlike in some other Lego animations, like the Ninjago cartoon. The figures also don't look very much like their real Lego counterparts, and General Grievous doesn't even appear to be made from Lego.

It has the typical Lego style humour, focusing on slapstick gags and sight jokes, which is apt because it features no voice acting. You hear Yoda's grunts, Wookiee growls and Battle Droid "roger roger's", but their are no words spoken, which makes it ideal viewing for younger children.

So don't ask me why I decided to review a short Lego animation from 2005, but do know that I recommend it with the utmost importance (as far as Lego animations go).
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