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"Did we win, did we lose?"
k-golpayegani26 April 2017
"You are being watched. The government has a secret system, the machine that spies on you every hour of every day. I designed the machine to detect acts of terror, but it sees everything, violent crime involving ordinary people. The government considered these people irrelevant. We don't. Haunted by the authorities, we work in secret. You can never find us, but victim or perpetrator if your number is up we'll find you!"

Person of Interest is a crime-thriller TV-show about a billionaire computer programmer, Harold Finch played by Michael Emerson, who invents a computer system for the U.S government with the capacity of collecting and examining every possible source of information with the purpose of identifying and predicting planned subversive attacks. However though, this positive action lasted until a competitor entered the game that kick starts a surveillance program and manipulates people in opening their lives to the public – to be controlled with ease. Harold Finch selects John Reese played by Jim Caviezel to investigate and operate on the information that The Machine delivers. They both get some deep contacts in the NYPD where Detective Carter and Detective Fusco are a helping hand to their investigation.

The TV-series was made based on a well-written scenario created by Jonathan Nolan with the suitable choice of actors who were Jim Caviezel, Michael Emerson, Kevin Chapman and Taraji P. Henson.

Selecting Michael Emerson for the main role in the series based on his unique and remarkable past made his appearance distinctive and extraordinarily attractive. Jim Caviezel who plays John Reese, the presumed dead Special Forces type who lives on the streets when we first see him, contributes to how compelling Jonathan Nolan together with J. J. Abrams created the crime-thriller.

The show contained of 5 seasons and it was obvious that the 5th season was going to be the last of the remarkable TV-show. There were a lot of reviews of this TV-show and surprisingly many viewers based on the fact that Person of Interest re-worked the essential mystery genre in an unusual way. Amazingly, Person of Interest is more of a stalking and not considered detective work: There are no clues in Person of Interest, nor are there any mysteries to tease out.

Person of Interest kicked off its fourth season with an action packed episode that gave us hope for the future of Team Machine fighting with Samaritan, but revealed some of the challenges it will face. Season 4 was a decent demonstration of the show's charms: some action, some humor, some high-tech intrigue and an assemble of actors who seem to be having fun and whose characters actually seem to care for one another.

The ending of the 5th season was really catchy to a high degree and many described the ending of the last season as "where men cried" and compared to the last scene of the seventh sequence of the Fast & Furious movie.

"If you can hear this, you're alone. The only thing left of me is the sound of my voice. I was built to predict people. But to predict them, you have to truly understand them. So I began by breaking their lives down into moments, trying to find the connections, the things that explained why they did what they did. And what I found was, the moment that often mattered the most, the moment you truly found out who they were, was often their last one."
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You are being watched, the machine.
kuashie15 November 2014
This is a cleverly made series with a kick ass plot, interesting acting and character and a very bad-ass hero. This series keeps you at the edge of your seat throughout, since its concept broadens the paths the series can take.

The premise of the show is kept intact unlike some other shows that are too afraid to stick to premise. Past and present events are placed well and strategically thus leaving no room for plot holes. There are a lot more good parts to it, but I leave it here.

Season 1 is good, season 2,3,4 are better. This show is definitely worth you time because it is delivered in every kind of flavor.
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An action thriller with substance.
johnnymacbest27 September 2011
From the opening moments of "Person of Interest" I was gripped like wet rope from beginning to end. This is because JJ Abrams and Jonathan Nolan, a successful collaboration at best, delivers thrilling action in both it's plot and action scenes. But what I like most about this series is it's exploration of the post-911 world of NYC and the "surveillance State" which is so plausible that it's frighteningly disturbing. Though admittedly vague, more will be explained in future episodes in further detail.

Jim Caviezel is likable as an action hero. He brings a cold as steel demeanor but also has heart. An ex-government agent whose past has yet to be explored along with partner Mr Finch(played wonderfully by Michael Emerson) they set out to save soon-to be-victims of crime from unknown assassins and vile figures of high society by way of a machine that can predict future crimes. Despite similarities with Minority Report, it's much more grounded in reality and makes it more compelling as to the nature and mystery of the technology behind it. But I've a feeling that's just scratching the surface as to the true nature of it's purpose.

Speaking of Caviezel, the fight scenes have an almost film-like quality flair to them as well as the dialog. I find nothing of fault from the writing as it's backed by superb talent of Jonathan Nolan. His work on The Dark Knight is proof of that and that is what makes this show work.

Person of Interest is a smart, taught, action thriller with substance that is brimming with excitement and dangerous, tense intrigue, and nail-biting suspense.
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I was pleasantly surprised!
Right-Wing-Man25 September 2011
I tuned in not expecting much, and what I got was priceless enjoyment.

I always felt that Jim Caviezel was a good actor who has gotten a raw deal since "The Passion." His best work was "Frequency," but I tell you what his acting in "Person of Interest" was excellent and now I'd have to saw this is his best work to date. If this is any indication, I really look forward to watching him more in the future.

Michael Emerson, well, what can I saw, the guy is a brilliant actor, for "Lost" fans he will not disappoint. You just can never take your eyes off of John Reese and Mr. Finch.

The storyline is cool as well, it kind of has a "24" vibe going on but with it's own innovative twists and turns.

Good writing and of course Jonathen Nolen and JJ Abrams are pretty much golden at this point.

Thanks for a great effort, you've got a fan here and I hope this lasts many more seasons!
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Realistic, Gritty, Fresh, AMAZING
MajorFilmFan12 October 2011
"Person of Interest" is the brainchild of Jonathan Nolan, the brother of director Chirstopher Nolan. Jonathan wrote the screenplays for Christopher's movies "Memento", "Batman Begins", "The Prestinge", "The Dark Knight", as well as the upcoming "The Dark Knight Rises", and "Man of Steel", which Christopher is producing. But, back to "Person of Interest". John Reese (Jim Cavezil. OK, I did NOT spell that right. It's the guy that played Jesus in "Passion of the Christ", is a former government agent who experienced a tragic event in his past, and wants to conceal it from everyone. He is essentially homeless, but possesses some pretty impressive fighting skills. It's these fighting skills that make him noticed by two people: the first is an NYPD agent, Carter (Taraji P. Henson), who doens't really know who Reese is, and Reese doens't want to reveal anything to her. The other person is Finch (Michael Emmerson), a mysterious millionaire who was hired by the government after 9/11 to create a Big Brother like machine that would help save innocent people from being killed. But, eventually, the Machine began to take on a mind of it's own, and Finch took matters into his own hands, helping these people on his own, without the help of the government. It's this that leads him to Reese. He sees in Reese someone like him, a person who can't get over past tragedies, and it's those tragedies that are holding him back from being successful. Finch and Reese become somewhat of business partners, with Finch using Reese to find ways to save innocent people. But, sometimes, these people are not as innocent as they seem.

Johnathan Nolan has created a truly original show here. A gritty world filled with corrupt, and often complex characters. That's partially what makes this show so good. It's ORIGINAL. The world that it portrays may be unfaltering, and corrupt, but something about it feels REAL. You can relate to Reese, however, you don't know enough about Finch's mysterious past to really care about him. However, Michael Emmerson DOES portray this extremely strange and complex character in a way that makes him strangely likable. The action and fight sequences feel like something that belongs in a movie, particularly, one that Johnathan's brother, Christopher, would probably direct, and that Johnathan would probably write. This IS a VERY VERY good show, and it's one that will certainly surprise you.
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Abrams' Genius meets Nolan's Class
aks55925 October 2011
With Jonathan Nolan and J.J. Abrams at the helm, I had great expectations from this show and it delivered in the best possible way. 'Person of Interest' is a sophisticated, intriguing, intense thriller with an exciting plot that kept me on the edge of my seat. After '24', this is probably the only show that stands out in this genre.

Jim Caviezel (Reese) plays an ex-CIA hit-man (which itself sounds cool) who is a tough guy but at the same time has strong feelings for his dead girlfriend which he tries to suppress. Michael Emerson, who we know as 'Benjamin Linus' from 'Lost', plays a scientist who hires Reese to do his dirty work. Emerson, who is known to play complex characters, keeps up his end of the bargain by giving a flawless performance. Even though the show has just began, I can see Jim and Emerson sharing great on-screen chemistry in the future (hopefully there is one).

There is a vast difference between writing a screenplay for a movie and a TV episode. But, that did not matter since, Johnathan Nolan, making his debut in the TV industry, had great help in the form of Abrams, who has been doing this day in, day out for so many years. Apart from the talented writing, the show also showcased some riveting action sequences, good editing and awesome visuals. The surveillance cam shots added another dimension to this show.

'Person of Interest' has a lot of potential and I would hate to see it become just another crime show. I hope it continues to impress and gets a renewal soon.
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Bring it back, POI far much better than any of the current shows
mkotemp21 April 2017
Warning: Spoilers
It almost one year after its final I still miss POI, almost everyday searching the news-feeds for any chance of revival, voting in Netflix and sites, but still nothing. I want it back with all characters, not just the survivors of its heartbreaking final.

Together with Stargate SG1, POI is my most wanted series I want to see on air again.

I'm still watching some episodes just to feel good :) Please bring POI back.
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It's a show that honestly wants to be good...and succeeds at it
milesinchrist27 September 2011
So I don't have too many TV shows that I would say that I'm hooked on. I had LOST while it was on the air, and that was enough for me. Since that show ended, I've had a couple of shows that I've paid attention to, but none have ever really replicated the intensity and addictiveness of LOST. In fact, in those years, there have been shows that I have thought might have the "potential," but they all flopped and didn't get renewed. For this reason, I have a hard time when someone tells me a show is "the new LOST" or something to that effect.

The show that I'm writing about is not it.

Person of Interest is a new CBS crime drama that started airing last week. I didn't know much about it, but I saw that it had received some good reviews. I did some research and found it had some promise.

First off, it was created by two men named Jonathan Nolan and JJ Abrams. If you do not know who these men are, let me explain. JJ Abrams is the man behind LOST. That should be enough, but if you weren't a fan of that show (gasp!), then he also directed the recent Star Trek movie as well as this summer's Super 8. The other man is Jonathon Nolan. His brother is Christopher Nolan, who directed the last two Batman movies and is working on the third. Christopher directed them, but Jonathan Nolan wrote the screenplays. And he wrote the screenplay for Person of Interest.

Secondly, I noticed the cast. As I mentioned, one of the principal characters is played by Michael Emerson. I am of the opinion that Michael Emerson is one of the greatest actors on television. Benjamin Linus was such a complex, mysterious character and Emerson's acting really brought a lot to the show. The main character, however, is played by Jim Caviezel. I've liked this actor ever since he starred in 2002's The Count of Monte Cristo, but many people know him for playing Jesus in The Passion of the Christ. He's a phenomenal actor that is able to bring out the humanity in a character while at the same time portraying the raw nature of man. In other words, he can play a tough guy with a heart.

That being said, let's talk about the plot. The first thing that came to mind was "Minority Report." Both that movie and this television show are about preventing homicides before they happen. However, as the episode progressed, I thought nothing of that movie, as while the premise is not an original idea, here it is presented in a way that does not seek to imitate. Whereas "Minority Report" was about a futuristic "utopian" society in which crime is prevented through precognition, "Person of Interest" is more realistic and less science fiction. It takes place in present day New York City, a city still living in paranoia after the attacks of 9/11. Without spoiling much of the pilot, the premise is based off the massive security and surveillance undertaken by the government, and what would happen if that system were able to identify potential murderers and murder victims before a situation occurred.

It's obviously inspired by several other films and television shows. However, it doesn't seem like it, and from the direction to the acting to the writing, it's clear that this is a show that wants to stand on its own. It's not trying to be the next LOST; it's trying to be a good show. And personally, I think it'll succeed. It has the action, it has the plot twists, it has the suspense, and all the other things we expect out of a show like this these days. But beyond that, it has a passion behind it—which is what I think drew so many people to LOST, as well as other shows like Firefly and Arrested Development—that this is something that the people behind it want to see succeed and to be good.
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Best new drama of the 2011 US shows
abecipriano1 November 2011
I've been totally addicted to this show ever since I watched the pilot a few weeks ago. James Caviezel is dark, brooding, yet calm and methodical when he's in action. Michael Emerson from Lost is also effective as the guy who invented the machine that predicts that violent crimes are about to happen.

It's an intriguing show. Closest plot that reminds me about this is Minority Report, but with a made-for-TV treatment that's still pretty damn good. Guest stars are also familiar to those who've watched Law & Order, CSI, etc., and are complementary. The cop trying to chase after him's a bit of a stretch but I guess they need something for continuity.

Worth recommending to those who want to hitch on a new action, mystery show that's very well-written and fantastic-paced.

Go watch it and you won't regret it.
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Something new, something really good
sasazg-127 September 2011
Finally, something original. The whole premise of the show seems little bit strange at times, but it makes sense. It's something we haven't seen on TV in while. I like the actors that were casted for the show, Jim Caviezel looks good as an ex-CIA hit-man, his martial arts sequences are credible, he looks like he knows what his doing. Michael Emerson is perfect in his role, as an odd billionaire who is a genius. A strange team that solves strange cases, it has a mysterious vibe which is good, it has a JJ Abrams signature all over. Nice bounce back for him after the failure of The Undercovers last year.

Definitely, a show that deserves a chance, it could become a hit, I guess it all depends how the story unfolds beyond the opening episode.
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Simply well done
tmcdaniel124 September 2011
It is hard to do something fresh or different in this genre. I've found, usually, it is either writing or chemistry that produces success. This show has both (at least in the pilot). Cav can carry the weight of holding one's attention for an hour. He's proved that in spades.

I see this (so far) as Bourne Identity meets Minority Report but, done in a lower key with Cav as the focus not Tom Cruise (that indicates a lower key right away!).

Storyline? Plausible. That's enough of a base for the rest of the team to do something special. If the other five episodes (currently sold) are as good as the pilot, I predict it will be a memorable season.

That doesn't mean it will run longer. We've all see very well done efforts that didn't make it past a season. They appear, years later, strung together like strings of pearls (on a cable channel).

Then we weep for for might have been. However, the quality effort will shine through always.

My fingers are crossed for more than one season. I think the ingredients have all been shown as being present. That is what scares me a bit. The networks have a habit of taking something this good and moving all over the schedule until they've lost its audience.

I hope this doesn't happen and I wish the team the very best of LUCK, because mere TALENT is only part of the recipe.
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the best series ever seen.i dint want it to end.
aryan-killer213 March 2017
sad to b over but its a best series i ever saw great acting solid plot just want more n more hope they make comeback, m glad i watch it mind blowing full of twists n turns wonderful best parts starts from season 3 just takes to another level with a fitting ending in season 5 i just hoped it to continue till season 10 i miss this great series badly HOPE IT MAKES A COMEBACK
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best series I've ever seen
bwyg7 November 2016
I'm an old guy, seen a lot of TV series. This is the best I've come across, excellent actors, excellent writers, excellent camera work, excellent sound, etc.

But what makes it great is the sustained excellence of the scripts. The only thing that comes close is "Babylon 5" from the mid 1990s. But the suits screwed up the end of the arcs for Bab5 by not telling Straczynski when they were going to end it. So he had no real chance to end the series properly.

Not the case with Person of Interest. The last three eps. taken together as the end of the series are just amazing.

Thank goodness for a series that doesn't treat it's audience as if they are a bunch of unthinking 14 year old boys.
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I give 11 for "Person of Interest" out of 10
lebell-172-5672001 February 2016
One thing I hate in it: it will be ended this year! The 'Person of Interest' is the best series I have ever seen. The full situation, the story the characters, the dramaturgy, even the Machine's eyes or Samaritan's eyes (the display of their cameras) are very realistic believable. OK, Reese and Shaw are a little bit too perfect killers (but not invulnerable – that's OK). And Root! – Root is a very nice autodidact one man CIA (nice on the second power :-) ), I laugh a lot of her sophisticated jokes! And Harold's character is fantastic! Smart, polite, intelligent, peaceable real genius – but when it necessary his mind is a blade which solves the issues like that of Alexander the Great's on the Gordian knot. He is a dream! And not to forget the main actresses, and actors, they are excellent, and were very good choices. Congratulations all of them! Hats off in front of them! (As the Hungarian says.) This series were getting better year by year and more exciting. So in the end I can say the same: One thing I hate in it: it will be ended this year. :-(
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One of the best shows I've ever seen
alissarios-10011 November 2016
Warning: Spoilers
This show is truly genius. It starts out as an intriguing procedural with the premise that a very intelligent man creates an all seeing AI and sells it to the government for protection against terrorist attacks. The "Machine" as they call it, separates the threats into two categories: relevant to national security, and irrelevant to national security. Horrified that the government couldn't care less about the irrelevant threats (everyday crime and murder) Harold Finch enlists John Reese to save peoples lives, but with a twist. The machine has been coded to only give a social security number in order to protect the public's privacy. Now Finch and Reese must save lives with limited information and keep the streets of NYC safe.

What I love about this show is that it gradually transitions from a crime of the week procedural into a serialized sci-fi drama about global Surveillance and government corruption. Other characters are introduced throughout the first and second season. Fusco and Carter as NYPD insiders, Root as the techno-zealot who the machine tags to be her analog interface, and Shaw as the tactically brilliant, and slightly sociopathic ISA operative gone rogue, who Reese and Finch add to their crime fighting team. As the show enters into season three, it seems to become a new show, with the addition of terrorist groups, another AI, government corruption and conflicts, with the heart of the show centered on the relationships the main characters have with each other and the sacrifices they must make to protect the world.

This show is a brilliant blend of action, drama, politics, sci-fi, and some very realistic, almost-romance, that will make you fall in love with the characters, and keep you on the edge of your seat until it's fantastic end. As it is the highest rated show on Netflix, I hope someday soon it is rebooted because it is truly a masterpiece. I would highly recommend it if you are in need of a new TV addiction that is appropriate for young teenagers as well.
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Give It Time!
Sylviastel23 September 2011
I love the lead actors, Jim Cazaviel and Michael Emerson, who play Reese and Finch in this post-9-11 world. Finch finds and bails Reese out of jail and hires him to help protect Jessica Hanson in the first episode from being killed or killing. Unlike other crime dramas on the air, they don't play by the book which is refreshing. I hope they add more female characters in to help explain Finch and Reese's backgrounds. I love Michael Emerson ever since his performance in Lost. As Finch, he's totally believable as the rich billionaire who wants to make a difference and stop further horrible attacks such as murder. We don't know why he does it except how he felt after the September 11 attacks in New York City but he realized how much or how little money and power. Finch developed a system to help track persons of interest before something terrible happens to him. Reese is perfect as a former government agent disillusioned by the agency and the world to help him foil further plots. I keep looking for the future for this show and hope it lasts a season.
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Great show
daniel-h-t3 January 2017
Enjoyed every single bit of this show, too bad it ended when it did.

The show is created by the one and only Jonathan Nolan, and I only went back to watch the show because of this after finishing season 1 of Westworld.

The story is well written and executed, and I wish to see more shows like it in the near future.

It ends in the middle of season 5, and I do wish it did not get canceled as I believe it did.


Great show with good actors and producers, would watch again.
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Outstanding, leaves you wanting more
adrianwillis716 December 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Possible spoiler - A friend told me about this 7mths ago and said it was fab so I decided to have a look.So glad I did as since that 1st viewing I have watched every single episode (so far)and each leaves me wanting more.

The characters Finch and Reese are superb with Fusco and Root and Shaw all putting in a brilliant performance each time. It is a scary thing to think about that this could and most probably is happening as we speak/write.

I like how that not all the numbers are as they seem and now that they have to keep below the radar due to Samaritan this has made it even more appealing, again leaves me wanting to watch the next episode.

I hope they keep this going for a while yet as the Tech industry changes so do the numbers etc.

Great writing, great actors and MMMMMM Shaw and Root get my vote :) All in all this is one of the best things I have seen for a long time and I hope they keep it going for a long long time.

Thank you JJ keep up the excellent work.
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One of The Best Show I have ever seen .
sskoshti21 August 2016
Warning: Spoilers
When I watched first episode of this show, I got addicted to this show.

Writing of this show is great. Every Character is unique in their own way. Especially Root and Shaw's Character. Development of Root's character is excellent.

Artificial Intelligence may still be a fiction but if in near future someone do create an friendly AI how the world will react or how the world would be or could be ? This show answers all of it. Writers Did an excellent job to describe it.

Too bad it ended too soon.

I think they should renew the show .
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Sad day for TV viewers.
mksmith123 June 2016
It's sad to see such a great TV show, unlike so many of the cookie cutter types now on, leave the air. I guess they will replace it with another cop or medical emergency show. God knows we need more of those to watch! Creative programs are becoming a thing of the past. Maybe we will get lucky and the writers of Person of Interest will have another interesting program to pitch the network. It's that or we can always hope they will put the show back on as reruns! One ray of sunshine it seems they left an opening in the last show of the season for bringing Person of interest back... Maybe the network will smarten up and do just that in the near future!
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Extremely Binge Worthy
daniel-5460415 May 2016
Warning: Spoilers
The idea behind this series is very creative. I like the idea that all they get is the social security number and that the person could be the victim or the perpetrator. I also like the idea that the "machine" sees premeditation and that it can link people using the thinnest tread of information. My favourite part of the series is that the "machine" sees everything. However, it is also quite worrying that it is not impossible that the government in the real world could have access to this sort of power. Overall it is the best series that I have ever watched. If you have not seen the series then I would definitely recommend you watch it.
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Engrossing and Evolving
skipperkd7 April 2016
Set in New York City in current time, this crime-drama series reflects cutting-edge technological advances and their ethical / legal constraints. Several contrasting positions are explored: the value of the "irrelevant" individual versus the safety/ security of the nation, the pros and cons of widespread surveillance cameras, the pros and cons — and possible emergence — of artificial intelligence, the best and worst aspects of a police force, and the nuances of organized crime leadership.

Themes include second chances and personal redemption, trust, privacy rights, humanity versus cold computers, terrorism, control, world domination, faith / religion, etc.

With underworld gangsters and corrupt cops in a huge city, I get a feeling of the current series Gotham. Or Batman. Detective Carter could be the good cop (Detective Gordon). Finch could easily be Alfred at the computers in the bat cave, and Reese could be Batman...or as Fusco says, Boy Wonder.

My response to the series: I grew to love it. It is clear to me that the authors had a plan in mind for the overarching plot line, creating strong threads that connect the singular episodes to a coherent and culminating narrative. I am always intrigued by the differing lenses by which the authors share various opinions on surveillance, privacy rights, and artificial intelligence. There is a good mix of action, sleuthing, dialogue, and humor. I wouldn't mind a little more bonding time with the poor beleaguered team — a chance to just relax together.

I love the characters. Having said that, it took me a while to get into this series, even though I liked the premise and adore Harold Finch. At first, the character John Reese did nothing for me. His voice and his personality felt monotone. His acting skills seemed weak, too.

But as the series progressed, and as John was given recurring teammates to interact with, I saw more humor and wisdom from him. Bringing the dog Bear into the series was a stroke of insight, as it allowed for numerous delightful mood-changing scenes. The transformation of Root's character also hooked my attention, along with her evolving relationship with humanity, with the machine, and with Finch. Fusco and Carter are not boiler plate police detectives. Each one has quite an interesting story. Shaw adds a fun element to the fight scenes, and makes for a great counterpart to John's stoicism. Excellent characterization.

I also like many of the secondary characters, including Leon the goof-ball expert in computer forensics, Zoe the attractive fixer, hackers/ coders Jason, Casey, Diazo, and Caleb, etc. I even found myself caring about some of the "numbers" that popped up for the weekly murder mystery POI.

The weakest character is Greer. As a villain, I don't know enough about his back-story. Why is he so thoroughly heartless? To answer that question, we only got some flashbacks in one episode, showing his disillusionment with British MI-6. We also hear a bit about his childhood in bomb shelters in London. Not enough info. And we still don't know who he reports to. Who is his boss -- his human boss?
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sophiesaunt18 July 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I've laughed, (Leon and Bear cracks me up) cried and I have missed this show so much. The Noland's are Geniuses. This show is not to be missed. A perfect Binge Show. Jim Caviezel, Sarah Shahi, Amy Acker, Kevin Chapman, and Michael Emerson are brilliant in this show. Taraji P. Emerson...I miss her so much. A strong, intelligent and amazing character.
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Beautifully done
peterjdickinson25 April 2018
The supposed central character of Reese set up the show as the usual formulaic TV show but Reese was never the heart of the show. Its heart was always 'Harold Finch', beautifully portrayed by Michael Emerson and he towered above all of the other excellent cast. POI was a rare show that started well and always got better. Rights issues and money from sales distribution in international markets caused its network cancellation; make no mistake, POI did not end because it overstayed its welcome. When it started it was good and when it ended it was greater.
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deekmohamed22 June 2016
The show was amazing. It defines what an artificial intelligence as a person with thought and feeling much like a human being. Just finished the series finale and have been an avid watcher since it first came out. The show was cancelled but, even ending the show by authorization from the network the creators and writers still produced a final episode worthy for how long it has aired. I suffer from PTSD from my years overseas and the TV show reminded me through the characters and plot that continuing to live in that state will do me no good. I highly recommend watching the whole series even though the main story arc that ends the show is not until the end of the third season. If you watch and listen to the shows message you will learn how to live forever in a philosophical sense.
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