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The new rival
jotix10025 October 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Ray is coming to a hotel for a tryst that Tanya arranged. After a while, he spots the woman, Christina, talking to a young man. Ray watches as she gets up and goes with the stranger. He is perplexed, to say the least. What happened? That's what he would like to know. How could things go so wrong? Meeting with Tanya to discuss what happened, she figures that maybe Christina wanted to have Ray fight over the man, and when that did not happen, she walked away. Ray does not appreciate when Tanya says she is the captain of their team. He figures they are equal in their business.

We next find Ray at an encounter with a woman dressed as a policeman that is giving chase to him at a park late at night. The woman tirelessly insists in repeating the action, leaving Ray all black and blue after all said and done. He is not too happy to get hooked with this lady again.

It does not take long for Tanya to find out. Leonor is at it again. She has hacked her email account and has been sending messages to all her contacts as though coming from Tanya, but using Jason to impersonate Ray. Tanya is fit to be tied. She will do something about it because now Leonor is cutting into her business.

Jessica comes over to Ronnie hoping to get a check. She finds him using a punch bag because he wants to be in shape. The music in the exercise area is much too loud. Jess lowers the volume, but Ronnie insists in keep on punching the bag to keep his heart level elevated. He is not pleased in seeing her. Jess decides to go, and as she does so, she sees Mindy, the woman who gave Ron a hand job before. Ronnie runs after her and Mindy apologizes, but a furious Jessica gets in her car and goes away.

Leonor goes to see Jason at the restaurant where he works. She has brought him 200 dollars due to him. She wants to schedule him for a session, but that day is sacred for him and his girlfriend. It is their quality time and he does not want to be away from her. Leonor decides to fix him by going to the pastry shop where Sandee, Jason's girlfriend works. Leonor pretends she wants a cake. She wants to have the cake to read "I had sex with your boyfriend". Asked where does Leonor wants the case sent, she asks Sandee for her address. Sandee finally understands. Leonor offers an advice: Ignore him for a week and Jason will respond better the next time they meet.

Tanya goes to visit Charlie in prison. Her old friend needs to be bailed, and Tanya could not have come at a better time. Instead of getting advice from the pimp, Tanya tells him he was mean to her the last time they met and she did not forget it, or appreciate what he did to her.

Tanya decides to go deal with Jason. Finding him, she comes right out in telling him the purpose of meeting him. Jason answers with his own proposition: how about having sex with him in the men's room. Ray enters the bathroom and recognizes Tanya having an orgasm. Later, the partners meet and she informs Ray she has taken care of business. Seeing Jason going out, Ray gives chase in the parking lot. Jason is surprised by the confrontation, but he figures he is better than the older Ray.

Being late for her orgasm class, Tanya is taken aback when Leonor comes in the room. Not wanting a scene, she takes her rival to the office. Leonor wants 50% of all the earning of the Wellness Center. Tanya attacks her getting a hold of the cell phone, where Leonor had copied all of the contacts, and throws it in the toilet.

Ray finds Jason on the elevator of a hotel. Both punch the last floor. Ray is bringing a cake box, but Jason has a small one with what appears to be a small pastry, intended, no doubt for the woman he is going to see. Ray puts a fast one on Jason by pulling a pair of handcuffs and tying him to the railing of the elevator. Ray gets his revenge on the man that dared to insult him.

Julia Brownell wrote the episode. Uta Briesewitz, a cinematographer turned director, does a good job in getting all the elements together in another funny installment on this adult oriented series. The action never lets off and it is fun to watch the cast of this program doing what they do best. Thomas Jane, Jane Adams, Rebecca Creskoff, Anne Heche and Eddie Jamison have gotten a nice ensemble that never disappoint. They are joined this season by Stephen Amel, a competition for Ray no one ever expected.
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"You're Giving Me a Cake"?
JasonDanielBaker21 October 2012
Former high school teacher turned gigolo Ray (Thomas Jane) has only just begun to rake in money after his pimp Tanya (Jane Adams) hit upon the idea of marketing him to women as a hands-on (clothes off) sex therapist. The premiere episode of the third season was close to being hard core porn as a result and could have accurately been titled 'Everybody Loves Raymond'.

The end of that episode however introduced Jason (Stephen Amell) - a cherub-faced busboy half Ray's age, in better shape, endowed with a certain similar trait and the vigor of youth. Recruited by evil Lenore (Rebecca Kreskoff) - a nightmare ex-client of Ray's who tried to break his partnership with Tanya and displace her as Ray's pimp, the young guy is "turned out" by her and directed to Ray's clients.

Ray and Tanya are victims of their own success. They have identified a niche within the marketplace to cater to and gradually built up a client base - one readily identifiable by upstart competition. Of course they really feel like they are victims of Lenore and, as it turns out so is Jason. But like any other pimp and a hooker fighting for territory they stoop to new lows to keep what little they have.

The incredulity one might have at the notion that women might pay for sex is exceeded by the fact that some of them live in Detroit (if you go by this show). There are people in Detroit who have $500 to pay for sex? There are people in Detroit who have $500? A tad surprising given the fact the Michigan economy and specifically that of the Motor City has been beaten like a piñata almost non-stop for 20 years.

Their remains some incredulity that women might pay for sex. Tanya herself initially dismissed the idea as "disgusting" and "pathetic". A prospective customer reacted with "Isn't that kind of gross?" - a thought which crosses a lot of people's minds when they watch the show or even consider the premise.
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