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An unhinged divorcé with a score to settle initiates an armed standoff from the cramped confines of his trailer; a disabled man is killed on the job, and Lt. Joe Kenda's case hits a roadblock when forensic evidence is ...


1 Jan. 2017
Bullet with My Name on It
A young high school graduate, ready for college and a promising sports career, is murdered and LT Kenda is on the trail of the murderer.
4 Jan. 2017
Roy Johnson is found dead on the side of the road by two teenagers and police assume he is the victim of a hit and run. Lt. Kenda becomes suspicious when the evidence suggests Roy may have been murdered. Then, Lt. Kenda investigates the apparent suicide of Josie Hancock as a possible homicide when the evidence contradicts her husband's claims.
11 Jan. 2017
The murder of a troubled young man with a link to the world of rare coins and the shooting death of a mother of five are investigated.
18 Jan. 2017
Officer Down
Sgt. Joe Kenda is faced with his worst nightmare when he learns a friend and fellow officer, Mark Dabling, has been killed in the line of duty. Police conduct an all-out manhunt and discover the gunman is even more dangerous than they'd thought.
25 Jan. 2017
My Worst Fear
Police find a 13 year old boy killed in an explosion, when they find a second unexploded bomb at the scene. To catch the killer they must first figure out the bombs' true intended target.
1 Feb. 2017
My Rookie Mistake
It's 1973. Rookie Joe Kenda's 1st day on the job. Fast forward a year to 1974. During a night shift, Officer Kenda, confronts an armed man with a hostage in the parking lot of a bar,with no backup. Joe Kenda realizes he wants to be a detective.
8 Feb. 2017
The Monster Awakens
Lt. Kenda and the sex crimes unit realize after investigating the rape of a young mother that there is a serial rapist at large in Colorado Springs and they must race to catch him before he strikes again.
23 Aug. 2017
Bad Moon Rising
On the night before Halloween, a real-life nightmare unfolds as a young man is found clinging to life; the case takes a dark turn after Lt. Joe Kenda learns there's a second victim somewhere in the woods.
30 Aug. 2017
Written in Blood
On the night before Halloween, a real-life nightmare unfolds when a young man is found clinging to life. The case takes a dark turn when Lt. Joe Kenda learns there is a second victim somewhere in the woods.
6 Sep. 2017
Raise the Dead
When 71-year-old Orville Head passes away, no one questions the death of an elderly man with health problems. But when a tip comes in suggesting foul play, Lt. Joe Kenda is left with only one way to reveal the truth: exhume the body from its grave.
13 Sep. 2017
Knock Knock
A gathering of friends turns deadly when two gunmen shoot William Davis in the head. When the witnesses are unable to provide any solid leads, Lt. Joe Kenda and his team dig into his past and start to suspect someone in William's circle is lying.
20 Sep. 2017
Rearview Mirror
When a retired military man runs over a pedestrian, it's up to Lt. Joe Kenda to determine if it was bad brakes or bad intent. Then A shooting in a dive bar leads to a quick arrest, but Kenda can't quite shake the feeling that something is amiss.
4 Oct. 2017
Jekyll & Hyde
Lt. Joe Kenda looks for answers in the death of Calvin Blair, a young man stabbed and left for dead on the roadside. In another story, after Alexandra Drake is shot in the face, she tells police it was an accident, but Kenda doesn't believe her.
11 Oct. 2017
After School Special
Beloved high school math teacher is poisoned after drinking from her personal water bottle. Who would do this??
18 Oct. 2017
Sex, Lies and Surveillance Tape
A confrontation between enemies turns deadly, and Lt. Joe Kenda's best hope for answers lies with a grainy, dubbed-over surveillance tape. Then An elderly man is fighting for his life. Was it a slip-and-fall, or something infinitely more disturbing?
25 Oct. 2017
A young deputy, Brent Holloway, is posted to guard the scene of a charred cabin on the slopes of Pikes Peak overnight and the following morning he is found dead in his patrol car. His fellow law enforcement officers set aside their shock and grief in order to bring his killer to justice.
1 Nov. 2017
Where Is Claudia Jane?
A 15-year old girl is reported missing, and Kenda must investigate the mysterious circumstances surrounding her disappearance. Then, a family man is shot dead on his neighbor's doorstep.
8 Nov. 2017
When a crazed gunman terrorizes his neighborhood, police officers must put themselves in the line of fire to restore order; when a man discovers his elderly father has been stabbed in the back, the knife itself turns out to be Lt. Kenda's biggest clue.
15 Nov. 2017
Time Bomb
When a bomb explodes at the Pikes Peak National Bank, it's up to rookie detective Joe Kenda catch the culprits. He must determine whether it's an isolated robbery, or the opening move in a wave of terror and destruction.
29 Nov. 2017
John 3:16
A man rushes his friend to the hospital with serious gunshot wounds, reporting the two were robbed by strangers. After realizing the facts don't add up, Lt. Kenda and his team search for an eye witness who can help solve the case.

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