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Not as engaging
kosmasp10 July 2013
But still a good movie nevertheless. It's just that the first movie set a higher standard and of course the sequel was going to be compared to that. Which also means, that the third movie (due in 2014 if all goes along nicely), will have a lesser burden to carry. Having said that, there is no need to watch the first movie to understand this one. Though if you're thinking about missing out on one of the movies, it'd be wise to watch the other one instead.

Hamilton reprises his role (not alone, there is other characters that are familiar from the first movie, without connecting them too much) and he does a good job. There's conspiracy, thrill and action in this movie and you will be entertained.
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Far from the original
dassarulle19 October 2012
Since I'm a fan of the plot in the book "Men inte om det gäller din dotter" and I think that it more than well would be a really OK Hamilton-movie I got disappointed just five minutes into the movie. It has almost no resemblance what so ever with the original and it is so bad that I wonder if Guillou himself accepted the script. The last movie withs Persbrandt as Hamilton was good! I liked how the story was moved into todays world. But all the changes in this one is just horrific. I can see that if one watches this movie as a solitaire, it's OK. But still, you almost need to have read the decalogue about Hamilton to understand some of what happens. Actors performances is what makes my vote go from a minus 5 to a +2
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GoI'd novel, but fails to engage as film
OJT26 August 2013
I liked this Jan Guillau-novel when I read it two years ago, and as far as I remember this film follows the book quite OK. OtherS has written it doesn't, but except for using never technology and coffee machines, this is quite close.

I think Mikael Persbrandt is good as agent Hamilton, but the start if the film fails elegantly to engage me. Even when the little girl is kidnapped, the movie has managed to establish the needed sympathy. A film where one doesn't really route for the protagonists, will fail when it comes to be successful as a thriller. Here's a typical example of one.

A pity really, since I was looking forward to a ride like I had when reading the book. It looks like director Tobias Falk hasn't been up to the task of making this function, or maybe it's also the screenwriters faults. Less probable, since Stefan Thunberg has written the Wallanderfilms as well as the second outing of "The Hunters".

OK, but not much more.
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Hamilton 2
michael-hulden6 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I seldom react to any film negatively from Sweden and thats gods honest truth.

This film was wasted on good actors and the team making this. Not only did the film makers put ME Tuareg looking Arabs in the Gulf (Saudi Arabia) with some Nato style combat boots etc it was just too awful to see......

Then the overly hateful Anti-American aspect must be the worst I have seen made in the West ever !

The pro Arab sentiment here was no better than a film made by Hollywood about US forces.

Whats worse is that so good actors had to waste their talents on such a rubbish.

The Hamilton team deserves a realistic script.
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Lesser sequel that's still worth a look
Leofwine_draca30 October 2015
HAMILTON: BUT NOT IF IT CONCERNS YOUR DAUGHTER is a Swedish thriller, based on a popular novel character, and a follow-up to HAMILTON: IN THE INTEREST OF THE NATION. This is a lesser sequel in every respect, with a story that somehow manages to be more simplified and more complex at the same time; as well as that, it's not particularly suspenseful as a movie. Watching this you realise just how good the original film was.

Still, it's not all bad, and HAMILTON 2 certainly isn't a poor film by any means. The tale of international terrorism and political machinations is a well-written one, so it's just a shame than the central thriller plot is so basic. Hamilton goes around and questions suspects and then embarks on a mission to rescue his kidnapped goddaughter. That's all there is to it, and the ending in particular is oddly anti-climatic, leaving you wondering 'is that it?'

Fans will find the production values remain strong after the first movie, and the acting is also of a superior quality. I wouldn't have minded the basic storyline had it propped up some strong action scenes, but the action is very limited here and not particularly well shot by director Tobias Falk, who previously directed some BATTLE FRONT video games. However, Mikael Persbrandt is an engaging and charismatic screen presence, so it's a pity he doesn't have as much to get his teeth into as he did in the last film. Seba Mubarak also returns in support, and Frida Hallgren does good work as the crusading light. Watch out for cameoing British stars Steven Waddington, David Rintoul, and Cal MacAninch.
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Steer clear if you're a Hamilton fan
willyandre1 June 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I consider myself a Hamilton fan. I've read every book, watched every movie and TV series. Some TV/movie adaptations have been good, others not so much, but up until the last two movies they stuck to the story and general feel of the books. Now, the last one I can see why they changed. There's no Soviet Union any more, so a lot of adaptation had to be done to bring it into the modern world. That excuses some of the choices made by the directors. On this one, they have nothing to hide behind. The book is Hamilton's most recent appearance, and it's written in our current world setting. It's not even a Hamilton book, the main characters are the Tanguy family. ... so imagine my surprise when I see Pierre Tanguy isn't even in the picture at first. What I saw as a main component of the book, aging warriors dusting off their old gear for one last run. It even gave the book it's title, how they were all done with that life, done with fighting and killing, "But Not If It Concerns Your Daughter". Even Hamilton himself struggles with the decision to go in the book.

That's only the most glaring omission, but that alone should be enough to get someone fired. If the Hamilton angle had been removed, it would have been an OK Friday night thriller. Maybe not in the cinema, but then again I don't think it was released for cinema here in Norway. I found the movie in the cheap bins at Europris (Norwegian low-price store, sort of a mini-Walmart) without even having heard they were making it.

There's another one in production too I see. Let's hope they don't screw up the next one as badly as this. I suspect they will though, to make an action out of what should be a tense thriller.
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terrible and painful to watch
rightwingisevil27 February 2013
compare to the first one, this one really sucks big time. the director and the screenplay writer should be taken out into the backyard and executed without mercy as they probably ruined a potential franchise marketing the favored son of Sweden: hamilton. what a lousy screenplay that got so many clichés that hurt the viewers simply by kept watching it just tried to have some faith built from the first "hamilton: national security". the assassination, the easy killings by the assassin(s), the stupid and ridiculous Muslim dogma, the infiltration to the castle, the chain-smoking father, the sas or the navy seal related and so, nothing but joke after joke. the godfather and the goddaughter scenario and the kidnap, on and on, nothing but limp, stupid, laughable scenarios again and again causing viewers like us 3rd degree burns all over. actor who play hamilton in this film also seemed to lose most of his interest and energy to perform a likable character, he just did a half-hearted dream walk through the whole nine yard crappy plots, delivered a dead-beat acting and would have felt ashamed to do this role again. do not waste your time to watch this.
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Bad execution.
haga756 November 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Not a bad story or script. Just poor execution. Bring back Kathrine Windfeld as executive creative director. Please.
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What a man..
blumdeluxe30 July 2018
Warning: Spoilers
"Hamilton: Men inte om det gäller din dotter" tells the story of a Swedish agent whose goddaughter gets kidnapped by islamic terrorists and who has to fight several forces nearly alone in order to save her from the threat.

First of all, the movie looks very clean. You can see that it had some budget and that the money was used very professionally in order to make it look like a blockbuster. I also like how different agencies are involved and not always in a positive way. The intrigues and politics the film depicts are clearly its strong parts in my opinion, however implausible they might be. What I really don't like is the character itself. You should think that the times for incredibly tough guys who can fight whole armies with a spoon and show no emotions are over by now and they really should be. This character is just ridiculous. If you don't even blink an eye when your goddaughter is kidnapped that's not as much a sign of a tough man than it is a sign of an antisocial disorder.

All in all this is macho entertainment that convinces with a clever background story but delivers horrible character development. With a little more love for the people depicted, this could have been a far better movie.
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Weaker than Hamilton I, but still watchable
BeneCumb19 March 2013
Of course, Hamilton is no genuine Swedish spy/detective anymore, he has become a fighter in an international battlefield where terrorism, spread of values and use of natural resources are often related or intertwined, and where a small(er) country has a role of younger brother... Real decisions and actions are taken somewhere high and far away. Nevertheless, the pace is still there, actors are good and chasing/ambush scenes are catchy to follow. Well, some topics and understandings may be simplified and too black-and-fight, but - on the other hand - one cannot ponder so much on right-and-wrong in a film shorter than 1,5 hours. The ending appears too suddenly and is rather trivial, I would have expected some twist or unexpected nuance.

But still, Hamilton: Men inte om det gäller din dotter is neither disappointment nor boring, and it is definitely no US admiring film.
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