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Enjoyable show
chanpreet-singh-2515 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Basically this show is about two New Yorkers who moved to Vegas and make tanks for clients. Their names are Brett and Wayde, and they have problems they have to overcome while making these tanks. Overall I always find this show funny, as the characters play pranks and like to have fun with each other; yet there's a lot to learn about how these things are made. The show has gone through scrutiny as some fish have died in the tanks they've made, yet if you listen to what they say, and how they make these tanks the problems with these tanks are more of problems that occur within who maintains the tanks. So if you are told that the people in the show making the tanks are ripping people off, it's not true. Overall I highly recommend watching it.
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Great show!
bsblubblub1 July 2013
Tanked is a great show. It's about two aquarium builders named Brett and Wayde and their adventures, struggles, and humor while building. They also like to have fun, such as pranks, jokes, and amusements. The tanks they build and they fish they show are beautiful and amazing. Although the comedy and pranks are sometimes obviously acted or scripted, it's still an amazing show. Sometimes the guys get through some HUGE trouble through building that it seems like they can't fix it (but of course they do. Each customer they have is always surprised, and so am I. I just hope each show keeps up with it's wonderful ideas (except the obvious acting) and it's wonderful tanks. I wish I had their job...
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This show needs to be Tanked. Spoiler Alert.
waid252528 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
(This contains a Spoiler regarding the current state of certain tanks built for the show and where they are now) This is a typical reality show where real people are expected to create a false reality to make for good viewing and ratings. The reality of this show is far from how it appears in this series. Please do not go out and buy a tank after watching this show, they skip steps and fail to talk about proper procedure, care, maintenance and the whole nine yards. Granted talking about proper Ph, calcium reactors, waiting for water to cycle and time consuming fish acclimation wouldn't make for great viewing but the truth is, it is necessary and not depicted properly here. They always seem to use the same materials, acrylic panels and sealant but always then have drama about not being able to build a tank or not knowing if it will work? Obviously they are creating drama for the camera. They do some very dangerous things and give a false sense of how to start a tank. They have been filmed using tap water from a casino bathroom to fill a tank and ice machine ice to cool it down, water is not properly cycled or tested, fish are rapidly stocked and not acclimated which has lead to off camera die offs. They do not discuss proper mixtures or equipment, they go for bling and wow factor and mix incompatible species and display unsustainable tanks. I am not making this up. There was an off camera incident after they improperly stocked a tank at a restaurant on Coney Island that lead to one Shark becoming disoriented and killing itself, another Shark became aggressive and killed 3 Lookdown fish a very expansive and avoidable disaster. You can look that up online. The Gumball Tank built for Caesars in the first season which included a custom cooling device failed, over heated and the fish died, the tank was removed and is no longer there. The Houdini tank also now only supports gold fish. The Jukebox and Phone booth tanks both failed and were sold online. My point being that the tanks displayed for this show are not a good example and they provide a complete lack of information or demonstration of responsible tank stocking and care. Thumbs down.
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Tank this show!
itpereira29 June 2017
These guys are AQUARIUM builders, maybe that is why they don't seem to give a damn about the fish and what is becoming of them after they deliver the tank! Some of the tanks are just weird and in bad taste, but that is not entirely their fault - they do what people pay them to do.

I don't watch the show anymore, I just feel very, very sorry for the poor fish. Maybe they could just build their stupid tanks and leave the fish alone, or put some plastic, battery-operated Japanese fish inside.

As for being funny... well, no accounting for taste and for what people think is funny. To me they are just clueless, especially the bald guy. He seems to think of himself as the king of the world.

Bald guy, believe me, you're not.
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Awesome Tanks
ajschuettpel27 December 2019
They build amazing fish tanks. I wish the show was still on the air because I love the show. I tune into the show for the fish tanks and laughs.
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Lame - Bad Acting
jwassdesign11 October 2017
Caught about 10 minutes of this show and can smell garbage right away. It's so fake and contrived. These people aren't really the most convincing actors. It all just seems so fake! I love fish a lot and this just doesn't seem right. How is this a show? I could have my own show at this point.
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