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Addison Timlin: Ramsey



  • Ramsey : [during Lumpy's funeral service]  There are a lot of moments in life, and I didn't know Lumpy very long. Most of you probably had more time with him than I did, but... just because dying on a cactus was Lumpy's last moment doesn't mean it was his most important one.

  • Ramsey : My mom says taking drugs for fun is okay, but taking them for problems is not. 'Cause once the drugs wear off, you still have the problem.

  • Ramsey : Don't you have candles to light, or like... wine and crackers to hand out?

    Priest : That's what you think I do? Mood lighting and catering?

  • Ramsey : I still think you should've gone to the hospital.

    Lumpy : Mm-mmm, no, no. No, Duluth is... like umm... two hours away from here. I took a hot shower. I'll be fine.

    Ramsey : Well, you look purple and bloated.

    Lumpy : I always look bloated.


    Lumpy : It's okay, it's okay. I work really hard to look this bloated. It's a point of pride for me.

  • Ramsey : [during Lumpy's funeral service]  He didn't tell anyone about his heart because he didn't want his friends or his family to worry. And if he only had a little time left to live, the last thing he wanted to be was a lawyer. He just wanted to fish and have fun.

  • Ramsey : Hot date?

    Priest : What are you doing here?

    Ramsey : You know I like to watch. I hate it when you pull the blinds, Dad.

    Priest : [sighs]  I'm not your dad.

    Ramsey : Dad, father, father, dad... Whatever. I need 50 bucks.

    Priest : I don't have 50 bucks. This is really your best option? Blackmailing a priest?

    Ramsey : Think of it as community welfare.

    Priest : Is there a doctor or a lawyer you can hustle?

    Ramsey : If you want me to go back to taking it out of the offering tray, I will.

  • Jaime : You never gave it a chance.

    Ramsey : No one makes new friends in high school.

    Jaime : Oh, you're so smart though.

    Ramsey : Yeah, and everyone's just dying to be friends with that freak girl who does math two years ahead of everybody else.

    Jaime : Oh, if you try, it'll get better.

    Ramsey : You sure about that, Mom? Is it gonna get better like Milwaukee, where I got beat up every week? Or is it gonna get better like Rockford, where you got beat up every week?

    Jaime : Stop it. I did the best that I could.

    Ramsey : Or is it like Brooklyn Park, where I had to watch my dad O.D.? So tell me, Mom...

    Jaime : [interrupting]  Stop it!

    Ramsey : ...When does it get better, because I wouldn't want to miss it.

    [stomps out of house in winter weather] 

    Jaime : Ramsey... where are you going?

    Ramsey : Anywhere but here.

  • Lumpy : [outside motel in wintery night weather]  Let me at least put some clothes on, and I will drive you home.

    Ramsey : I can walk.

    Lumpy : Get your butt back in the hotel room, or I'm gonna drop this towel!


    Lumpy : You'll be scarred for life.

  • Scott : We can drive you to Minneapolis but then, how you're gonna get back home?

    Ramsey : I don't know. I'd take the bus or something.

    Kristin : I think we should figure that out before...

    Scott : [reciprocating]  Yeah

    Ramsey : [interrupting]  I'm pregnant.


    Ramsey : It's Lumpy's.

    Kristin : [faces away]  I knew it.

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