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  • Five married guys conspire to secretly share a penthouse loft in the city--a place where they can carry out hidden affairs and indulge in their deepest fantasies. But the fantasy becomes a nightmare when they discover the dead body of an unknown woman in the loft, and they realize one of the group must be involved.

  • The architect Vincent Stevens; the psychiatrist Chris Vanowen; the real estate agents Luke Seacord and Marty Landry; and Chris' half-brother Philip Trauner are married and best friends. Vincent has designed a brand new building and proposes that he and his friends share one of the wonderful penthouse lofts. This would allow them to hook up with other women without worrying about hotel charges showing up on their credit cards. When they discover the body of a beautiful woman cuffed on the bed in the loft, they argue over whom is responsible and secrets are disclosed affecting their friendship.

  • Belgian director Erik van Looy revisits his own 2008 psychological thriller in this remake starring Karl Urban and James Marsden. The story centers on five married friends who begin to suspect one another of murder after the corpse of a young woman appears in the shared inner-city loft they use for extramarital affairs and other nefarious purposes..


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  • In a police station's interrogation room, a man is under investigation for murder, and he is interrogated by a male and a female detective. Mr. Vincent Stevens (Karl Urban) tells his version of a series of events. A flashbacks starts to the day before, beginning with a sex scene between him and a blonde woman, intertwined with a man named Luke (Wentworth Miller) arriving at a loft in NYC in the morning. He enters and drops his bags as he sees a woman lying dead, face down on the bed, covered in blood due to a cut wrist. In the interrogation room, Vincent tells the police that his wife was out of town skiing with the kids and Luke called him and told him to hurry up to get to the loft.

    Cut to the loft the day before, when Vincent enters, seeing Luke and then the body. Vincent and Luke talk, saying the windows were sealed, the door was locked and the alarm was turned off, which means someone had to have gotten in with one of their keys, since only five exist and they can't be copied.

    Back in interrogation, Vincent is denying ever having been to the loft, though the police already know that he and four other men share it to have sex with their mistresses, one of them being Luke.

    Back at the loft, Chris (James Marsden) now enters. Marty (Eric Stonestreet) then comes in. No one can believe this is happening. They turn the body but don't know who she is.

    Cut to a flashback further back in time: a party of the opening of a building, with the five friends, Vincent, Marty, Chris, Philip and Luke talking about the women there, ignoring their wives. Vincent, Luke and Marty are all architects, and it is Vincent's project they are celebrating. Chris starts talking to a beautiful blonde woman named Ann Morris. Chris is a psychiatrist and had treated her sister, who apparently had a mood disorder and later committed suicide. Chris apologizes for his failure in treating the sister, but she shrugs it off, saying that half her family suffers from mood disorders, and some people are simply born unhappy. Chris' wife Allison witnesses their interaction and is not happy. Vincent brings his friends upstairs to a loft and tells them his plan to share it for their secret rendezvous.

    Loft: Luke starts to freak out as they try to get in contact with the fifth man, Phil. There's a Latin message on the bed: 'Fatum Nos Iungebit' is written on the wall in blood. There is a suicide note, saying "See you in another life".

    In the interrogation room, Chris explains that the Latin phrase means "Fate Will Unite Us". However, he tells the interrogators that one word tense was incorrect (it should have been 'iunget' instead of 'iungebit'). They start asking him where Phillip, his half-brother, is, but he doesn't know. Chris and Philip have the same mother but different fathers, with Philip's father being an abusive alcoholic, and Philip being tossed around in foster care.

    Back at the loft, Phillip finally shows up. The other men accuse him of committing the crime, but no one will admit to anything.

    Flashback to Phillip's wedding months ago, to a woman named Vicky Fry. The men are talking crudely again about the women being present, until they notice that local politician Joel Kotkin has also been invited. Kotkin is a friend of Philip's father-in-law, Hiram Fry, owner of a large construction company. As a result, Kotkin makes sure that all the lucrative construction deals go to Hiram. As a wedding present, Vincent offers Philip the key, and to the other three men as well. Accepting the key means agreeing to certain rules, such as notifying the others by text when the loft is going to be reserved, and not going to the loft when it's occupied. Chris doesn't want the key - he says he is not like that, much to Vincent's derision. Marty's a tad nervous since their wives are right there, but they continue on to talk about the women at the wedding anyway. Marty notices Philip's beautiful sister (and Chris' half-sister) Zoe, and makes some crude comments about her. This causes Philip to threaten Marty - "never say that about my sister". Chris sees Ann again (as Kotlin's invited guest), and goes to talk to her privately. He comes on to her and asks Vincent to borrow his key...just that once.

    Loft: they need to make sure none of them lost their key. They all have theirs except Chris, who just says it's not on him, but he hasn't lost it.

    Flashback: Chris is having a dinner party for the guys and their wives. He seems to be going through a rough patch with his wife Allison. Around the table, Marty's wife Mimi is talking about her boss' wife who caught him cheating, and then they discuss plastic surgery. This leads to a discussion which escalates when Marty, who is drunk, starts making nasty comments to Chris' wife. Then he starts talking about how the boss should've gotten away with it, hinting about using a secret loft. Chris kicks Marty's chair causing him to fall over and stop talking, but the women are thinking now about what is going on.

    Luke and his wife Ellie catch Phillip in the bathroom doing cocaine. She questions Luke about him maybe wanting someone else, as he gives her a shot of insulin for her diabetes. She implies that she would not mind if he gets his sexual satisfaction somewhere else, but he reassures her that it is not necessary.

    Loft: the men are trying to figure out what to do and how to get the body out - she's handcuffed to the bed.

    Flashback to Chris and Ann having sex in the loft. He tells her he loves her and he is going to leave his wife, which is very upsetting to her. She tells him she's a prostitute but won't bill him for the last few months.

    Interrogation: Marty is being questioned by the cops. He and his wife are going through a trial separation because she caught him cheating with someone he met in San Diego on business. Flashback to the business trip - Vincent, Marty and Luke meet a lady called Dana in a bar. She's not thin so Marty wants to turn her away, but Vincent assures him that big women always have a cute friend, so he buys her a drink. They notice Phillip's father-in-law Hiram Fry, with another woman (clearly cheating on his wife). Ann Morris is also there with Hiram's friend Joel Kotkin. Fry recognizes the men from his daughter's wedding, and pays for their drinks in an implied attempt to buy their silence about seeing him with another woman. He directly talks to Vincent about working on a potential design project for his firm, saying something to them in Latin about being discrete.

    Back at home, Chris is trying to call Ann and is caught by his wife Allison who accuses him of "something".

    At the bar, Vincent and Marty are talking to Dana when her beautiful blonde girlfriend named Sarah shows up. In the interrogation room, Vincent tells the cops that this was the first time he met her. The four of them go up to the roof where there is a pool, also with Luke. Marty and Dana leave when Dana starts to feel nauseous from all the drinks. Vincent strips naked on a dare by Sarah, who pushes him into the pool. Then she starts to unzip her dress, revealing her ass to Luke. After Sarah is fully nude she talks seductively with Vincent in the pool that leads to sexual intercourse while Luke is watching them. Luke gets up and walks away and finds Marty having sex with Dana from behind.

    Flash-forward to several months later, where Vincent and Sarah seem to have been having a long time affair. She doesn't want to say goodbye as she is in love with him, but he wants to break it off.

    Back at the loft, Vincent is about to tell the guys that he was there the day before, when the phone/buzzer rings. It's a lady who wants to come up because someone has listed the loft up for sale, and she has an appointment with a woman named 'Sarah'. Vincent tells Luke and Marty that it is Sarah who is lying on the bed, and they both know her. Marty doesn't remember her since he was drunk. They run out to the balcony to see if they recognize the lady calling (they don't) and then confront Vincent. He tells them he was there the night before, and broke up with her, but had nothing to do with the murder. In anger, Chris throws his glass against the wall.

    Flashback - on the street Chris follows Ann into a store and confronts her. She tells him that she was paid for having sex with him, but not anymore. He doesn't care that she's a prostitute, he loves her and wants only her. She doesn't believe him, saying that he has probably taken lot of women back to the loft. He gives her his key as a token of his commitment; from now on, she can decide when they use the loft. She leaves and gets into the car with Joey Kotlin, which makes him think he's been paying her to sleep with him.

    In interrogation, Luke admits that he has met Sarah, the deceased woman. They ask him if he's jealous of her, implying that he's gay and has feelings for Vincent. Luke vehemently denies this. The cops tell him that Vincent is selling them out.

    Flashback - Marty shows up at the loft one night and bangs on the door, crying to Vincent that Dana told his wife everything and she's leaving him. He asks Vincent to help him. Vincent promises him to go to Mimi and tell her that Marty loves her, and that Dana is lying.

    Loft: Chris gives Vincent a drink. Phillip picks up the knife that was left on the bed and threatens Vincent with it, accusing him of killing Sarah. The other men subdue him and the knife winds up in Vincent's hands. Vincent and Chris turn it around, saying that Philip himself would be a more obvious suspect.

    Flashback to Phillip in the loft with a prostitute, who is handcuffed to the bed. She is crying and shows marks of abuse, while Philip is high on cocaine. Chris and Vincent show up and Phillip starts ranting that the prostitute overcharged him, waving with a knife. The lady tells them that he forced her to do sexual stuff against her will, but Philip simply remarks that "you can't rape a prostitute". Chris violently attacks his half-brother, saying that he is no better than his own alcoholic and abusive father. Philip then starts yelling that while Chris grew up in a comfortable life and was enjoying his college years, he and Zoe, their sister, had to endure endless physical abuse by their father, while their mother silently allowed it. Chris tells him that he never had any idea in what kind of misery his half-brother and -sister were, and if he had, he would have tried everything to get them out of it. Chris tries to pay the prostitute off to convince her not to go to the cops, but she leaves saying no. Chris tells Philip that he will never forgive him for this.

    This story is new to Marty and Luke. Luke then speaks up and admits that he had been recording all their encounters. He shows them a secret camera, and an area where he can look at the footage recorded on CD's. He is then accused of being a pervert (getting off while watching them) but he's never used the loft to cheat on his wife. He didn't record Vincent and Sarah last night however, because Vincent didn't tell them he was coming. He's very scared now because everything he's done has been documented, and he is afraid that someone else now knows of what they are doing. This might be the same person who put up the loft for sale. Luke asks them what he thinks will happen if everyone finds out the truth, very threatening. Could one of their wives suspect anything?

    Flashback to a fundraiser which took place the night before. Vincent is telling his wife he can't go on a ski trip due to his work. Allison is accusing Chris nonstop - he asks her if she's the one seeing someone else. Vincent still hasn't heard anything from Hiram about the project he was offered. He walks up to Hiram, Joel Kotkin and their wives, and inquires about the status of the project he was promised. When Hiram can't give any guarantees, Chris hints at the meeting in the bar in San Diego to put pressure on Hiram. Marty's wife Mimi unexpectedly shows up at the fundraiser; he desperately wants her back, but she comments about his cheating, and implies that maybe she already slept with someone else too. Phillip is distressed because his sister Zoe is there, and he finds her attire too revealing. He talks about it with his wife Vicky, but Vicky isn't interested in his concerns. She is apparently aware of his frequent adultery with prostitutes, and his drug use (admitting to occasionally stealing from his cocaine stash), and tells him to get lost. Ann is there, and she texts Chris to follow her to the bathroom. There, Joel Kotkin approaches Chris, warning him that his friend Vincent is playing with fire and should be held back. They discuss Ann, but Kotkin says he does not owe her, and that Ann is free to sleep with whoever she wants. Chris asks if he was the one who paid her for sex, but Kotkin denies, saying that Ann was paid only the first time, and not by him.

    Phillip goes to get Zoe, but gets into a brutal fistfight with a guy who is with her. Hiram tells Phillip he never wants to see him again and to stay away from his daughter. Zoe cries to Vincent, who comforts her, but then sees Sarah. He tells Sarah that she's just his friend's sister. He tells Sarah he loves her but it's not that simple. He tells her to meet him in the loft, but Sarah tells him she can help him make the choice. She walks towards a group of women that includes Vincent's wife, but but Luke bumps into her and tells her not to do it, "you'll regret it." All the women start looking at them.

    Cut to the loft. Vincent starts feeling drowsy and falls to the floor. It is revealed that the drink he got from Chris was drugged, and that the men have set a trap for him.

    Flashback to that morning: Luke calls the others minus Vincent over after finding Sarah on the bed, having killed herself with pills. Luke then shows them all the videos he had made to prove that Vincent has been double-crossing his friends for months. There is footage of Vincent sleeping with Sarah, Ann, Marty's wife Mimi, and Phillip's sister Zoe. The time he slept with Mimi was the night after Marty begged him to go talk to her, after getting her drunk (that's what she was implying to him at the fundraiser). He starting sleeping with Zoe right after Philip's wedding, and he was her first. After noticing that Chris was interested in Ann, he paid her once to seduce Chris into sex, so that he would share the loft with them and be an accomplice in their adultery.

    After learning this, all four men agree to frame Vincent for her suicide, as long as he admits that he was there last night. Chris will break a glass to signal that they can set him up. They have two hours to work it out and set up alibis. Phillip, with images of him and his sister flashing through his head, snorts cocaine and then slits Sarah's wrist and cuts her open, using the blood to write the Latin phrase, because the suicide note says they will be united in another life, and he handcuffs her to the bed.

    Back at the loft, they continue to force pills and alcohol down Vincent's throat. They toss him naked on the bed and handcuff him and Sarah together.

    In the interrogation room, Vincent is telling the cops the full story of how his friends tried to frame him for the girl's suicide and subsequent mutilation, but they have nothing because they got rid of all the evidence that they were even there. Everyone has an alibi for that morning, and Hiram Fry has even made one up for Phillip, to punish Vincent for trying to blackmail him about his own affair. The detectives only have a suicide note, pills, and a knife with his fingerprints on it. He tries to convince them to keep questioning the other four, hoping one will break.

    The female interrogator lets Chris go, but stops to ask him why Vincent would be accusing them all if he is guilty. She asks him if he thinks they are trying to hide something else - her murder. Chris says he thought it was suicide, but tests have indicated that the wrist wasn't cut by her, and the sleeping pills hadn't killed her. Plus there was no suicide note. This disturbs Chris because he had it in his jacket pocket.

    Chris is at the loft, and Luke shows up. Chris asks Luke when he stole the suicide note from his pocket. Chris found out that Luke was the one who put the loft up for sale. When someone called to the loft, Luke must have used the confusion to steal the note out of Chris' pocket. Chris found the note in the dumpster - it was in Luke's handwriting.

    Luke admits that he was in love with Sarah the whole time since they met in San Diego, but Vincent was always in between them. He ran after her when she left the fundraiser and asked her to give him a chance, but she told him she felt nothing for him now - maybe in another life. His wife witnessed this confrontation.

    After the fundraiser, Luke thought he'd find Vincent at the loft with Sarah, since his wife Barbara was skiing. After Vincent left, he went in and drugged Sarah with pills. He then injected her with his wife's insulin, which should have led to a quick and painless death that could not be detected. He said he did it out of love. However, Chris reveals that neither the pills nor the insulin killed her; she died only when Phillip cut her.

    Chris tells Luke that Vincent is being charged with murder, but Luke reminds him that it was his brother that killed her. Luke goes after Chris with a knife and gets out onto the balcony. He tells Chris to jump so that he won't have to kill him. Chris tells them that he already called the cops and told them everything as they hear sirens. Chris gains control, the knife is dropped, and Luke is holding Chris over the edge, strangling him. He gets up and grabs the knife. Luke tells Chris to tell Ellie and the kids that he's sorry and then falls backwards off the balcony landing on a car below, dead from the fall.

    Flashforward six months - Marty is back with his wife Mimi, who has forgiven him. Phillip is awaiting trial and Vincent is living in the loft, the only thing his ex-wife allowed him to keep after their divorce. Chris has also divorced and is expecting to have the kids next weekend. Ann approaches Chris and they appear to have a fresh start together.

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