Best Man Down (2012) Poster


Peter Syvertsen: Roger


  • Roger : Could somebody please pass the Mrs. Dash? She might be hiding with Mr. Dash.

    Kristin : Oh, we don't know if there is a Mr. Dash, Dad. Maybe things didn't go too well after their wedding or something.

    Scott : Well, maybe Mr. Dash had some things on his mind, and things that he has to take care of.

    Kristin : I just wonder if Mr. and Mrs. Dash didn't go on a honeymoon and then after that, stop communicating.

    Scott : Maybe Mrs. Dash should stop feeling sorry for herself.

    Kristin : I think that Mrs. Dash is trying really hard and maybe feels under-appreciated.

    Scott : [raising voice slightly]  Maybe Mrs. Dash should remember she's not the only spice in the spice rack.

  • Roger : [reminiscing about Lumpy]  Boy looked like he was a lot of fun.

    Scott : He was a lot of fun, Roger. He wasn't a boy though. He was a man.

    Kristin : Of course he was a man.

    Scott : No, no, no. He was a real man. Just because he drank a little too much, and quit law school and he got fired from his job, it doesn't make him less of a man. 'Cause he was a man, Kris.

    Kristin : Okay. We understand and we know you're upset...

    Scott : [shouting]  You asked me to pee sitting down!

    Kristin : I thought it would be a nice compromise.

    Scott : You wanted me to carry a purse, for Christ's sake.

    Kristin : Why would he carry a purse?

    Kristin : [raising voice]  It was a man bag! And I was only pointing out that some men have found it efficient. They are in Europe mostly but...

    Scott : We don't live in Europe. This is what I'm talking about. This is what I mean. Lumpy kept it real. He was a man.

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