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Black Panther, vol. 4 #1-6

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Season 13

6 Jan. 2020
Batman/Aliens #2
2020 on Atop the Fourth Wall begins as two warriors with fear as their greatest weapon battle each other. Linkara takes a look at the second issue of Batman/Aliens.
13 Jan. 2020
Star vs. the Forces of Evil: Deep Trouble #1-4
Sometimes a comic's worst enemy is not being finished. Linkara takes a look at a four issue story-line from the short lived and canceled Star vs. The Forces of Evil comic to see for himself.
20 Jan. 2020
Who's bad? Hopefully nothing to do with this review. On this Patreon sponsored review, Linkara takes a look at the DreamWorks film Megamind.
27 Jan. 2020
IDW's Revolution
Marvel and DC aren't the only ones who play around with big events. Linkara takes a look at the IDW event comic Revolution, which unites Transformers, Micronauts, ROM Spaceknight, and more.
5 Feb. 2020
Superman vs. Muhammad Ali
Celebrity cameos can be a little weird, but this one is actually pretty solid. It's the match of the century as Linkara takes a look at Superman vs. Muhammad Ali.
11 Feb. 2020
Hellstar Remina, Ch. 4-6
Hope you're ready for some more nightmare fuel. Linkara returns to Junji Ito's Hellstar Remina manga and sees how the story concludes with the last three chapters.
17 Feb. 2020
Youngblood: Strikefile #1
Ever wanted to know more about the characters of Youngblood? Youngblood has characters? Join Linkara as he looks at Youngblood: Strikefile #1 and the stories of Chapel and Diehard.
20 Feb. 2020
Comic Book Quickies #9
Comics shilling snack cakes and shoes are in full force as Linkara brings us the ninth edition of Comic Book Quickies. In this episode, we've got Spider-Man slinging Hostess cupcakes to an evil referee, a disco-era superhero that uses his spacey shoes to kick a dirty dancing demon out of his orbit, and finally, Batman wards off gold-eating aliens with Twinkies.

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