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  • In Battlefield 3, players step into the role of the elite U.S. Marines. They will experience heart-pounding single player missions and competitive multiplayer action ranging across diverse locations from around the globe.

  • You play as an elite U.S. Marine Staff Sergeant, Henry Blackburn, and lead your squad alongside U.S. forces in Iran and Iraq against the PLR, a terrorist group that is threatening to blow multiple major cities up across the world, and uncover multiple hidden conspiracies about it in the process.


The synopsis below may give away important plot points.


  • Note: In-game, the story is told in various bits, this synopsis has been written in chronological order of events.

    In the year 2014, an uprising from the PLR, an Iranian "freedom-fighter" organization causes U.S. Marines to be dispatched in Kurdistan, Iraq. Blackburn's team is dispatched to investigate a missing patrol that was investigating possible WMD sites. After fighting their way to the main highway, Blackburn's team is separated by a catastrophic earthquake. Upon regaining consciousness, Blackburn sets out to find the rest of his team, as the PLR is executing U.S. soldiers separated by the quake.

    After finding and regrouping with his Squad, Blackburn and his squad are sent to search for Al-Bashir, leader of the PLR. The Marines invade Iran, heading to the capital city of Tehran. While the ground invasion is happening, Colby Hawkins, a female pilot, is sent to soften up air defenses and attempt to take out valuable targets including a possible location on Al-Bashir. While Blackburn's squad is invading the capital city, they receive information that Al-Bashir may be found at the cities bank. After breaching the bank, Blackburn and his squad head down to the vault, 60 feet below ground, to search for intel. They find a Russian manufactured case that has 3 portable nukes...2 of them missing. They radio in an evac to extract the squad and the remaining portable nuke. The crew discovers intel in the vault that leads to Paris (specifically the Euronext stock exchange), and New York City (specifically Times Square). Blackburn and his squad request support from M1 tanks, lead by Miller and his crew. After arriving at the bank's plaza, Miller's tank is hit with a guided missile, and is disabled. Miller stays, manning the 50 caliber machine gun while Blackburn evac's the nuke. After Blackburn and the squad leaves, miller is knocked unconscious by PLR militia, and taken prisoner. While imprisoned, Al-Bashir, and Solomon film the execution of Miller and is publicly released. Solomon has established close ties with Al-Bashir in order to obtain nuclear weapons.

    After the nuke is extracted, Blackburn and his squad decide to go after Al-Bashir, as they now have sufficient information that can lead to his capture. However, Captain Cole is leading the attack, which infuriates Montes, as Montes knows he just wants to get a promotion out of capturing Al-Bashir. This creates tension between the squad, as Cole is determined to achieve his goals, no matter how unsafe. The team successfully infiltrates the place where Al-Bashir is, however Al-Bashir attempts to take off in an SUV. The SUV crashes, sending Al-Bashir through the windshield, and in critical condition. He is taken to a mall, when PLR forces invade. The Marines fight off the PLR, and while Al-Bashir is being evaced, he is injected with an EPIPEN to keep him alive long enough to get medical help. However, he reveals that he has been betrayed by Solomon, who only used him and the PLR to obtain nukes. He tells the squad of his plans to bomb New York and Paris, then dies.

    Russia is informed about the situation, as they realize nukes have been stolen from their armories and sold by a Russian arms dealer named Kaffarov. The Russian's send 3 Spentznaz agents named Dima, Kiril, and Vladimir to obtain intel about the nukes and how to stop them. While they are busy breaching Kaffarov's villa, Blackburn's squad is caught up in a valley fighting off Russian paratroopers, unaware that they are going after the same person, Solomon. The squad alerts their Captain, Cole, that it's a bad idea to fight the swarms of Russians. Cole ignores their requests to back down and find another way around, leading to a Russian jet attacking and killing two of the squad mates. This leaves Montes extremely bitter toward Cole, as Cole himself even admits he could have done something different. Cole then urges the squad to move on and continue the mission. While the Spentznaz agents are in the Villa, Dima apprehends Kaffarov, who says in exchange for freedom he will provide everything he knows about Soloman and his plans. He confirms the Paris and New York attacks, as he's the one who provided Solomon with the nukes. Shortly after, Blackburn's squad arrives at the villa, and each man left in the squad is sent to investigate on their own to recover information quicker. Blackburn heads to the pool where Kaffarov and Dima are located. Dima explains that he and Blackburn need to act, before Russia and the United States go to war over the nukes being detonated. In the middle of the conversation, Cole enters the pool room. Knowing that Dima will be captured / killed, and information will be withheld leading to the detonation of the nukes, Blackburn shoots Cole. Dima then escapes, however Blackburn is apprehended by Montes for appearing to be a traitor. Dima heads off to Paris with his crew, while Blackburn is interrogated by the CIA.

    While being interrogated by the CIA, Blackburn is told that Solomon is an "asset" to the CIA, and has nothing to do with the nukes. Blackburn is told he is guilty for treason for shooting Cole, a CIA guard and handler come in to apprehend him and Montes, who they also believe is in on the plot. Montes and Blackburn agree that they trust each other, and take down the CIA agents and manage to escape. Blackburn proceeds to jump on the train that the nuclear bomb is being held.

    Meanwhile earlier in Paris, Dima and his squad invade the Euronext stock exchange in search for the bomb. A deadly gas has been released in the building. Dima and his squad fight through, and start chasing one of the terrorists holding a portable nuke canister. The terrorist fires an RPG, which misses Dima and Kiril, but hits and impales Vladimir. Vladimir commands Dima and Kiril to leave him to fight off the enemies outside, and to go find the nuke, and dies from his wounds. Meanwhile, Dima and Kiril manage to find the terrorist on a train platform. Dima wrestles him to the ground, and throws him in front of a train, killing him. They find the canister was a dummy, and moments later the nuclear bomb explodes, killing 80,000, Kiril, and giving Dima severe radiation poisoning.

    Meanwhile, later Blackburn and Montes escape from CIA custody. On the train, Blackburn finds Solomon. The two struggle in the train, before Blackburn grabs a terrorist holding a detonated to C4 placed on the car. He detonates it hoping to kill Solomon, however after climbing up a manhole, he realizes Solomon is very much alive. Solomon drives away toward Times Square. Montes pulls up in an NYPD police car, instructing Blackburn to get in. The two chase after Solomon, however Montes ends up crashing. Solomon walks up to Montes, shooting and killing him. Blackburn then attacks Solomon, and handcuffs him to himself. The two fight, before Blackburn finally beats Solomon to death with a brick. The nuke is found, and goes un-detonated.

    Dima is later seen in his home, writing a letter about how he wanted the world to know what he and Blackburn did to prevent a war from happening. He explains how he's got radiation poisoning, and that he was once told that you only get to die once, and to make it worth your while. A knock is heard at his door, he then racks the slide on his pistol. The story ends.

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