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Season 1

Neon Knome
Horace, Alfe and Roba try to destroy a giant roller blade that appeared on their yard, but eventually end up getting lost in the forest.
4 Apr. 2011
Time Twisterz
When an Elementary school class mysteriously ages almost 100 years after riding the Time Twister Roller coaster, the Problem Solverz are on the case.
11 Apr. 2011
The Problem Solverz endeavor to eliminate the malicious "Tomb of Nefertari" game, and stop video game addiction in the process.
18 Apr. 2011
K-999 and Da Little Explorez
Robot Dog K69 joins the Explorers as they do battle with a Girl Scout-esque troue with questionable motives.
9 May 2011
Hide and Seek Ninjaz
A famous funny face artist has the plans for his new faces stolen - the Solverz investigate.
16 May 2011
The Mayan Ice Cream Caper
The Problem Solvers are enlisted by the delightful Sweetie Creamy to stop her father from blowing up his own ice cream factory.
30 May 2011
The team wakes up to discover a problem: Everything in Fauxboro seems different.
6 Jun. 2011
Magic Clock
The Problem Solverz wake up to discover a problem: everything in Farmboro seems different.
13 Jun. 2011
Breakfast Wars
The Problem Solverz follow a scavenger hunt from Graceland to Greenland as they become embroiled in the nasty case of Professor Sugar Fish and his sugary cereal.
1 Sep. 2011
Puffy Puppiez
Hamburger Cavez: When the Problem Solverz go camping, Alfe's thirst for hamburgers lands them in hot water with an ancient evil spirit.
15 Sep. 2011
Problem Solverz Academy
Glam Vampire Hunterz:A pack of roving glam rock vampires descends on Farboro, as does Alfe's cousin Ralphe.
29 Sep. 2011
Tux Dog's Island
Mermaid Raid:The Problem Solvers must free a captive Mermaid from a gang of unruly porpoises. But there's just one catch: Alfe is terrified of the water.

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