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  • After agreeing to represent a college student who has accused the school's star quarterback of rape, Jane (Brooke Elliott) suspects that loyal alumnus Grayson (Jackson Hurst) is trying to undermine her case. Meanwhile, Kim's (Kate Levering) argumentative sister (guest star Kathy Griffin) seeks her help with a divorce.


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  • "Drop Dead Diva" - "He Said, She Said" - August 14, 2011

    Two cases tonight, one serious and one that seems silly and then turns serious.

    In the first, Jane takes on the case of a college cheerleader named Mia. Mia claims she was raped by the quarterback of the Hammond University football team. She went to health services and campus security but, since the rape kit was inconclusive and the university likes to protect football players, her case was closed. LAPD agreed it was a he said, she said situation and didn't take it any further.

    To get payback Mia and her friend Allie kidnap Vince, tie him to a motel room bed and force him to confess on camera. Jane tells them the tape won't be admissible in court and they will be arrested. They are and the University/Vince's lawyer comes to them and says they'll drop the charges against the girls if they turn over the tape and don't pursue civil charges against Vince.

    Jane decides to pursue charges against the school instead. Grayson is incensed that she's suing his alma mater. She is incensed that his school pride is clouding his judgement in a rape case. They have a row right in the middle of the office.

    In court, the campus police admit that Mia's state after what happened with Vince was consistent with rape but since the evidence was inconclusive they dropped it. Jane gets him to admit that Vince has been spoken to by the campus security several times for drunkeness, robbery, and harassment but has never been arrested.

    Allie testifies about the night Vince allegedly raped Mia and talks about the rock star treatment the football players get. The opposing counsel gets her to admit she hooked up with Vince on Valentine's day and was mad he never called her again. She says she's not holding a grudge but standing up for her friend.

    They discover that Vince was an avid Twitterer and jackass. Terri looks at Vince's tweets and notices that some are simply numbers and that they happened around the time of the rape and his hook-up with Allie. They figure out that he's keeping count of sexual conquests on Twitter. Clicking on the link brings the to an impenetrable site. As they're working this out Jane-- as instructed by Parker-- goes to apologize to Grayson about the fight but is incensed that Grayson is meeting with opposing counsel behind her back. He later explains that he wasn't talking to him behind the back. The lawyer had come to convince Grayson to convince Jane to stop, which made him realize that Vince has something to hide. He says there's a difference between school spirit and blind allegiance, and he wants her to know that. He offers to join her as second chair.

    In court, Mia takes the stand and describes the night and the rape. It's awful

    Working on the link again Terri and Fred discover an easter egg that takes surfers to a hidden link and a password-protected site. Terri gets a subpoena and discover that the site has pictures and video links to all of Vince's conquests including Mia. Unfortunately, the hard drive has been wiped clean.

    But when Vince takes the stand Grayson tells Vince that the school has a back-up server and all of his stuff is still on their. He panics. They have someone log into the server. But before they play the video Vince admits that he was told by the lawyer that everything on his computer would all be taken care of. Jane and Grayson score! The school offers Mia a settlement, offers to change it's date rape investigation policies, and Vince and the lawyer will be charged in criminal court.

    In the night's other case Kim's crazy sister Jenna- played by Kathy Griffin-- blows in with divorce drama. She wants to reverse her binding arbitration with her husband Doug and since he's remarrying in a week she knows she has leverage.

    At issue, an antique clock that she claims she must have to go to sleep. Doug balks saying it's a family heirloom. They go back and forth until ultimately, claiming his fiance convinced him, Doug gives up the clock.

    Jenna arrives excited and busts the clock open. She pulls out a small black bag and shows Kim what she was really after: uncut diamonds. Turns out that Doug's grandmother stored them in the clock and told Jenna about it. Jenna says she wants to ensure a bright future for her and Doug's daughter Ella. Now she has a safety net.

    Kim smells something fishy though and goes to visit Doug and return the clock. He's surprised to see her. She calls his bluff: she knows he knew about the diamonds because what Jenna showed her was quartz. Kim knows he switched them and then protested about the clock so it would look legit. He shows her the real diamonds. Kim says that all Doug and Jenna want is to secure Ella's financial future so she has drawn up a trust giving Ella possession of the diamonds when she turns 18. One day Jenna may be mad but now Ella's future is safe.

    In the night's final storyline Jane accidentally walks in on Bobbie and Parker getting it on in his office. She goes to have a scream on the balcony. Fred joins her and she tells him that it's too much for her that Parker is doing her mom. Fred points out it's Deb's mom.

    Bobbie later comes to visit Jane in her office, which is odd, of course, for Jane. Bobbie confesses that no one is more surprised then her that it's going well with Parker and that she really likes him. Jane says she's really happy for her and it's clear that Deb means it.

    Later when Jane tells Stacy about Bobbie. Stacy tells her to protect Bobbie by having Bobbie dump him first, by telling her something that's a dealbreaker. Jane figures it out. She tells Bobbie that Parker loves to hunt:, bunnies and raccoons and Bambi and that she thought she should know. Bobbie says it's too bad and she has to go.

    Later as Grayson and Jane celebrate their win in the rape case, Bobbie arrives and announces she broke up with Parker. She admits she knew Jane was giving her a heads up, offering her the pre-emptive break up option, something she practically invented. She wonders if Deb would've been appalled. Jane says she would've been happy that Bobbie was happy. Bobbie asks Jane if she's sure she didn't know Deb. Grayson, Jane and Bobbie toast to Deb.

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