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Boxoffice Magazine
Rebel Wilson is the peroxided Aussi who stole scenes as Kristen Wiig's roommate in "Bridesmaids," and this is the role that will turn her into a star.
The script finishes up exactly where you think it will, but along the way, there are enough surprises and perfectly delivered lines to make it a blast.
Pitch Perfect is an enjoyably snarky campus romp that's both wildly nerdy and somewhat sexy.
As spirited and irresistible as the college a cappella craze it celebrates, Pitch Perfect is a cheeky delight.
Without the music, the movie might have been painful, but the songs, Auto-Tuned and processed as they are, generate a hooky bliss. They're the chewy center of this ultra-synthetic hard candy.
All told, Pitch Perfect isn't all that good – but it's an awfully good sport.
Time Out
This film could have done with a few more mouth beats and unlikely moments of extracurricular celebrity.
Slant Magazine
Jason Moore's film is more or less successful in inverse proportion to the degree that it plays its material by the book.
The Higgins performance owes more than a little to Fred Willard's unforgettable dog show commentary in "Best in Show," but it was clear that Willard was part of a telecast.
Theoretically, the "Bring It On" model can be applied to any remotely performative art. All it takes is a certain level of sass, some eye-catching performance showcases, and a plot where a talented outsider livens up a moribund group with some fresh ideas. Pitch Perfect slaps that stencil onto college a cappella singing groups, with a smattering of success.

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