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One of the worst films I have ever seen.
stevieplum22 March 2013
I was curious to see why this film deserved a 9+ rating and also quite excited as I had not heard of it before and normally I can rely on the ratings. So I anticipated a good night in with a horror movie. This was not the case, there must be an error with other peoples reviews because this film is terrible the only positive I can think of is that due to the poor acting it made the film quite comical. Prepare yourself for 1hr 40mins of torture if you decide to go ahead and watch this film. Personally I would of proffered to have sat through a Luton Town football game and that is saying something coming from a Watford fan. All i can say is please rate properly this film is a 2.4 at best.
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Don't waste your time with this one.
snele9022 March 2013
Holy mother of God, what did I just spend an hour and forty minutes watching?! One of the worst movies I have ever watched without a doubt! The acting was horrible, the story was horrible, the writing worse than both put together. I checked out the movie because it had a 9.2 rating from 11 users and I'm like "Okay, the movie's new, must be good if people like it" ... boy oh boy was I wrong.

If you really want to watch it, watch it really drunk and we a couple of your close friends, it will be more fun. You won't notice the holes in the story, you won't notice the bad acting and many other really really horrible things. It wasn't frightening it was just ... dumb for the most part.

If you are looking for something to give you the hibbie jibbies this is not it. Go find something else. Seriously.
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A good Saturday night movie
I was shocked that the movie was as good as it was, since I saw the IMDb grade and thought "should I waste my time watching this?" and I do not regret the choice I made! I've seen worse movies with higher grades.

The story is kind of a cliché, but it is doable anyway. The actors are actually good compared to what I was expecting and some of the effects were actually well made. I cant say that everything was, but some.

It gave me a few jumpscares, not much but little. The movie also made me laugh a few times with some of the punchlines.

So, if you like me, are at home at a Saturday night, looking for a movie to watch just to pass the time, this is the one.
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This is a B movie
marcmartinezemail22 March 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I'm not sure how this was rated so high. My guess is people who were involved with the production, perhaps? Anyway...the plot is interesting and its not awful but the lines are bit boring and the special effects aren't the greatest. There are also a lot of holes in the story as well. Why is the cabin old and abandoned but still has electricity. Why is the witch after people? what is the point of her needing to look young again? if a window wasn't broken why is she going after everyone? If it had a bigger budget and stronger production I think it could be great but this movie misses the boat. It's semi entertaining but it's not a 9.3 movie...
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An OK B Movie, just don't expect too much
nowego24 March 2013
I am not a big watcher of teenage scare movies which is the category this falls into, but I made an exception here to see why this was rated 9+. I now know that the 9+ rating must have been from people associated with the movie.

Saying all that it was really not all that bad if you have few or no expectations. I decided to watch it no matter if it was boring cheesy or not just to get to the end and was surprised at how much I liked it. It is predictable as other reviewers have said, but it also has a few surprises and isn't a complete waste of 100 minutes.

Nothing special here, but it is not a 2 or 3 rating movie either, I give it a 5 at least and if hard pushed a 5.5.
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Not as bad as all that
theoldhopbarn20 April 2013
First of all let me start by saying that this is a B-movie. Once you have that in your mind, and you appreciate that it is also a teen flick, you know what you are in for.

I thought the story line was OK, and yes the acting of the cops could have been better, but overall, I enjoyed the film. It even made me jump, (OK only once but that's not the point). Some of the reviewers here have slated this film, but maybe they thought they were going to be watching a big budget 'Hollywood' movie with huge amounts of CGI etc. The effects are fitting for the film. I don't think it needed anymore.

Yes, there are the odd moments when you can see a member of the crew trying to hide, but that can be said of a lot of films. If you are 'in the moment' you don't see them.

I would say that if you are looking for a film to frighten the pants off you, this is not it. It is still an enjoyable film, that (oddly enough) the teens will find great. 6 out of 10 for its genre.
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Higher quality than most B movies - about a witch, too!
kezopster9 May 2013
I can't think of a many horror movies that feature a witch as the villain. This one does and the witch is pretty good. I don't see where the movie has a rating. I don't recall any drinking or drug use. Had they cut back on the F word, I bet this movie would have earned a PG-13 rating. The gore isn't direct. This isn't a slasher flicker. I don't recall any direct nudity.

Are there holes in the storyline? Sure, like there are in most B-movies. Is there some remarkably horrible acting at times? As others have said, pretty much anytime the deputies are on screen. Are there one or two decent performances? I thought Diana Hopper as Sammy was a joy and hope to see her in more things. Jess Adams as Julie does a nice job. Adams is the pretty girl and looks to me as a hot mix of Megan Fox and Liv Tyler.

As with any B-movie, you'll howl at some of the plot holes and stupid mistakes made by characters at times. To me, that's part of the fun. Unlike a lot of b-movies, this one has a pretty decent soundtrack.
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Just your average forgettable B- horror film.
Thrill_KillZ22 March 2013
Don't get too excited about this in advance & ignore the present rating completely(9.3). Hopefully by the time you're reading this balance will have been restored when some user's come to vote who aren't related to the film. It's a simple plot more or less about some local folklore consisting of a witch whose spirit resides at an abandoned house out at the edge of town. The tale becomes all too real when a little girl is snatched from her second story bedroom window without a trace. Even with the unexplained disappearance looming, six local kids decide to test the myth by breaking a window in the old house. An action that does not go unpunished as the witch begins to hunt & torment each of the group.

All that may sound scary & entertaining combined with a listed budget of $1.5 million one would think it possible to make a fairly watchable film. Sadly that's not the case despite good production values & half decent acting from the cast. There is zero atmosphere present & it is plagued by glaring plot holes. Although there was some gore present(two short scenes) I felt it didn't succeed in that area at all. While at the same time I didn't feel the urge to hit the kill switch & banish it from existence. My main complaints are the very underdeveloped backstory involving the witch & the overly long run time. If it were a little more balanced in the setup it could have been a worthwhile effort, but instead it falls into the endless pile of forgettable B grade horror films. If you run into it on TV & need to kill some time on a Monday morning it may just fit, just don't run out to track it down because it's not worth the rental, trust me. 3/10
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It is not a Supernatural, but nor does it purport to be.
mseancary19 December 2013
Good acting and good story but needs better direction. You know what your getting here, d2d teen horror of B+ quality. All that said, as others have said, if you like the genre it is worth watching. I did not find it as bad as some others. I watched until the end and though I would have preferred a few more scares, I don't feel like I was sold a bill of goods. It needs to use the storyline to better effect because similar plots have yielded superior movies but I would blame that more on direction than acting. Some of these actors really have what it takes while others... Well, you just have to laugh at how bad their acting is. That's part of the beauty of these movies to me.
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Fabulous twist on the horror genre. I don't get all the down votes actually
webmaster-736-44474126 April 2014
This is a typical teen slasher flick, pretty girls, handsome normal guys, a couple smart people, others rather dumb, enough likable characters to feel a bond. Only the producers actually bothered to interject an unusual take on the killer. I like that.

For entertainment - meaning zoning out of the real world filled with professional liars running fake national news operations and nudging the country into humanist neo-communism for happy ignorant airheads - the plot, acting and pace pulled me in for the entire ride. Tons of movies get higher ratings from viewers though are far inferior to this product that is pulling in a 3.7 out of 10 overall at IMDb.

On the flip side, I could easily have gotten the point in one part minus quite the level of visual bloodshed. Otherwise, no major complaints at all. I wrote this tiny blurb to help balance out the harsh comments by critics of a rather fine film.
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A witch kills anyone who disrespects her house. Some guys do. She attempts to kill them. She almost succeeds.
berlusconimustdie25 March 2013
One of the worse things I ever saw. Absolute crap. A useless and boring collection of dull scenes.

Total waste of time. I quit watching after an hour. I just couldn't finish it. A stupid and cliché-filled film without a plot or scary moments. Very bad acting. All roles are dumb and there is no single ACTOR in this movie.(except maybe Diana Hopper). The only thing I enjoyed is Jess Adams.and not certainly for her acting skills.. I can understand and agree with people giving 9.3 to Taxi Driver or Fahrenheight 451 or even Lord of the Rings. But this s..t. Comon folks Are we serious? Avoid it. It's not worth your time and money.
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Not that bad
kunamara23 March 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Usually I can't be bothered to write impressions (no, it really has nothing in common with actual review and shouldn't be called that), but I have noticed few interesting things, about this movie. The unexpectedly high 9,3 score and butt-hurt reactions of viewers.

When you see score of 9,3 you can expect a really good movie, unless the score was created by 11 people, in that case you don't expect anything and if you do, you are an idiot that deserves to be fooled.

So I watched this movie, with no expectations and ended up pleasantly surprised. Mainly because it's not your typical horror movie, it actually had similar feel to The Hole, kinda like a mix of a horror and fairy tale. It's shame that instead of balancing this out, they tried to go for a fully horror-ish experience, gory death of two characters that got grind meated seamed a bit out of place and unnecessary. Samantha was really fresh character for a horror protagonist and two brothers also didn't exactly fit your typical stereotypes. The hot chick that usually shows tits and dies, since there is no other reason for her in the movie, happened to be fairly likable character and most level headed one. Greatest weakness were those two that got eaten as they were your boring horror movie stereotypes, but than again it does send an interesting message. If you are a an unoriginal character, you will die horribly, although I doubt this was done on purpose.

It's a shame that lot of the back story, like death of the grandfather and origin of the witch didn't really get more space and/or impact on the storyline, they ended up being a weak links of the movie.

As I said, sometimes it was as if creators didn't know what kind of a movie they want to make, at one point they went with your expected unoriginal horror and suddenly they took completely unexpected detour. Also I don't really recall a scene where some of the characters acted like a total brain damaged idiots, which is a pleasant surprise.

I guess I would be willing to give 6/10 to The Wicked, it's not worst movie of any year or other time period, because there will always inferior movies about giant slow loris created by atrocious cgi terrorizing some hillbillysville. Also I'll take flawed movie like this over saw/postal torture porn crap or cheap jump scare fest like paranormal activity any day.
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The Wicked
a_baron18 June 2016
"The Wicked" is a slightly different take on the well worn theme of a group of American teens visiting a haunted house; we have skepticism, sexual tension and of course recalcitrance. It begins fairly dynamically with a young girl snatched from her bedroom by a supernatural presence, but loses its way a bit. The girl is presumed dead, but there is no presumed about the next victim, who meets a grisly end. So what is going on here?

The house in the woods is inhabited by a witch, a hideous hag, but she doesn't intend to stay hideous for much longer, though in order to restore herself to her former glory, she must consume a young girl for youth, a male teen or two for strength, and a mature teen for beauty. Or something like that. Our intrepid adventurers are aware of this from the word go because it is a local legend. The real problem with this witch is that she is so powerful, how can they possible combat her? The answer is of course with magic of their own. And wouldn't you know it? - one of their number is the grandson of a recently deceased local magician from whom he has learned a trick or two.
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I didn't mind this movie.
Zbigniew_Krycsiwiki26 March 2016
This is nothing special, but it also isn't as bad as some reviews here have said. The primary settings, the house and surrounding forest areas, provided a bit of atmospherics, and were competently filmed, it doesn't sink to unwatchable shaky cam, and/ or deep green or yellow colour tinting and frantic editing. The characters are at least somewhat likable. The acting, while not Oscar worthy, is tolerable at worst, decent at best. The screen writing was all over the place, sometimes clichéd, sometimes melodramatic, sometimes inspired, as it tells its fairy tale- like story of a mythical witch/ ghost going after the group of teenagers who vandalised her creepy house in the woods.

The characters are just that: characters, who have a bit of depth to them, not just empty, meaningless cyphers who exist merely to be killed. They are not repulsive imbeciles present in far too many of these low budget horrors, and Julie (Jess Adams) is gorgeous, but her character disappears for too long. I'm going to look for more of her films now.

If some editing had been done, this might have been a decent little B- movie, but as it is, it's a marginally talented cast and crew working with a ridiculously over long screenplay, and variable effects work, and ending up with a watchable but unmemorable horror.
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Pleasingly enjoyable but still flawed effort
kannibalcorpsegrinder5 November 2013
Trying to disprove a local legend about a haunted section of town ruled by a devious witch, a teen and his friends get caught up in the creature's true exploits after stumbling upon its latest victim and forcing them to stay one step ahead of the creature's evil powers to escape.

This wasn't all that bad of an effort and had some good things going for it. One of the better elements is the fact that there's a lot more gruesome-ness that would be expected in such an effort, the majority of it tied to the deaths inflicted by the creature during the latter half of the movie. Filled with bodies being fed through a sausage maker, limbs being ripped off, scratches that act more like gouges in the flesh and much more,as well as the continued usage of severed limbs and entrails as general props makes for a rather bloody time. That the witch itself not only has a pretty creepy back-story in here, itself not really executed all that well but the idea itself is far and away quite chilling, works as a creepy character due not only to the back-story but also to the notion of using her powers despite already having the upper hand in the situation to gain an even more unfair advantage makes her that much more sinister and evil, just like a realistic being would be like if found in such a situation which greatly emphasizes the wickedness of the being. By trapping them inside the haunted house-style shack she inhabits that this whole thing takes place as well as the darkened woodlands surrounding the house, this pretty much focuses on a creepy character inhabiting a creepy location, and that's pretty impressive in establishing a fine atmosphere here. There's still some flaws here, as the fact that the human interactions here are so non-worthwhile that they make the film a pain to get through with their boredom in going through so many useless, unnecessary and utterly clichéd plot-points that the witch loses the central value for most of the first hour of the film. By having the family feuding with each other, the misunderstood teen fighting with the police for no real reason, the search party trying to score with each other, and generally focusing on these issues to the detriment of the horror makes this a tough one to get into. The finale as well takes a bit of extreme suspension to swallow it for how it finally handles the witch's powers, and it doesn't come off nearly as well as it should. These hold it down from what could've been.

Rated R: Graphic Violence, Graphic Language, Nudity, a sex scene and drug use.
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Cheesy! Gore! Then magic!
gothic-fiction5 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers
OK, a little inside of this movie without any spoilers. You can divide The wicked in 3 parts:

1) When you get to know the myth of the witch, the characters and towards what the story is heading. It's starts quite nicely, cheesy effects but nothing that bad, that characters start to develop, the dialogue is acceptable, but what you might notice is the music, maybe a step too high for what it should have been.

2) After the action starts and all that, you get to a gory part. And i mean gore! It pretty much just comes out of the blue, you're like, out there, watching, not believing because the path of the movie does NOT have you prepared for what's about to happen. You could say it makes the movie more serious, or that it kinda ruins it, because it kinda derails. This part will remain at everyone's personal opinion.

3) The magic happens. And I mean that literally. You don't get to hear hocus pocus, or Open Sesami, but one "Abracadabra" does make its way in the movie. Then again, how else are you supposed to fight a witch right?

So there you have, some of you will declare this one a solid B, other will say more of a C+, it could easily be part of the sci-fi channel too, a tad bit better indeed, but it looks a little like Banshee.

All in all, don't waste this one if you're together with friends, because it defenitily has its dumb moments, but if you're by yourself and feeling kinda bored, with a cola and popcorn that just happen to lay around, give it a try! You might not enjoy it, but you just might do!
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My Review Of "The Wicked"
ASouthernHorrorFan14 May 2013
"The Wicked" is a supernatural horror film that is part urban legend, and part ghost story. The movie was directed by Peter Winther who makes the jump from television to feature film with this wicked little treat. It tells the story of a home hidden away in the woods, that if you throw a rock at it and break a window, a witch will come and kill you. That is the urban legend part. One that is as classic as it is contemporary. A place where cruel acts transpired and a curse that will tear any soul who dares test it. Those legends are very prevalent in today's culture. Which is why I found this film as traditional as I did modern and fresh. True there is not much within the film that hasn't really happened before, or been told in other horror films of the past, but the movie gave a thrilling and entertaining nightmarish tale, that renewed my faith in good, fun horror stories- like the ones I grew up on.

"The Wicked' keeps with a very clean and tight story that is brought to life by believable actors who, at times, make you want to see them die on film-well a few of them anyway. I also found the evil supernatural entity of the witch very dark, and horrible, so I didn't really want her to prevail in the end. She was pretty vicious. The directing for the film manages to keep your attention with some pretty creepy concepts, and point of view moments, that allows the movie to be dark without being too dark. There are some cliché moments within the movie that takes away from the suspenseful action scenes, the snag that befalls a lot of movies like this. However "The Wicked" did make me jump quite a few times, and even though the CGI was a bit distracting when used, the kill sequences where still very well done and entertaining. Overall I really enjoyed this film and found the witch to be a true classical interpretation of an evil supernatural witch. If you enjoyed movies like "Darkness Falls" (as I did) then this film is perfect. I do have to say that the film is not some modern expressionist's attempt to get real, and gritty with a "raw" horror story, that feels more like grindhouse experimental filming. It is a traditional horror film that keeps with a true, classic concept of ghost story/urban legend. I liked this film more than I liked "Darkness Falls".
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Definitely worth a watch
mippin7 November 2018
I really don't understand the bad reviews and it seems that every movie out there is the worst ever seen by someone. Now these type of movies are not going for Oscars and people that think so shouldn't watch them. There isn't really anything new here but it was a pretty good movie.
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relatively, A good movie
maealhoor200125 March 2013
You could not expect something from such a very low budget film, in comparison with a 100 Million budget film, this move with such limited resources is very good you can't expect a fancy effects with a proper funding, the horror element is acceptable though I expected much more.

The over all acting is good, with some low quality acting in some seines especially the ones involved with the police officers, many actors seems to be there first time in movie, or just there acting is extremely bad and not convincing at all.

I keep watching the time during the film and just waiting to end it without fast tracking or forwarding the play, because I did not expect any thing new and a lot of seines are repeated through the movie which made it boring.
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Absolutely terrible
darkness_visible22 March 2013
As a supposed horror/thriller, this movie failed spectacularly in almost every possible parameter of genre film making. Voting seems to have been disabled on this title so I embarked on the viewing with merely the hope (foolish as it now turns out) that it might offer some enjoyable, easily digestible, Friday night frights - but the experience was so entirely devoid of tension, intrigue or wit that I found myself wondering if the filmmakers had ever even seen a horror film before.

This was absolutely the worst type of supernatural horror - the type where the antagonist is either capable, or not capable, of doing whatever the hell is most convenient for the lazy assed writer and director who couldn't be bothered to figure out a proper story or any decent frights. The witch can teleport instantly to or from wheresoever she pleases, making her invulnerable to bullets - although fire extinguisher powder can befuddle her completely apparently, if that's what needs to happen.

Admittedly supernatural horror does require a fair degree of willing suspension of disbelief, and more often than not they inspire eye-rolling instead of terrified shrieks - but I can remember quite a few supernatural horrors of recent years that I was more than happy to go along with for the ride - Sinister, Dead Silence, Insidious to name just a few.

This really was a bad show by the filmmakers, and a disrespectful waste of the viewers' time.

If I were able to vote I'd give this a grudging two out of ten.
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Well.. Not Awful, but Kind of a Shame... A lot of good here, but sadly not utilized as well as it should have been...
lathe-of-heaven24 July 2013
Warning: Spoilers
You know that it's pretty sad when you have to start with 'Well, it wasn't awful'...

And it WAS a shame too because I think with about 20+ minutes trimmed out and with much tighter and better direction, it could have been good, creepy fun.

The first hour was pretty good and the last 15 minutes were pretty good, but at about the 1 hour mark, unfortunately the next 20-30 minutes really hurt the film I feel. If that could have been tightened up so that the level of suspense and tension could have been maintained, I think that would have REALLY made the difference. I rated it about a 4 and I truly think that it easily could have been closer to a 7. Very sad...

The film was about 1:45 minutes long; just TOO damn long for a simple story like this. So, the best way to make up for that is to pare it down to make the very best of whatever tension and momentum has been created so far. THAT is where a better director (IF he has the control over the film) SHOULD recognize this and then wisely trim it where it needs it. NOT let it run for so long where it's effectiveness almost completely dissipates.


You see, the point up until the witch appears is decent. And parts of the ending are pretty good. I really like the brief scene where the cop is looking right at the table where Zack has been tied and gagged, but he apparently sees only an empty table. That reminded me a little of the excellent effect used in Malone's VERY underrated 'THE HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL' (1999) where when pointing a camera at the ancient operating table in the sanitarium, and on the view screen the doctor and nurses are performing some diabolical operation and even stop and look at the camera. But looking directly at the room and table they don't see anything. I think the BIG mistake that took away from the effectiveness of the film here was showing the witch WAY too much too early. They should have kept her in the shadows and in the dark and let our imaginations fill in the details. THEN, towards the end (after excising the needed 20 minutes of footage or so) I think it would have had a lot more impact bringing that in to give more punch to the end. But, with all the scenes of her disappearing in front of the person and re-appearing behind them... Come on... Really...?


Even the acting isn't too painful for this type of film; the director DOES do a pretty good job at keeping the actors reigned in. None of them came across as TOO horribly clichéd like they usually do. Although Carter and his girlfriend were definitely the weaker of the group. And I thought it was funny how Max kept holding his mouth open; he looked hilariously dumb when he did that. But, all in all not too terrible.

This really COULD have been a fun little Horror film if the makers had had enough talent and insight to bring out the strengths and get rid of the weaknesses (along with a good 20+ minutes of footage) I get the impression that this is yet another case of someone or some ones behind the scenes, perhaps producers taking control and saying something blindingly STUPID (but typical) like 'I think we need more jump scares' Which is PRECISELY what happened to Guillermo Del Toro with his fist American film 'MIMIC' (the Weinsteins screwed with it) Fortunately, since then he has become this HUGE, successful director, so THANKFULLY he went back and re-edited the film and made it WONDERFULLY better! I DO highly recommend the new Director's Cut Blu-ray, BTW...

Anyway, back to this film. I'm surprised that I am taking so DAMN much time typing all this, but I guess I just feel strongly that this movie could have been SO much better and I suppose I'm just really sensing a missed opportunity here...
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This film made me evil.
rfinnct24 August 2019
I'll give it this much: it tries. But that's not necessarily a good thing; especially when the trying seems so half-assed it becomes a distraction. Characters were obviously written to have some depth but even the depth seems contrived, superficial, and ultimately pointless. For instance, a female protagonist is introduced as being an oddball weirdo "bad girl" (the only visual clue to any of this is her fashion choice of knee high, vaguely punk-ish lace up sneaker boots) who is "viciously" rumored in school to be a lesbian. She also enjoys making prank phone calls, has an alcoholic mother and, as a hateful police officer points out to her in a painfully obvious exposition exchange, "nobody in town knows who her father is."

That's a lot of back story for one character, right? Surely there's so much information there that will circle back and be pertinent to the story at hand? Nope! But she's a weird girl who buys her shoes at Hot Topic; she must know a lot about the witch haunting the woods, yes? Not really. But what about her drunk mother and the MIA dad who were brought up pointedly not once, but TWICE... certainly there's some tie-in from the missing children to her murky lineage? Sorry folks, wrong again.

And then there's the "rules" by which the witch (awkwardly called "The Wicked" by everyone because... it's the name of the movie?) does her - dare I say - WICKED deeds. She lived in an old house in the woods and was killed there because somethingsomethingsomething and now her spirit haunts the place. To get the old gal riled up, you have to go out and throw rocks at the building. If you break one of the windows, hell hath no fury like a homeowner scorned and she will hunt your ass down. Wait, kids go out to purposefully break her s**t and SHE's the bad one for getting mad about it? When neighborhood people let their dogs crap on our front lawn and walk away, I fantasize about burying them in a shallow grave in the crawl space under the house. Does that make ME an evil concubine of Satan himself? No, that's just what my therapist calls an understandable but wildly disproportionate (and then she scrawls "irrational and probably dangerous" in her notes) desire for revenge thinly veiled as justice! But I digress.

Anyway, the witch house is in the woods. One group of kids drives out and then leave the car a mile away from the place because the driver says no roads go any closer. They even bring camping gear because they're so far in the middle of nowhere. Huh. But what about the little girl at the beginning of the movie who said she went with friends? She said one of them had a car, but that still means she had to make a two-mile round trip trek through the woods just to throw rocks? And what about the police cars that show up towards the end of the movie... literally driving right up to the house? And the very same guy who said there were no roads later instructs someone to follow the driveway all the way back to a rangers' station for help. I'm confused.

And the "break a window" thing. The girl at the beginning admits to breaking one and later that night is sucked away in a sparkly magical vortex that even the Care Bears would consider a bit much. Compare that to the group of "teens" where only one of them breaks a window but THE WICKED immediately flies into a rage hunting them all (including, for absolutely no reason, the ranger manning the aforementioned station). No more magic vortexes, just the witch... er, I mean Wicked, arriving & disappearing in puffs of smoke while wearing a cloak that's seemingly made from 30 pounds of plaster of Paris. When she catches each one, they are brought to her startlingly well lit basement (she might murder kids, but still pays the minimum on the electricity bill, apparently... BUT also still has at least a billion candles lit at all times. For the old world charm, I suppose). Here in the basement she keeps her victims trussed up in some weird magical netting of indeterminate strength; but also sometimes chains, too, for... witch reasons. In each victim's mouth she places a shiny red apple. Apparently there was a sale on them at the Pick 'n Save and she grabbed as many as her broom would carry, and she's gonna use every dang one of them before they go bad. Are they a useful tool for gagging her prey? Not really, they just scream around the apple. A flavoring perhaps? Nah, she just grinds & eats the legs. The Wicked's obsession with Martha Stewart levels of visual presentation seems at odds with the questionable food safety practices of a blood-soaked basement/kitchen. It's kinda on par with the Chinese restaurant down the street putting radish roses next to chunks of what they claim is chicken. But Great Wall of Huangs has been in business for decades, so maybe they and the Wicked know the secret to a great meal is the thoughtful, decorative flourishes.

Ugh, I digress again. So The Wicked has the brat girl from the beginning of the movie standing wrapped in her basement with her mouth-apple for... two days? A week? Possibly more? That girl is both young and pretty, PLUS intentionally broke a window... she pretty much demanded to be put through the meat grinder if you ask me (and my therapist has certainly learned not to ask me such things). Instead of feasting on what I'd assume is the equivalent of witch caviar, The Wicked lets her get away and decides to eat a dorky secondary character who most definitely didn't break her stuff. But I thought she only goes after victims who cause at least $20 of property damage? What about her inescapable sparkly vortex? How come I've been watching this movie for almost an hour and absolutely nothing has happened except mid- to late-20 year old "teens" traipsing around in woods that are more brightly lit than a witch's basement? And now a bunch of random stuff is happening to characters that have never even been introduced, and people are splitting up and finding each other to the degree where I honestly don't know what, why, or how one thing relates to anything I've been shown or told before it? Am I being punished? Oh dear lord, please... I know the only reason I haven't buried bad neighborhood dog parents in the crawlspace is because there's no room after all those damn Girl Scouts peddling their grossly overpriced cookies at all hours, but I thought you were a merciful God!

And yet the movie kept going and going until it ended. Leaving my mind bored, yet with so. Many. Unanswered. Questions. Not the least of which was "why are you now obsessed with things the filmmakers were clearly not?" All I can say is that this film is clear and irrefutable proof that evil is real and it now has me in its clutches. During my sessions, I always blamed it on my parents and Ozzy Osborne. But now my therapist will know the wickedness of The Wicked. I will try to unleash this knowledge gently so it doesn't snap her psyche... her fragile mind melting and disintegrating into choked screams as if I'd just opened the Ark of the Covenant inches from her smug face.

Dear reader, please do not visit this wicked Wicked upon yourself. It may be free on Amazon Prime, but do not let that price fool you. Your soul will pay for all of eternity.

P.S. I'm giving it two stars for some graphic meat grinder imagery. It's pretty realistic... uhhh... *cough* from what I've been told.
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The Wicked will get you...
paul_haakonsen21 February 2014
Funny how this movie scored such a low rating, and yet I still decided to see it. Despite the low score the movie has been rated, then I actually found the movie to be enjoyable.

Was it predictable? Yes. Was it scary? No. But it was entertaining and actually had a good enough story. And the storyline was helped along by some good performances and some adequate effects.

The story in "The Wicked" is about a small town named Bogie - yeah, Bogie - where local folklore tells about a house that is inhabited by a witch. The house is old and run down, abandoned and in disarray. Local superstition have it that if you throw a rock at the house without breaking a window you are safe, but if you break a window with the rock, the Wicked will come to get you.

Despite its predictability and its very linear storyline, then "The Wicked" turned out to be entertaining. Sort of think a pseudo-scary movie for teenagers, then you know what you will get here. But still, there is even a handful of gore to be found in the movie, oddly enough.

The ending of the movie was just so cliché that it was toe-curling to witness. But still, it was fun to watch.

I rate "The Wicked" a solid 5 out of 10 stars rating.
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All the elements a good solid 5 star
jbowles63924 March 2013
Good characters, acting not bad, story line very predictable, is it a halloween, or a freddie movie? Doubt it but it could spawn others. Sweet to the taste buds and nauseating to the flesh.

The principle theme is an old house where kids of all ages disappear. If you throw a rock at the 'wicked's' house and hit it you're safe if you break a window the witch will get you. Moves slowly gently pulling you in then wam. It's like torturing rats in a maze.

The cops belong in 'Super Trooper." Good for a hostile comic relief. Suspenseful, in that who will make it and who won't. And a touch of gore.
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Wow finally a great horror movie!
daniel-mijac21 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I was not expecting anything special due to the poor rating this movie got but i was pleasantly surprised in the same fashion as when i watched "Cabin In The Woods" and this movie got me glued to my seat from the beginning to the end.

The acting was solid even though none of the actors were recognizable and the Witch in the movie was a fresh concept compared to all the mass murderers/ghosts/monsters in other horrors.

This proves that you cant rely on IMDb ratings and need to use your gut feeling sometimes when deciding which movies to spend an evening on.

I also love the fact that the ending leaves it open to a sequel and i look forward to another part of "The Wicked" in the future!
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