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  • A young homeless man who is a former drug addict is found in a park showing signs of olfactory impairment and horrific scars and burn marks on his chest. With an uncertain identity and the patient's severely worsening conditions, the team looks to the patient's personal records and family history in order to understand his detachment. Meanwhile, Cuddy confides in Wilson and expresses her guilt for ending her relationship with House, and just as the team warms up to the patient, they discover a disturbing secret about the man whose life they saved.


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  • Two kids fire a rocket off in one of their backyards. It launches, then explodes and lands in the woods. As they try to put out the resulting flames they see a homeless man lying asleep or dead, they aren't certain which until the fire spreads to the man's arm. He comes to and one of the kids puts it out. The man smells his arms and says: "It smells like licorice."

    House (Hugh Laurie) comes rolling in on a Segway with a brunette on the back. After being told about the 23-year old who thinks his skin smells funny, he thinks they should look into potential neurological problems. He then tells the team he's going to marry the woman he's with, Dominika, on Friday.

    After the homeless guy tells them he's never had medical problems, Foreman (Omar Epps) notices his chest and back are covered with old burn marks. He says they are the result of an abusive father.

    House invites Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein) to a "thing" on Friday. She tells him handicap laws don't apply to Segways, but says she'll allow it.

    Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard) thinks House is trying to "screw with Cuddy." House tells him that Dominika needs a Green Card and is going to work for him several days a week for free.

    The homeless guy gets a smell test very, very wrong. Taub (Peter Jacobson) and Chase (Jesse Spencer) show up with his belongings which they found in the park. There are hypodermic needles, but he says he's just been trying to "boost" his immune system and challenges them to test him. They see his books all have Danny Jennings written on them. He gets nervous and wants to leave, but starts having severe gastrointestinal bleeding.

    Tests confirm Danny was taking vitamins. But House tests Danny's hair and found out that sometime in the last five years he was taking heroin. To appease a concerned Masters (Amber Tamblyn), House orders an X-Ray of Danny's abdomen.

    Cuddy agrees to add Dominika to House's insurance early so she can get a tooth capped. That means if he doesn't get legally married, he'll lose coverage with the hospital's carrier.

    Danny says he's been clean for three months. He changed his life after an OD made him think he'd been given a second chance for a reason.

    Danny's x-ray shows a number of masses in his colon. They can't be tumors based on the size. House thinks fungus and orders medication and a scope.

    During the scope, Taub and Foreman find there were pieces of bone in Danny's colon.

    Danny tells the docs a chef from an Italian restaurant challenges him to eat weird stuff in order to get real food. He then starts having issues with his vision, telling Foreman "It's like I'm looking at you from the bottom of a well."

    Chase suggests the possibility of a meningioma pressing on Danny's nerves. House orders an MRI. While Cuddy is starting a tour of the hospital with a VIP couple, House attacks her with a toy remote-controlled helicopter.

    During the MRI, Taub tells Chase he doesn't buy any of Danny's story. Danny starts vomiting. They find two dark spots on the MRI.

    The team believes schizophrenia may be a possibility.

    After Wilson tells House he should lay off Cuddy, House admits he's basically taking advantage of Cuddy's guilt after dumping him.

    Masters suggests several shelters Danny could contact if it turns out he is schizophrenic. All of a sudden, his other arm starts to feel as if it's on fire.

    House's guess (while he drives the team in a monster truck) is Danny has some sort of genetic disorder.

    Taub, hurt he isn't part of House's wedding, finds Danny's father and sends Chase and Masters to the house.

    At the home of Danny Jennings, the docs are told by a man the person by that name was buried three months ago after dying of a drug overdose.

    "Danny" refuses to tell House his real name because his father is looking for him. If he sees his father, he tells House, "I'll kill him." He then is unable to grab a cup on the table.

    House thinks Danny must have early onset Parkinson's Disease.

    Wilson goes to Cuddy to complain about House's activity. He thinks House needs someone to be a real boss.

    Cuddy promptly kicks all of House's wedding arrangements out of the hospital.

    Masters tells Danny about his disease. He tells her his OD was not accidental, he was trying to commit suicide because "I've done things, horrible things." He thought God forgave him when he didn't die, but now he thinks God wants him to suffer. He says he almost beat a college girlfriend to death: "I'm evil. I'm just like my Dad. We're both monsters and we deserve to die." He says he feels dizzy and his vitals crash.

    Danny's heart is now failing and the transplant list isn't an option. House wonders why the patient is deteriorating so quickly since he's arrived at the hospital. House figures out Danny has a disorder preventing him from processing the acid in and the vegetarian meals at the hospital have been the problem. He orders they remove the excess chlorophyll from his blood and change his diet.

    Cuddy walks out of the wedding ceremony just before House says "yup" (instead of the traditional "I do"). House is married.

    Wilson follows Cuddy. She tells him she's angry at herself for letting the sham wedding to get to her.

    Danny is feeling better. Masters tells him if he follows the diet he'll be okay. She suggests he seek professional help. He seems open to the idea. He thinks God has a plan for him and he couldn't have passed this test without Masters' help. He tells her Danny isn't his real name and seems about to tell her. At the door she says: "It doesn't matter."

    That night Dominika and House seem to have a genuine moment. But he separates from the kiss and tells her he never sleeps with married women. He gives her the couch and goes to his bedroom.

    Masters arrives the next day to learn Danny disappeared the night before without checking out. The FBI is on site. Chase tells her Danny's DNA testing set off alarm bells all over the country. It turns out Danny is a serial killer who has killed 13 people in ten states and eats his victims.

    "And we saved him," Taub says.

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