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Lucy Lawless: Helen Burton, Mrs. X



  • Helen Burton : [pointing gun at Daphne]  I'm running out of patience, J.J.

    J.J. Powell : I told you everything I know! I swear!

    Helen Burton : And somehow I still don't believe you.

    Daphne Powell : J.J., please!

    J.J. Powell : I'm sorry. I... I just can't think, okay? Stress overstimulates the hippocampus. My glucocorticoid receptors haven't been this saturated since... since the plane crash. Oh, my God. Look, I know why our powers are permanent. Please, just let my family go and I'll tell you everything you wanna know. I promise.

    Helen Burton : J.J., I will. I will let them all go.

    J.J. Powell : Okay, you've been mixing the trilsettum with epinephrine - synthetic adrenaline - but what you needed was real adrenaline. Now, the serum wasn't wrong, the circumstances were. Look, in moments of extreme stress, like life and death, like a plane crash, the receptors in the hippo campus are wide open, and the trilsettum can be absorbed enough for its effects to become permanent. So please...

    Helen Burton : Thank you, J.J. You have been most helpful.

    [hands gun over to guard] 

    Helen Burton : Give me ten seconds, then put a bullet in each of them.

  • Helen Burton : Feeling unwell, Dayton?

    Dr. Dayton King : Madam Chairman, I-I just seem to be fighting something.

    Helen Burton : Yes, I believe it's called obsolescence, a battle which you appear to have lost. Key card, please.

  • Helen Burton : If I had time, I would wait for than little twit your son knocked up to give birth. A baby born with trilsettum in its D.N.A. would provide all the answers we need to create permanence, but I dislike both children and being patient; so, I have a backup plan.

    Dr. Dayton King : And what is that?

    Helen Burton : I'm afraid that information can only be shared with people who still work here, but I assure you, my methods will be far less delicate than yours.

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